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What’s up, y’all?
As the great Declan Patrick McManus once said, ‘Welcome to the working week.’
If you weren’t paying attention – or have for some reason abandoned the entire calendar system and removed yourself from society (in which case you’re probably not on the internet, thus not reading this) – Monday is here, and your friends here at the Funky16Corners blog have returned to weather these rough seas with you.
I come to you today, fresh off of an excellent weekend, in which much quality time was spent with the family, during which many cubic feet of crisp autumnal air passed through my lungs, leaves were observed in their many colors and a single, delicious chili dog was ingested.
As a result, I’m in a mellow mood this morning. Though I’m positive – this being Monday after all – that something is lurking just around the corner waiting to spoil my day, I’m going to go ahead and run with the vibe, and post a tune guaranteed to put you on the right path.
I’m not saying that it’s going to make you throw on your caftan, spark up some incense and work up one of those goofy “all is right with the world” grins (though depending on your constitution, that may very well happen), but I will promise you that the track I bring you today will add a soupcon of “chill” to your daily palate.
I must begin by saying that I loves me some vibes, as in vibraphone. I know that my affection for the groovy sounds of the vibes is not universally held, but the bottom line is, if you’re not digging the mellifluous, soul massaging groove produced by a world class vibraphonist, then you are the poorer for it, and it’s better that you don’t know what you’re missing (because if you did know, you would likely be plunged into an abyss of musical despair, or some such…).
It helps that I am a major consumer of jazz, from its earliest incarnations right up to the present day (though you’d be hard pressed to find many albums in my vaults recorded after the mid-70’s). One of the nicer corners of my collection is – no surprise here – where jazz and soul intersect in the sounds of (get ready…here it comes…you didn’t see this coming did you?) soul jazz.
The term soul jazz is one of the more flexible constructs ever placed around a musical genre/subgenre. The basic idea is that this was music created by jazz musicians catering to an R&B market in an attempt to gain a commercial footing (and the ensuing remuneration) that was generally unavailable to those that were producing the more adventurous sounds of jazz. This is not to say that soul jazz artists were incapable of producing a sound more easily definable as “jazz”, from hard bop to free styles, because many of them did. Some, like organist Larry Young started out recording very conventional organ trio sessions for Prestige (for all intents and purposes the home of soul jazz in the 60’s), eventually working his way up to one of the great inside/outside masterpieces of the 60’s, ‘Unity’. Another major player in the Blue Note stable, vibes player Bobby Hutcherson (one of my personal favorites) had a discography where he spent much of the 60’s recording freer sounds under his own name and as a sideman on many classic sessions, before moving into a more groove-oriented direction in the 70’s.
As I said before, the Prestige label was a major producer of soul jazz, releasing hundreds of groovy 45s for the jukebox trade that were not coincidentally coveted by the Mod crowd in the UK who in turn made them into dancefloor staples. By the end of the 60’s, as soul got funkier, so did soul jazz.
One of the artists that was part of the soul jazz revolution (recording the larger part of his discography for Prestige) was vibraphonist Freddie McCoy. McCoy was a classic case of a musician who though he recorded a number of LPs under his own name, also worked frequently as a sideman on other artists dates. He began his career working with organist Johnny Hammond Smith, before recording his first date as a leader in 1963. Between 1963 and 1970 he would record six more albums for the label, before moving to Cobblestone Records.
Cobblestone was a subsidiary of Buddha records that existed between 1968 and 1972. In its earliest phase, it was mainly a singles label (releasing funky sides like ‘The Elephant’ by the Philly Four and ‘Stanky Get Funky’ by Billy Davis). By 1971 the focus had moved almost exclusively to jazz LPs, with artists like McCoy, Neal Creque, Joe Thomas, and Pat Martino.
McCoy’s sole release for Cobblestone (and as far as I can tell, the last album he ever recorded, period) was ‘Gimme Some’. In addition to one of the cooler album covers of the era* (see below), the LP featured a number of quality sidemen, including McCoy’s Cobblestone label-mate Chuck Rainey, keyboardist Paul Griffin and guitarist Eric Gale.
The overall feel of the LP is soul jazz in soft-focus, affected (as was much contemporary soul and funk) by psychedelia, and a mellower groove. The LP includes covers of ‘Light My Fire’, ‘Oh Happy Day’ and ‘Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In’, all of which are given a very relaxed (but not “easy”) treatment. The finest cut on the album is today’s selection, the title track ‘Gimme Some’.
McCoy opens the track with by striking a chord on the vibes that seems to expand from the speakers in waves, before the band emerges working a slow, but funky groove. The electric piano is used in the background as a droning counterpoint to the vibes, much in the way a tamboura plays against a sitar in Indian music. The musicians are soon joined by a chorus of sorts, repeating the title of the song in the background.
Now I don’t want to suggest that anyone involved in this session was high, but if ever a record sounded like the musical incarnation of a marijuana haze, this my friends is it. ‘Gimme Some’ is an exquisite example of a track with the perfect “headphones” vibe, which  – since you (and I and everyone else) will be feeding this into the MP3 delivery system of your choice –  you will get to experience firsthand.

