Beat Combination Pt1 – Funky16Corners meets Flea Market Funk!


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Hey, hey, and once again HEY..

I hope everyone had a fantabulous Memorial Day Weekend (or for those outside of the US, a regular old weekend plus one day of pointless toil).
Here in Joisey, placing ying securely next to yang, I contrasted a certain amount of warm-weather slackitude (cold beer, books and tunes on the deck) with a touch of productivity, the results of which (the productivity, not the slackitude) you see before you today.
Regular visitors to the Funky16Corners-adelicament thang will surely be familiar with the name DJ Prestige, the man behind the Asbury Park 45 Sessions, an institution that I am proud to be associated with, as well as one of the blog-o-spheres fastest growing souful oases, Flea Market Funk. For a while now, Pres and I have been mulling over the idea of a live mix/joint podcast, in which we would take our Asbury 45 act up on into the interwebs. That collab, know heretofore as ‘Beat Combination: Beats and Treats From the Vault’ (parts Uno y Dos) is contained in the link below (or on the server that the link is pointing to, but you already had that figured out…dintcha???).
The catch – not much of a catch really – is that you pick up the first half of the mix here, and then jet on over to the Flea Market Funk Blog to grab the second (it’s up there now, go look).
Pres and I, with some soopah doopah Trinidadian curry action (I simply MUST have more pigeon peas and plantains), laid down a live mix, each of us dropping two sides and then stepping aside so the other might do the same. Yours truly leads off part one, and Pres starts part two.
It wouldn’t be sporting of me if I didn’t state for the record, that Pres did all of the technical heavy lifting here, working up all the drops, as well as pulling the whole dillio into digital form (and designing the graphics). I can assure you that this is but the first of many such co-spinnings. It’s always a blast hanging with Pres, and he brought some heat (that Fatback tune is KILL-LAH, as is the Jorge Ben).
I have to give a shout out to our Asbury Park 45 Sessions co-selectors Connie T. Empress (who introduced me to the Isleys track) and Jay Boxcar (for reminding me what a brilliant fucking record ‘We’re a Winner’ is).
So, get to those ones’n’zeros (each half of the mix clocks in at around 34 minutes), let us know what you think, and I hope that Beat Combination gives you something to groove to at the beach, at your bar-b-que, or in your car while your cursing the tourists clogging up the roads (like I’ll be doing every single weekday this summer).

To hear this mix, head on over to the Funky16Corners Guest Mix Archive

Set List for Part One

Keith Mansfield Orchestra – Soul Thing/ Pronil
The Lou Garno Trio – Chicken in the Basket/ Giovanni
Fatback Band – Goin Home to See My Baby/ Perception
Soul Machine – Bag of Goodies/ Luv N’ Haight
Chuck Carbo – Can I Be Your Squeeze?/ Canyon
Isley Brothers – Keep On Doin/ T Neck
Jake Wade and the Soul Searchers – Searching for Soul/Mutt
Sidney Pinchback and the Schiller Street Gang
-Soul Strokes/ Twilight
Ernie K. Doe – Lawdy Mama/Janus
The Family – Family Affair/ North Bay
Buddy Merrill – Funky/ Accent
Sonny Stitt – California Soul / Solid State


15 Responses to “Beat Combination Pt1 – Funky16Corners meets Flea Market Funk!”

  1. tomhavers Says:

    Listening to this now and its Quality! Hope to see more Asbury Park team ups in the future.

  2. fleamarketfunk Says:

    There will most definitely be more F16 vs. FMF in the future.

  3. funky16corners Says:

    To borrow a phrase from our NJ homegirl Mrs. Brown, “Hell to the yeah.”

  4. rb Says:

    Sounds great, helping me take an afternoon BREAK from work. Wot a great idea of a split podcast.

  5. lou Says:

    great idea guys! grabbing now.

  6. h.t. Says:

    beautiful. thank you for sharing.

  7. herve Says:

    trop génial !

  8. Seamus Says:

    Excellent collabo!!!!

  9. Will Says:

    Awesome mix. The Isley Bros track is awesome.

  10. SoulBrutha Dave B. Says:

    NICE ONE! Two of the greats laying it down together. What could be better? Fantastic mix! Really dig that Chuck Carbo track. All the best.
    Peace and SOUL,

  11. Jadd Says:

    Nice selection!
    Best from Spain

  12. Stu Says:

    Habsolutely houtstanding. Loving the partnership. Oh gawd, you’re spoiling us.
    Stu (London UK)

  13. slsmithsr Says:

    If you haven’t read the linear notes on the MFSB album cover, that’s the great Leon Huff on lead keyboard on The Family’s “Family Affair.”
    You get only a sampling here. The album version allows him to strut some.

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    […] edition Funky16Corners Radio mix. I was listening to my collab with the mighty DJ Prestige – that being Beat Combination – and while one of the jazzier tracks came on, I cranked up the volume, let the musical vibrations […]

  15. geebass Says:

    that’s some funky ass s*%t!! kia ora

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