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Yours truly with DJ Prestige

Funky16Corners Set List – Asbury 45 Sessions 2/23

Dramatics – Get Up and Get Down (Volt)
Roger & the Gypsies – Pass the Hatchet Pt1 (Seven B)
Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers – I Gotta Go Now (Up On the Floor) (Like)
Lou Courtney – Rubber Neckin (Chick Check’n) (Verve)
Mickey & the Soul Generation – Iron Leg (Maxwell)
Lou Garno Trio – Chicken In the Basket (Giovanni)
Chuck Carbo – Can I Be Your Squeeze (Canyon)
James K Nine – Live It Up (Federal)
Village Callers – Hector (Rampart)
Mighty Hannibal – Jerkin’ The Dog (Shurfine)
Chuck Edwards – Downtown Soulville (Soul City)
King Coleman – The Boo Boo Song Pt1 (King)
Syl Johnson – Dresses Too Short (Twinight)
Don Covay – Sookie Sookie (Atlantic)
David Batiste & the Gladiators – Funky Soul Pt1 (Instant)
Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham – Lover And a Friend (Capitol)
Danny White – Natural Soul Brother (SSS Intl)
Louis Chachere – The Hen Pt1 (Paula)
Manu Dibango – Weya (Fiesta)
Lou Courtney – Hey Joyce (Popside)
Rodge Martin – Lovin’ Machine (Bragg)

If I get anyone elses set list I’ll make sure to post it up.

Greetings and salutations!
Just a note to say that the Asbury 45 Sessions last night was absolutely amazing, with some of the best DJs in the area – spinning n a wide variety of styles no less – kicking ass in a big way.
Major thanks go out to DJ Prestige who put the whole thing together (it looks like it’ll be a monthly party as well, so don’t sleep).
The spinning order was as follows:


DJ Jack the Ripper (Tales From the Vault)
DJ Jack the Ripper Playlist
Gene Burkes “Monkey Man” (Arock)
James Brown – “Shhhhhh (For A Little While) (King)
Jimmy Robbins – “I Can’t Please You” (Jerhart)
Ray Johnson – “Soul City” (Infinity)
Grand Prees – “Jungle Fever” (Groove)
Ideals – “The Gorilla” (Cortland)
Prince Valient – “Back Yard” (St. Clair)
Yvonne Craig – “Say Yeah Yeah” (Dade)
Pancho Villa – “Aint That Bad” (Symbol)
Marie Adams – “Get On Up” (Command Performance)
Entertainers – “Fuddy Duddy Walk” (Catch)
Sunny Lane – “Trollin” (HBR)
Mohawks – “The Champ” (Cotillion)
Tommy Bush – “Skin It Back” (Cal-State)
Willie Wilcher – “Hoopy Doo” (Mary Jane)


Jay Boxcar (Garden State Soul)
Jay Boxcar Set List
1. Mr. machine- The Chefs (funk 45)
2. Hard to handle-The Latin Breed (funk45)
3. I can’t stand it-Brenda George (BGP)
4. Different Strokes- Syl Johnson (Twilight)
5. Let do it together- Fantastic Johnny C (Kama Sutra)
6. Let a woman be a woman- Dyke & The Blazers (Original Sound)
7. Blind Alley- The Emotions (Volt)
8. Back Door santa- Clarence Carter (Atlantic)
9. Tramp-Lowell Fulsom (Kent)
10.You made a believer out of me-Ruby Andrews (Zodiac)
11. Hip Drop- Explosions (VampSoul)
12. Hikki Burr- Bill Cosby (Uni)
13. Pepsi-The Mohawks (Sir J.J)
14. Aw’ Mercy- Booker T. & The MG’s (Stax)
15. Cold Feet- Albert King (Stax)
16. Soul Food, that’s what I like-Lonnie Youngblood (Fairmount)
17.Hitch it to the horse- Fantastic Johhny C (Phil-la of soul)
18.There was a time- Jerry O (White Whale )
19.Funky 4 corner- Jerry O (Boogaloo)
20.Poppin Popcorn-Alvin cash (Toodlin Town)
21.Give everybody some-The Barkays (Volt)
22.Sock it to ’em J.B-Rex Garvin & The Mighty cravers (Like Records)
23.Song called soul- Gene Chandler (Constellation records)
24. The Duck- Jackie lee (Mirwood)


Connie T. Empress (Empire State Soul Club)


Funky16Corners (here…)


