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Little Royal


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Greetings all.

This’ll be a quick one (I promise).
The end of the week has arrived, and as a result the vast majority of us – apple polishers and brown nosers excepted – can take a moment to rejoice, and attempt to relax…on my count…three, two….ONE.
Now don’t you feel better?
Well, you will (I promise) once five o’clock arrives in your time zone and you get to jump through the rear window of your car (just like Fred Flintstone) and burn rubber out of the parking lot at work, weaving in and out of the traffic so that not a single carbonated bubble is wasted in the frosty beer that awaits you at home.
Today’s selection should do nicely as the soundtrack to said weaving, in that it is a solid, meat and potatoes slice of funk with enough jet power to give you a nice lift after you’ve flushed another five days of your life down the shitter working for THE MAN.
Seriously though…you probably know as much about Little Royal as I do.
I know for a fact that he recorded a great album for the King Records subsidiary Trius (cool logo that) in 1972, from which more than a few singles (peculiarly ubiquitous 35 years hence*) were issued.
For years all I knew of personally was Little Royal and the Swingmasters version of the Huey P. Meaux tune ‘Soul Train’ (previously recorded by Jackie Paine as ‘Go Go Train’ on Jet Stream) , which is a cooker, and will most definitely be featured in this space sometime in the future. There is also the case of his best known track (at least to the funk 45 crowd), that being ‘Razor Blade’, which saw a 45 release as well as appearing on the LP ‘Jealous’.
Today’s selection is another track from that LP, a funky reworking of the early Joe Tex tune ‘Another Woman’s Man’ (I suspect the folks at King/Starday, having a few early Tex tracks in the vaults – including ‘Another Man’s Woman’ – may have suggested, no doubt in an attempt to capitalize on Tex’s popularity, that Little Royal record the track).
Whether or not that is in fact that case, Little Royal and band do a very nice job funking up the tune (which as far as I can tell was first recorded in the late 50’s, and reissued periodically through Tex’s career), including a nice opening break (nothing spectacular, but open drums is open drums…) and a tasty vocal by LR.
No matter how thin you slice it, ‘Another Woman’s Man’ is a good one.
Dig it.

* For some reason (I suspect that a limited amount of success led to King/Starday engaging in a wild bit of over-pressing) it’s hard to go digging for vinyl without coming across handful’s (hands full???) of clean, minty, store stock of Little Royal 45s. The LP is usually findable for a bargain price as well. Don’t let the ease in which these recordings can be obtained fool you. Despite the fact that shifty-eyed digger types (some of whom, in a bit of gross oversimplification,  have written off Little Royal as little more than a James Brown imitator) would lead you to believe that these records are too cheap to be good, the stuff is well worth picking up.

PS The new issue of the fantastic soul mag There’s That Beat is out, featuring articles on Pittsburgh soul records, Jimmy Wisner, early Motown sides and a bunch of other cool stuff. Well worth your money, sonny.


PSS Installment Numero Dos of the Asbury Park 45 Sessions is one short week away. Nuff said…



6 Responses to “Little Royal – Another Woman’s Man”

  1. gerald Says:

    yes, cool logo that

  2. nathan Says:

    Re: “handful’s” or “hands full.” Both “handsful” or “handfuls” are included in the OED, so there’s a precedent for either. But the apostrophe would only be correct to indicate the possessive.

    And thanks, as always, for the music and history!

  3. funky16corners Says:

    Thanks Nathan. Sometimes I think I need a 12-step program for apostrophe abuse (not to mention semicolons…. ).

  4. Art(uro) Says:

    Okay, I’ll admit it. I probably got hooked on the whole funk 45 thing several years ago as a result of snagging a copy of Razor Blade–but not because I knew what it was. I was actually collecting random 45s for an online exhibit of label designs and the Trius logo hooked me. MONTHS later I dropped the needle on it just out of curiosity. Lo and behold Razor Blade turned out to be just that. Interesting that the 45 credits Little Royal and the Swingmasters but the LP only says Little Royal…

    BTW, I love ‘Another Woman’s Man’–a completely different sounding song from Razor Blade–though it’s too bad that it fades out after just over two minutes!

    P.S. Check out the Stepfather’s write-up of Razor Blade:

  5. John Says:

    Wow, more Little Royal! I’m not a digger, so I haven’t seen the handfuls of minty fresh (oops, I guess there should be a hyphen between the two ^_^) 45s. I do know that Soul Train, as close to a blast of pure energy as I’ve ever heard on wax, has been one of my favorites for years. Thanks for Another Woman’s Man!!

  6. David Akers Says:

    Where is Little Royal now?

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