Note: ‘Gimme Some’ was sampled by Pete Rock & CL Smooth on the track “For Pete’s Sake”

*I can’t fit album covers on my scanner, but I found this on the interweb…


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  1. lightningclap Says:

    It’s not here in front of me, but he had a single called Fried Hamhocks or some such greasy food title that Z-Trip recently used on All About The Music.

  2. stewart Says:

    Ahh… a beautiful and unexpected vibes fix is just like shafts of sunlight peeking through the clouds on a rainy day. And, even better, it’s a vibes player i hadn’t come across before. Thank you. What a great way to start the week.

  3. Pete Gloria Says:

    Wow, first time I actually DON’T have to download one of these great tracks because I’ve already got it!
    Okay, so I got it on a CD comp (Soul Treats from Strictly Breaks) but I’m not going to let that qualifier unpuff my chest.
    Love this choon. Goes v nice back to back with Bobby Hutcherson’s Goin’ Down South and a side order of Cal Tjader.

  4. TREW3000 Says:

    This album was one of those that needs multiple listens to truly set in.. at first, for me, it was all about the Pete Rock break, but taken as a whole, this is one of the better soul/jazz vibraphonists lp out there..

  5. Yves Perret Says:

    Holy cow…in the long history of songs you posted, this might just be the best. Great work as always!

  6. RICKY LYONS Says:


  7. RICKY LYONS Says:


  8. RICKY LYONS Says:


  9. Dave Says:

    Ricky was one of the smoothest performers I’ve ever known, a fine voice, excellent chops on B3 as well as vibes, and also unmatched as a gentleman who treated an audience with style and grace in a way that has become nearly lost by this generation.

    I first caught him at the downtown Holiday Inn in Tampa in the seventies, and had some very fine times listening, or sitting in (on trombone) with Ricky and Bop Jackson, sometimes Mike Royal on drums.

    The live music circuit was tough by then, but Ricky was able to stay at it. I gigged out of state half the time every year, and after getting back from the road I’d always find the scene had changed, but Ricky would still be at it like a warrior, working some of the town’s nicer rooms, and made me feel welcomed and at home wherever I’d visit him.

    Ricky, you had just crossed my mind and after a little searching I was fortunate to find your post here, so I’ve got your number and will give you a call sometime soon!

    your friend, Dave

  10. RICKY LYONS Says:


  11. RICKY LYONS Says:


  12. RICKY LYONS Says:


  13. Kush Says:

    hey Freddie, remember me….Kush…….Goa…….197………
    Been looking all over for you. Write to me.
    Also, anyone who knows where friddie mccoy is..please write and let me know.


