The Asbury Park 45 Sessions – This Friday 2/23

The Asbury Park 45 Sessions


This’ll be a quick one as the fam and I are taking a bit of R&R on the road, and the wi-fi in this hotel leaves a lot to be desired.

NOTE: The wi-fi left so much to be desired that right after I had this typed up and saved as a draft, I was unable to access the interwebs and get it posted, so I’m actually posting this from home after sitting in like 3 hours of traffic…

Last call brothers and sisters.

The Asbury Park 45 Sessions are this Friday 2/23, and I spent some quality time yesterday pulling heat from the Funky16Corners crates for my set. These include lots of alternate selections as some of the finest funk and soul heads in the tri-state area will also be spinning and the chances that tastes and selection might intersect/overlap are good. Either way, I can promise you that a grip of excellent funk, soul and reggae 45s will be hitting the decks, creating an atmosphere ripe for all manner of head nodding, rug cutting and free-form spasmodic musical reaction (in which dervishes will whirl, etc, etc ad infinitum).

In honor of this event, and to give you a taste of the kind of stuff I’ve packed, I’m reposting the MP3 mix of Funky16Corners Radio v.14.5, the Special 2nd Anniversary Mix which was featured here back in November. Unfortunately I could not locate the zip file, so it’s only the mixed MP3 (sorry..).

NOTE (AGAIN..) Zip file located by our pal Muddy (Thanks man!), Link added below….

Either way, if you missed it the first time, I hope you dig it.



Track Listing
1. King Coleman – The Boo Boo Song (King)
2. Lou Courtney – Rubber Neckin’ (Chick Check’n) (Verve)
3. Warm Excursion – Hang Up Pt1 (Pzazz)
4. Joe Haywood – (Play Me a) Cornbread Song (Kent)
5. Johnny Otis Show – The Watts Breakaway (Epic)
6. Chairmen of the Board – Since the Days of Pigtails (and Fairy Tales) (Invictus)
7. Clea Bradford – My Love’s a Monster (Cadet)
8. JB’s – The Grunt (King)
9. Apostles – Six Pack (Kapp)
10. Laura Lee – Crumbs off the Table (Hot Wax)
11. Cyril Neville – Gossip (Josie)
12. Syl Johnson – Dresses Too Short (Twinight)
13. Preston Love – Cool Ade (Kent)
14. Sammy Gordon & The Hiphuggers – Upstairs on Boston Road (Archives)
15. Dramatics – Get Up and Get Down (Volt)
16. Interpretations – Jason Pew Mosso (Jubilee)*
17. Jeanne & the Darlings – Soul Girl (Volt)
18. Electrostats – 21st Century Kenya (Three Oaks

3 Responses to “The Asbury Park 45 Sessions – This Friday 2/23”

  1. Muddy Says:

    I just went back to your November post of the 2nd anniversary mix… lo and behold, the zip file works. I downloaded about 10mb and then canceled, since I already have it. The link to the zip is:

  2. The Stepfather of Soul Says:

    Great set – wish I could be there!

  3. macdaddy Says:

    fwiw – i have the mixed mp3 zip (well, i have the mixed mp3 set – i could easily zip it and send it to you), if you need it…

    thanks for all of the insight and music; visiting your site, and seeing an update is one of life’s little pleasures.

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