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In the words of the great Herschel Krustovsky…


Here we gather, once again, to celebrate the middle of another week (as it is).

I mentioned on Monday that I had stockpiled some great stuff for the upcoming weeks, and surprisingly enough the stockpile just got a little bigger. In fact, the recent addition (which we will visit on Friday) just turned this week into an unofficial all-organ week. I hadn’t planned it as such, but sometimes shit (and Hammonds) happen, and after all, who am I to stand in the way of progress?

Today’s selection was – as the kids say – quite a mover a few years back, in that it was hard to find, funky as hell and as a result in demand among those of us who collect (and play) things in those categories. I had certainly heard the track, but sadly had been unable to obtain my very own copy to snuggle up with, mainly due to its high price (then hovering around the $100 mark, it seems to have recently settled in around $60).

Then, thanks to my buddy Haim (extraordinary dealer of extraordinary records) , things took a decided turn for the better when he happened upon a stash of said 45s, and out of the goodness of his heart let me have one at what can only be described as a steep discount.


In no time the record in question was resting upon my turntable, tracking beneath the stylus and revealing the wonders held in the grooves to all present (usually just me, but whatever…). That record is ‘Borracho’ by Dyna-Might.

A while back, I got an e-mail from Mike Aversa, who was the leader and guitarist of Dyna-Might as well as the composer of ‘Borracho’. He had found the record in a DJ playlist I had posted on-line, and decided to drop me a line. I love when this kind of thing happens, especially when it involves contact from a member of a band that I had been unable to discover anything about (like Dyna-Might).

Dyna-Might had its roots in an LA surf/instro combo called Mickey and the Invaders, who later morphed into the Mike James Quintet. In 1969, the band was discovered by KHJ Boss Jocks “Humble Harv” Miller (who can be heard as the MC on the Seeds ‘Raw and Alive’ LP) and Charlie O’Donnell and changed their name to Dyna-Might. 

They recorded one single for the Congress label before signing with Uni and recording ‘Borracho’ (that’s Humble Harv saying “Booooorrrachooo!” – Spanish for “drunk” – throughout the tune). The tune, a hard hitting slice of Latin funk, is also a Hammond groover of the first order. In his e-mail to me, Aversa described the sound of the record as follows:

“We were playing clubs in the E. Los Angeles area at the time, and El Chicano’s Viva Tirado was released. We were trying to ride the tide of the latin instrumental wave.”

Unfortunately that wave didn’t last very long, and despite it’s high quality, ‘Borracho’ did not end up setting the charts on fire. Dyna-Might recorded one more 45 for Uni, and continued to play clubs in the US and Canada until 1977.

As far as I can tell ‘Borracho’ was comped once on a UK bootleg, but has yet to see official re-release.

Aversa continues to play and teach music on California. Check out his website for more band history/photos.

 Dyna-Might Discography

You Got Me Groovin’ b/w ??? (Congress 6014)

Borracho b/w Need You (Uni 55256)

Sunshine Goddess b/w Message To My Brother (Uni 55292)

10 Responses to “Dyna-Might – Borracho”

  1. adlib Says:

    Mamamia, good vibe ! Thanx to you Mike

  2. Rory Stephen Says:

    Great Track, I see one of the photo’s on his site has Mickey and the Invaders supporting Sonny & Cher! cheers

  3. Dave Says:

    another tune I haven’t spun in a while. you’re knocking me out this week!

  4. Todd Lucas Says:

    Thanks Larry, I like this much better than their other Uni 45.


  5. Ed Castaneda Says:

    Mike taught me guitar back in the mid 60’s. I ended up playing bass for the East L.A. group “ACE” from 71-75. They are still playing the club seen today. I still bass and some guitar as a hobby. Thanks Mike for your influence.

  6. Peter Wermelinger Says:

    Dyna-Might 45 on Congress, both sides =
    Soul has no color/You got me groovin’

  7. funky16corners Says:

    Thanks for the info Peter!

  8. Doug Says:

    Hello, the b side of “You Got Me Groovin'” is “Soul Has No Color”
    the one i have is a promo found in a box of singles bought at a yard sale
    in 1980. Very funky stuff!

  9. eljot Says:

    Borracho has been rereleased on Mojo Club Vol. 13 Compilation …

  10. Simon Casas Says:

    My thanks to all of you who like the tune Borracho. We had fun recording it.
    Simon Casas/ Bass Player for Dyna-Might
    You can hear more the bands recordings at: http://www.simoncasas.com

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