  14. Funky16Corners Radio v.46 - Listen Here « Funky16Corners Says:

    […] straight ahead 4/4 beat. I still dig it. Freddy McCoy had been featured at Funky16Corners before, both on his own and as part of a previous Funky16Corners Radio mix. The vibist recorded a number of excellent albums […]

  15. Chuck Purro Says:

    I played drums with Freddie in 1970 in Boston and in Hawaii. Last time I saw Freddie was in 1970 on the Big Island. We were living on a Macadamia Nut Farm in mail trucks we converted into campers. We weren’t playing at that point and Freddie sold his amp. I needed to play so I was heading back to civilization and I asked Freddie what his plans were. He said he was going to go to China, buy a chinese junk and sail to India. I said good luck and left. Then back in Boston I read in Oui Magazine an article about Americans living in Ashrams in India and Freddie McCoy was mentioned in the piece. His had overstayed his visa, which was for two weeks, and he had to go to court. The judge asked him what he had to say for himself regarding his offense and he said, “Well Judge, the way I see it, I was reborn 2 weeks ago, so I have only been in this country two weeks.” That was the end of the article on him, it never said if he was deported or thrown in jail or what. I would love to find out if he is still alive and talk to him. Anyone that knows anything else, please post it or contact me at I am also looking for Dave Low who played bass in that band.

  16. funky16corners Says:

    That’s a great story. Thanks for stopping by and sharing it.
    Larry (Funky16Corners)

  17. Johnny McCoy Says:

    It’s very touching to hear my uncle had so many admirers. He and his brother(my father) were my idols. These guys I thought were musical geniuses, just way ahead of their time. My dear uncle is still alive and kicking. He has been living in Africa for many years. I myself was interested in a musical career,but life decides the path you will lead. If any of you cats would like to correspond you can hitme up at

  18. Jannis M. Fetter Says:

    This is another relative of Freddie McCoy’s. Johnny McCoy, above is my first cousin since our parents, Johnny, Sr. and my mother, Sarah are siblings of Freddie McCoy. As my cousin stated, my uncle Freddie has been living in Africa for the last 4 decades and is alive and well. At this writing in 2008, he has just reached the ripe age of 76 years old, so I am not too sure if he is into the internet. Here’s hoping that he will “google” his own name and see that he has such a following. I grew up in his household in Queens and I know that he was a phenominal person way ahead of his time. And it was because of the non-recgonition of his talents that caused him to leave the United States for abroad. Our family would like to thank all of his fans that remain loyal to him and to those who are just finding his work. He was a genius and will always remain so in my lifetime.

  19. Jannis M. Fetter Says:

    Johnny, I see that you are searching too! Keep in touch!!!

  20. funky16corners Says:

    Johnny & Janis
    Thank you both for stopping by, and if you talk to Freddy, tell him that he has many fans (I’m one of the biggest).

    • Freddie McCOY dit Ahmed SOFI Says:

      I recorded Gimme Some in late 1968-1969 while under
      contract with Prestige. I never recorded for Buddha nor
      I left Mainland USA in 1970 and left USA in 1971.
      I never heard more from Prestige about Gimme Some and
      never received any settlement. I have never been in
      any contact with Buddha nor Cobblestone.
      Freddie McCOY dit Ahmed SOFI

  21. Freddie McCOY dit Ahmed SOFI Says:

    My email address is:

    Freddie McCOY dit Ahmed SOFI

  22. Jannis M. Fetter Says:

    Uncle Freddie,

    So glad to hear from you. I check this site periodically to see if you have been googling your name. I love you, I miss you, I am just so happy to know you are alive and well.

    Your niece, Jannis

  23. Jannis M. Fetter Says:

    These are my email addresses: or

    Formerly Jannis M. Branch (Fetter)

  24. Freddie McCoy ”Spider Man” « My Favourite Sound© 2.0 Says:

    […] raise her family. McCoy later recorded for the small Buddah subsidiary Cobblestone, debuting with Gimme Some!, a circa-1971 jazz-funk session featuring some trippy electric piano work. However, the label was […]

  25. Freddie McCoy ”Spider Man” « My Favourite Sound© 2.0 Says:

    […] raise her family. McCoy later recorded for the small Buddah subsidiary Cobblestone, debuting with Gimme Some!, a circa-1971 jazz-funk session featuring some trippy electric piano work. However, the label was […]

  26. Kennon McCoy Says:

    Somehow it makes me feel proud to know so many people admired my father. Considering I don’t remember much about him, it is nice to see great memories others have of him. Hello to all of my family members. I would love to hear more about Freddie and connect with the rest of my family.