DJ Prestige (Fleamarket Funk)
DJ Prestige Set List
Jimmy Castor Bunch – Troglodye RCA
The New Birth – You Are What I’m All About RCA
Ripple – I Don’t Know What It Is GRC
Isley Brothers – Between the Sheets Instrumental
Eddie Senay – Ain’t No Sunshine SUSSEX
Tony Newman – Soul Thing PARROT
Southside Movement – I’ve Been Watching You WAND
Dorothy Moore – Here It Is MALACO
Sugar Billy – Super Duper Love FAST TRACK
Hot – Just Cause I’m Guilty BIG TREE
James and Bobby Purify – I’m You’re Puppet BELL
Larry Carlton – Son of a Preacher Man UNI
The Flaming Ember – Filet de Soul HOT WAX
Ray Charles Orchestra – The Booty Butt TANGERINE
Billy Cobham – Crosswind ATLANTIC
The Delegates – Funky Butt MAINSTREAM
Willie Hobbs – My Goodness Yes SILVER FOX
Betty Davis – If I’m In Luck I Might Get Picked Up JUST SUNSHINE
The Nite Liters – Tanga Boo Gonk – RCA
The Kay Gees – Who’s the Man?GANG
Rufus Thomas – Do the Funky Penguin Part 1 STAX
Jackie Moore – Singing Funky Music Turns Me On KAVETTE
Dennis Coffey – Theme from Enter the Dragon – SUSSEX
ZZ Hill – I Think I’d Do It MANKIND
Wet Willie – Soul Jones CAPRICORN
Ike & Tina Turner – Funkier Than A Mosquita’s Tweeter LIBERTY
Eddie Harris – Get On Down ATLANTIC
Oliver Sain – Bus Stop ABET
Soul Searchers – Think SUSSEX
Manu Dibango – Soul Makossa ATLANTIC
Blue Mitchell – Collision in Black BLUE NOTE
Cold Blood – You Got Me Hummin SAN FRANCISCO
Wilmer Alexander Jr. & the Dukes – Get It APHRODISIAC
The Ambers – Soul in the Room #401 JEAN ALITHIA mixing in Dave & Ansil Collins – Double Barrel BIG TREE
Mighty Groove Makers – Let’s Dance Some Mo (Part 1) PEANUT COUNTRY
Theme from 2001 done Fuuuuuuuunkay..HOCTOR
Charlie Daniels – Funky Junky KAMA SUTRA


DJ Prime (Prime Cuts Ltd)
DJ Prime Set List
new seekers – it’s the real thing (coke)
pretty purdie – soul clappin’ (date)
funkadelic – i wanna know if it’s good to you? (westbound)
average white band – school boy crush (atlantic)
5 stairsteps -ooh child (buddah)
franklin ajaye – don’t smoke dope fry your hair (little david)
rufus breakdown – the breakdown (pt. 2) (stax)
little sister – stanga (stone flower)
brothers johnson – strawberry letter 23 (a&m)
lloyd price – they get down (gsf)
chuck womack & the sweet souls – ham hocks & beans (disjoint)
dorothy ashby – soul vibrations (cadet)
jimmy bo horne – let me be your lover (sunshine sound)
bronx river parkway – la valla (truth & soul)
mark ronson – just instrumental (bbe)
el michels affair – c.r.e.a.m. (truth & soul)
peoples choice – big ladies man (phil l.a.)
undisputed truth – california soul (gordy)
bar-kays – holy ghost (stax)
kool & the gang – who’s gonna take the weight (de-lite)
james brown – get on the good foot (polydor)
lefties soul connection – organ donor (mpm)
willie henderson & the soul explosion – funky chicken (brunswick)
dyke & the blazers – funky walk pt. 2 (original sound)
the expressions – money is king (truth & soul)
alvin cash & the registers – philly freeze (mar-v-lus)
bob & earl – harlem shuffle (era)
willie mitchell – 30-60-90 (hi)
ballin jack – found a child (columbia)
king curtis – memphis soul stew (atco)
lee fields – she’s a love maker (london)
incredible bongo band – bongolia (pride)
black blood – marie – therese (mainstream)
breakout – planet rock (mpm)


DJ M.FASIS Playlist
1.comment- les mccann (atlantic)
2. mr. cool- rasputin’s stash (cotillion)
3. jungle strut- ramsey lewis (columbia)
4. too tough for mr. big stuff- vicki anderson (brownstone)
5. funk to the folks- soul searchers (sussex)
6. lovin lies- third guitar (rojac)
7. party hearty- oliver sain (abet)
8. i’ll take the hurt- shade of soul (sunburst)
9. wild child- dennis coffey (westbound)
10. can’t break away- simtec & willie (shama)
11. can you feel it? – voices of east harlem (just sunshine)
12. right place wrong time- dr. john (atco)
13. detroit- paul humphrey & cool aid chemists ( lizard)
14. ooh ooh the dragon- marvin holmes (uni)
15. bongolia- incredible bongo band (mgm)
16. scorpio- dennis coffey (sussex)
17. itch & scratch- rufus thomas (stax)
18. listen- chicago transit authority (columbia)
19. it’s a sad thing- ollie nightingale (memphis)
20. you- shirley scott- (atlantic)


