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I’m Back! b/w Funky16Corners Blog Second Anniversary Incredible Stupendous Blogtacular (People It’s Bad)

November 6, 2006


It’s a celebration! Grab a Dr. Pepper…

Track Listing

1. King Coleman – The Boo Boo Song (King)
2. Lou Courtney – Rubber Neckin’ (Chick Check’n) (Verve)
3. Warm Excursion – Hang Up Pt1 (Pzazz)
4. Joe Haywood – (Play Me a) Cornbread Song (Kent)
5. Johnny Otis Show – The Watts Breakaway (Epic)
6. Chairmen of the Board – Since the Days of Pigtails (and Fairy Tales)  (Invictus)
7. Clea Bradford – My Love’s a Monster (Cadet)
8. JB’s – The Grunt (King)
9. Apostles – Six Pack (Kapp)
10. Laura Lee – Crumbs off the Table (Hot Wax)
11. Cyril Neville – Gossip (Josie)
12. Syl Johnson – Dresses Too Short (Twinight)
13. Preston Love – Cool Ade (Kent)
14. Sammy Gordon & The Hiphuggers – Upstairs on Boston Road (Archives)
15. Dramatics – Get Up and Get Down (Volt)
16. Interpretations – Jason Pew Mosso (Jubilee)*
17. Jeanne & the Darlings – Soul Girl (Volt)
18. Electrostats – 21st Century Kenya (Three Oaks)

To hear this mix, head on over to the Funky16Corners Radio Podcast Archive

Greetings all.
I have returned from the precipice, not of death, but ill health and discomfort, kind of like some lame, half-a-vampire, incapable of menacing anyone with his ratty cape and dull fangs.
Well, not really. What I had was called cellulitis. The short explanation being that my left leg got infected and blew up to twice the size of the right one, ending up looking like a twisted version of a honey glazed ham. The particular condition requires that the patient be admitted to the hospital and hooked up to IV antibiotics, as well as subjected to bad hospital food, boring television and constant prodding at all hours. For all the complaining I’ve done about losing sleep with the new baby, that was nothing compared to the gauntlet I was forced to run in the hospital. It seems like pure chance that I managed to get better at all. Fortunately, the infection subsided sufficiently that I could be released for rest at home. My leg is still swollen, but the fever, chills and possibility of gangrene (dare I say death) are gone. Now I basically have to spend the week with my inflated leg propped up on a stack of pillows (when I’m not going to the doctor).
I just wanted to say thanks for all of the well wishing (and muchos gracias to El Wife-O for taking dictation for last weeks post over the phone, as well as picking up all the child care slack in my absence).
Anyway, to the business at hand, that being that the second anniversary of the Funky16Corners Blog is upon us. If you’d have told me when I fired this thing up that I’d still be at it two full years later, I’d have chuckled warmly and cast upon you the gaze I reserve for the feeble minded. I never imagined that I’d end up loving this format so much, but as some greeting card level sage once said, life is full of surprises (as well as pixies, fairy dust, high car insurance rates and the occasional dynamite slice of pizza).
The last year has been an eventful one here at yon blog, seeing me pick up lock stock and barrel and move everything from the original home over at Blogger (where incessant technical problems forced my hand) to our present location, the bloggers Shangri La better known as WordPress. For a free service, WordPress has proven not only to be highly reliable, but user-friendly in the extreme. The individual blogger may not have the flexibility to dig in and roll around in the code in WordPress, but that’s not really what I was looking for. What I was in search of – and found here – was a clean, easy user interface that wasn’t going to crash every other day, and would allow me to get my artist picture and label scan(s) up without a Herculean struggle. If you’ve ever thought about getting a blog going, I recommend this service highly.
If you hadn’t already noticed, all of the posts, reaching back to 11/5/04, are available via the archive pages in the sidebar.
The other big event this year at the Funky16Corners blog was the arrival of the feature known as Funky16Corners Radio. These mixes – in essence a podcast-esque thang – have proven very popular. That their technical sophistication has grown but an iota or two in the six months I’ve been posting them is only a reflection of the limited amount of time I have available to get them put together (as well as my own technical limitations, which are many). The mix I’ve posted today is composed of some of my favorite funk sides from the past year or so (with links to all of the original posts).
I have a number of future mixes in the can and ready to go, as well as the oft-mentioned, ever-growing supply of raw material that should keep me posting here for several more years.
Several readers have posted or e-mailed about the availability of the older Funky16Corners Radio mixes. I haven’t had enough server space to keep all the mixes archived on line, so I have been removing the older files to make room for new ones. Sometime very soon, I will be offering – as a fund raising item – a CD-R with MP3s of the first 14 editions of Funky16Corners Radio, as well as Word and TXT files of the track listings for all of them. They certainly won’t be expensive, and this way you can either move the mixes off onto your MP3 delivery system of choice, or burn off individual CDs of each mix if you prefer to rock them in your car, boom box, desktop computer or Hello Kitty personal CD player. I’ll make sure to get a link up for these discs in the next few weeks.
As always, I hope you dig what I’ve done here, and continue to do so in the future. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated, as are any updates/corrections you may have. I have no illusions of infallibility and always dig hearing a new chapter in any musical story.
Anyway, I’m going back to my stack of pillows and a cup of green tea (perhaps even a graham cracker…). I ‘m not sure if I’ll be posting once or twice more this week, but I should e back up to full speed by next Monday.

*When I put this mix together I could have sworn that I had posted ‘Jason Pew Mosso’ on the blog. My memory was apparently incorrect…