    Kennon McCoy

  27. Frederica Mccoy Says:

    I miss you daddy……as I walk on “Lonely Avenue” ………Kennon I was just a child too….

  28. Frederica McCoy Says:

    Kennon please contact me at fvmccoy2@aol……time and distance has not changed my love for you and my sister…… daddy it left a void. Janice and Johnny true McCoys 🙂

  29. Jannis M. Fetter Says:

    The Internet is wonderful… From all across the world, we can reach out and connect to each other. Family reaching out to family because “Blood is thicker than Mud!” Johnny, Frederica, Kennon….. please keep in touch!


  30. Freddie McCoy Dit Ahmed SOFI Says:

    Please send me your email
    Want to talk with you

  31. Frederica V McCoy Says:

    Where are you, why……………!!!

  32. Freddie McCoy Dit Ahmed SOFI Says:


    Freddie McCOY Dit Ahmed SOFI


    November 29, 1932 – September 27, 2009

  33. Chuck Purro Says:

    To Janice, Johnny, Frederica & Kennon,

    Please let me know if you can verify this obituary of Freddie’s passing. I have no reason to doubt it except that it is the internet and it is hard to know who you are really talking to. None the less, reading this notice that he has passed has brought tears and my heart goes out to you and all of your family. Though we only spent about a year and half together, I knew Freddie and admired and loved the man. He was an important influence in my musical career and a kind man to me and my family. He celebrated my sons first birthday party with me and my wife in Hawaii, and it was a day I will never forget. He was a very spiritual man who seemed to be searching for peace. Although we did not talk about it in depth, I know that he missed his family.

    Freddie and I first met in Boston. I was playing drums with The Colwell Winfield Blues Band at a small club in Boston. I noticed Freddie standing on the side of the stage watching me play. After the set Freddie approached me and asked me if I wanted to play jazz with him. It was the kind of music that I wanted to play at that time and Freddie’s talent seemed undeniable and I said yes after a few days deliberation. I had another offer from another well know band in Boston at the same time and I chose to play with Freddie because of the music. After a short stint playing the Boston area clubs Freddie informed me and the rest of the band that he wanted to move to Hawaii. He said that he would go ahead of the rest of the band and line up a place to stay and a gig and when it was set he’d let us know and only then would we come over. This was a big move for me because I had a baby and my wife and I needed to know that we had a place to live and employment before making the decision to leave Boston. Freddie was a man who could get things done and he did in this case. When we arrived we had a funky apartment to live in and a gig in a club at the back of the International Marketplace in Waikiki. After awhile Freddie had had it with the funky apartment and he decided to buy an old mail truck that the post office was getting rid of for short money. Freddie re-did the interior of his mail truck and converted it into a bedroom and put an ice chest in the front where the mailman would put his mail. For $1.00 you could buy a beach pass which allowed you to camp at the several beach parks of Oahu. It was out of the funky dark apt. and into life on the beach and sunshine in his converted camper. I thought it was such a good idea that we did the same thing. I have to say that living on the beach for about 9 months in Hawaii was an experience that not many people have had and for me and my wife it was probably the most memorable time of our life together. The music that Freddie was dabbling into at that time was jazzed up pop music for a head and then we would just take it wherever we wanted from there, usually ending up in a free form impressionistic style. Sometimes we would start out a piece with wind, surf and bird sounds (picking up the vibe of Hawaii) before we went into something funky or some free form jazz, whatever and wherever the mood led. I wish we had recorded some of the stuff we were playing. It was a great quartet led by a great musician. It was one of the best musical experiences I ever had. There was an energy and freedom to it that I had never experienced before or since.