DJ Bluewater
DJ Bluewater’s set list
Kenny Smith & The Loveliters – Go For Yourself Pt. 1 (Flo-Roe)
Ann Sexton – You’re Losing Me – (Seventy-Seven)
Union – Strike (Mesa)
Robert Moore – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Saadia/Jazzman Reissue)
Inell Young – What Do You See In Her – (Libra)
Pearl Dowell – Good Things (Saadia/Jazzman Reissue)
Dee Edwards – Why Can’t There Be Love (Bump Shop)
Sir Guy – Let Home Cross Your Mind (D.P.G.)
Inell Young – The Next Ball Game (Big-9)
Beau Dollar – Who Knows (King)
Ron Buford – Deep Soul Pt. 2 (Camelot)
Inez & Charlie Foxx – Speed Ticket (Dynamo)
Betty Barney – Momma, Momma (GWP)
Helene Smith – You Got To Be A Man (Phil LA)
Frank William’s Rocketeers – You Got To Be a Man (Phil LA)
Bumps Jackson – Funky In Jamaica Pt. 2 Miles Re-Edit (Alatac)
Dave Hamilton – Cracklin Bread (TCB)


The whole crew (minus Connie)


DJ Prestige and NY Radio legend Bob Shannon (who just happens to be married to Connie T. Empress)

All pictures courtesy of my lovely wife Jenny.

There was all manner of superheavy funk, soul (Northern, Southern and othern), lowdown R&B, beats/breaks etc., from straight record-to-record fade/segue to all out scratching, beat-matching deconstruction, and the crowd never stopped dancing (or bowling). I definitely look forward to doing again soon.



14 Responses to “Asbury 45 Sessions Recap / Photos”

  1. Dan Says:

    What a brilliant show and a brilliant set! Congratulations!

    I hope this sort of thing catches on in America the way “Northern Soul” caught on the Britain. For once I feel lucky that I live in New Jersey.

  2. DJ Prestige Says:

    I couldn’t have asked for a better line up of DJs. Seriously, without all of these great people, it definitely would not have been possible.

    That being said, we’re doing it again March 30th. Lineup to follow shortly.

    How the hell did I do 35 records in 30 minutes! Thanks again Larry for being a part of this event. More good ones to come!

  3. dl Says:

    We await ye show in Chicago.

  4. lifeinblack Says:

    Hello, Larry. I really wished I could’ve been there… Congrats and kudos to you all for a successful venture. I wish you guys could try something like that here in Baltimore. We are in desperate need of a good night of funk at a great venue.

    May I also invite you and your readers to check out at your convenience…

  5. funky16corners Says:

    I’d love to come down to Baltimore to spin sometime. Cool blog too! I added you to the blogroll.

  6. DJ Prestige Says:

    i’d love to do something in B’more for sure. maybe we can try to set it up. i’m game.

  7. Todd Lucas Says:

    Baltimore? When are you coming to Carbondale, IL? Okay, I know, never. Sounds like you guys had a blast though. Man, that Rodge Martin tune is a great set finisher.


  8. The Stepfather of Soul Says:

    Fantastic sets – sounds like one hell of a night!

  9. Connie T. Empress Says:

    All Hail, my compatriot DJ Bowlers and Bowlettes!
    What a night it was and yes, Larry is right–the mix and the beats were crowd pleasers. Plus add the atmosphere of the legendary Asbury Lanes–I mean where else can you bowl and dance in the same shoes!
    DJ P did a mean job of putting this together and I, for one, was honored to be a part of the action with such superb talent abounding at the decks. Check out my intense “what can I play now to wow?” look!
    Keep on keepin’ on and show support for future nights (like March 30).
    PS–could this mean we need a tour bus?

  10. Jack The Ripper Says:

    More than the records played , it was the NICE-as-hell people involved that made it GREAT! FANTASTIC bunch of guys (and one very special gal) to hang out with!!

  11. Art(uro) Says:

    Thanks for the set lists. It looks like it sounded like a fun night!

  12. Brother Weems Says:

    Where’s Connie’s playlist? Full disclosure please!

  13. Logikle Says:

    This is fantastic! Tommy Bush was my father (passed when I was 4) it’s exciting to see that people continue to enjoy his music. Thank you all for continuing to keep soul and funk alive. We need you all!

  14. Stuart Raith Says:

    Logikle – I’ve witnessed thousands of people dancing and clapping along to Tommy Bush’s “I don’t like it”. I think the label was Rikar? His 45 went for quite a few quid in its heyday (mid seventies) on the Northern Soul scene in UK. Wished he could have known how popular this recording was!!

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