I’m in the hospital


Hello, everybody!  I’d like to appologize for not coming up with Wednesday’s scheduled post, but I’m dictating this from my hospital bed.  As of Wednesday morning, I was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital and as a result, I will not be anywhere near the computer until the end of the week at the earliest.  Hopefully, I’ll be back in the saddle by Monday for the previously promised installment of Funky16Corners Radio

 Until then, wish me well and I’ll see you soon.

 (And wish me, your brave secretary, well as I am home with the almost 3 year old and the 3 month old!  Send reinforcements!  And more chocolate!)



53 Responses to “I’m in the hospital”

  1. D.J.P. Says:

    Be well, Larry Grogan…

  2. wegm Says:

    Get well soon! Hope it’s nothing painful.

  3. Mr. Dubbs Says:

    A happy life requires that the body be well so the soul can enjoy itself. Seeing how your blog’s sole purpose is to make the soul of others happy, here’s hoping your body gets well soon so your soul can continue that sweet, sweet work that makes mine so happy! Be well Larry, be well!

  4. Cam Says:

    Get Well Larry. We, your attentive and devoted audience need you – but also hope it’s nothin too troubling and you recuperate soon enough.

  5. Adam Says:

    Hey Larry, get well real soon. Your vinyl misses you.

  6. Roger Says:

    Get well soon, Larry

  7. Wazza Says:

    Get well soon Larry and best wishes to your family.

  8. Roger Says:

    Get well soon Larry

  9. patrick Says:

    get well soon, love the blog! ->keep the soul alive!

  10. Debbie Says:

    Hope you’re back on the good foot soon, Larry.

  11. Mike Reynolds Says:

    Larry, hope it’s not serious. Get well soon!

  12. Colin Says:

    Would it be overly lame and punnish to suggest that “Everything you do gohn be healthy”? Yes, probably.

    Still, though: best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  13. Marc Jacobson Says:

    Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery, the world needs your blog! 🙂

  14. Tim Says:

    I really hope you’re back on your feet & in good health soon.

    Driving to work today, I was listening to Funky 16 Corners Radio v11, groovin’ away, and making a mental note to thank you.

  15. bbb Says:

    bonne chance & get well

  16. The Stepfather of Soul! Says:

    My goodness – I hope the circumstances putting you in the hospital bed weren’t too severe and I wish you a speedy recovery!

  17. ross p Says:

    Get well soon, nix the chocolate.

  18. adam Says:

    Get well soon!!

  19. Art(uro) Says:

    Feel better, ya funkin’ b@astard!

  20. jn Says:

    first stop in the morning, funky16 at lunch, and always check you before i leave my day at the machine behind. you are instantly missed, contributing as you do not only to the improvement of a single day, but a whole life.

    a hospital is definitely no place for sick people — i hope you’re released soon, and that you are connected to the comfort of your music collection for as long as you have to be in there. and many thanks to the brave secretary for getting the word out and transmitting all the good wishes.

  21. stu Says:

    Damn stuff happens fast,be well lol.

  22. Rev. Frost Says:

    Ah shit, get well.

  23. soulbrotha Says:

    Whoa dude! So sorry to hear about your plight. Get well soon!
    And all the best to your stressed-out better half!

  24. digitus Says:

    Please get well soon. Wishing you all the best …

  25. Muddy Says:

    Get well soon… get some rest and recover thoroughly before you jump back into things.

  26. whiteray Says:

    Hang in there and get back on top, buddy! Groove on!

  27. Vic Arpeggio Says:

    GET BETTER. And run for your life when you hear the PA announce “Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard”!

  28. Bon Says:

    get well soon, i already miss your writings’n’stuff. Gesundheit!

  29. niall Says:

    All the best, Larry. Hope you’re back up and doing the funky shing-a-ling real soon!

  30. kinoppete Says:

    A wish for a speedy recovery from Rome, Italy. Get well soon and while am at it kudos for the best music blog I’ve encountered. Peter

  31. earbudace Says:

    get better soon!..coming all the way from nj

  32. phil holloway Says:

    Hey, get well soon. Thanks for all the great music and all your hard work.

  33. Repoz Says:

    Hang in there, Larry!

  34. Billy K Says:

    Best wishes to you, Larry. Get the heck outta there ASAP!

  35. coop Says:

    get well soon larry!
    best, amigo.

  36. Harry Says:

    Get better quickly!

  37. Jazzypier Says:

    get well soon & come back !!!! we in Brasil love you!!!

  38. Michael Kiraly Says:

    Hope you’re OK, and back in action ASAP.

  39. Stuart (Tooting, UK) Says:

    Hang in there Larry, WE NEED YOU.

  40. brothablock Says:


  41. brothablock Says:

    just kidding…get well.

  42. klaus Says:

    Get well soon. K.

  43. kenneth Says:

    popcorning *can* be dangerous for your health! 😉

    best wishes from Oz, Larry!

  44. Jeff Says:

    What? 43 comments and no one has asked? OK, I will. Where do I send the chocolates? You have my e-mail.

  45. starlingsonaslipstream Says:

    Get well soon Mr Soulman! Your kids need chocolate as bad as we need your vinyl treats!

  46. Yves Perret Says:

    Best wishes, get well soon!

  47. Ciggie Says:

    I hope it is nothing serious and that you are up ‘n at ’em in no time…

  48. alain lecoeuvre Says:

    Best wishes from France Soul Brother

  49. Jim Says:

    I’ve been meaning to thank you for all your wonderful tunes for a while now. Having grown up in South Carolina and now living in Canada, your blog has been a great source of forgotten sounds for me. Keep up the great work and get well soon.

  50. dl Says:

    and the name of illness, funky funky illness… name of the hospital, the funky funky hospital. get will.

  51. Brux Says:

    Welcome back Larry G !!!.. did you overdose on funk ? say it aint so. ……..sayyyyyyyyy it aint soooooooooooooo ! ; – )

    brux in durham

  52. Ituloy Angsulong Says:

    Get well soon dude!

  53. lndng Says:

    get well soon…your blog is bloody brilliant

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