    Peace, Chuck

  34. Jannis M. Fetter Says:


    We have no idea whether this is true or not. As you said, this is the internet and we have no idea who we are talking to. My only question, is this: “Who posted this message” because the dead sure can’t post their own obituary! If there is some truth to this, then whoever posted the message should contact his family, because he does have family who loves him dearly. You can contact anyone of us. This obit was posted one day after his supposed death. Curiously, I’d like to know who has his password and can enter his account to post this death notice. If there is someone out there, please notify the family. I can be reached at 646-539-0128.

    Jannis M. Fetter

  35. Frederica McCoy Says:

    To the person that posted “Rest In Peace” WHO R YOU…….I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!!!!…….WHY would you not ctc me us…….

  36. Frederica McCoy Says:

    To the person that posted “Rest In Peace” …..please ctc me….I need more….what happened,where is his final resting place,was he alone,, in pain, was he sick, was it suddenly,did he need want anything……was he at peace……
    Who are you…….This is so hard…..please ……please

  37. funky16corners Says:

    To Freddie’s family, someone using that poster’s e-mail address sent me a message about his passing a while back, saying that details would follow. I asked for more info and they never responded. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

  38. Jannis M. Fetter Says:

    My family sincerely would like to thank you Larry. Had it not been for your website, we probably would not have heard anything from my uncle. I believe he has gone back in seclusion and is reading everyone of these messages. If he does not wish for us to contact him, then so be it. We just want him to know that he is loved. And, if it is true, then whoever posted that message needs to come out of hiding and not be such a coward! Shame on you, but God still loves you! I do too!!!


  39. Kennon Frederick Mccoy Says:

    As I read the comments posted about my fathers passing,I too have mixed feelings if this news is true.What I can say is, if it isn’t true and Freddie you are reading this: As a father of 6 (my pride and joy),I UNDERSTAND WANTING TO LEAVE, BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO. Look at the effect it has had on so many people even after 40 years. People tell me I’m a pretty cool laid back brother. From what I’ve read,thats ONE thing we have in common. I’m not angry at all, I’m HERE!!!!!!!
    Now if this IS true, I would like to say REST IN PEACE to my father. My condolences to all who loved and will miss him.
    To the person who is passing on this information:Let us have closer. Identify yourself we have many questions.

  40. Jannis M. Fetter Says:

    Yes, as my cousin Kennon has stated: To whomever has posted this message pertaining to my uncle, please identify yourself so our family can have the closure that we so deserve! Or you can just post a copy of his obituary and we can take it from there. Do you have any idea how distraught his family is right now!? I bet you would not like THIS to happen to you. You are still loved, by your maker and me. I hold no malice! PEACE BE WITH YOU!!!

    Jannis M. Fetter

  41. Kennon & Melissa Mccoy Says:

    We would like to notify all of those that have been questioning the previous message regarding the passing of Freddie (Ahmed) McCoy…we have made contact with his family in Morocco and it appears that the information is correct. May he rest in peace! We will be working on receiving formal confirmation and will notify all at that time.

    From what we understand, he was well liked and admired by many in Morocco, just as he was here in the States.

    We are in contact with his family in Morocco and will undate you of further confirmations as they are received. To Fredricka, please send us your mother’s full name, your birth date, and your address and we would gladly send the information to you once we have received it.

    His family sends their “regards and condolences to Sarah and all of the family that Freddie charished so deeply” (even though he was unable to return to the States to share his life with us).

    If anyone would like to contact us, you may at Again, we only have minimal information and will update everyone accordingly.

    Kennon and Melissa McCoy

  42. Holger Schrick Says:

    Hello, i had just written a new beiographical article about McCoy.hope you Like it. greetings holger schrick

  43. Holger Schrick Says:

    I just forgot to say…. in the german wikipedia!

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