Benny Gordon & the Soul Brothers – In the Midnight Hour


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Greetings all.

I hope you’re all still digging the Sly mix from the beginning of the week.
This will be a quick one.
I’m in the middle of a couple of days off, spending some quality time with the fam, scouting out day care facilities and engaging in some general, free-form chilling (free-form in that the only consistent aspect of said chilling is a steady supply of iced coffee).
I did take some time today to punch up an existing Funky16Corners podcast (which had not yet been posted) and put together yet another volume. I’m in the midst of a bit of a creative streak, due in no small part to my introduction – via my man DJ Prestige – to a fine piece of software known as Audacity. Audacity is a free download which is basically an audio editor that is capable of recording ANY sound playing through your soundcard (i.e. MP3, WAV, RA, YouTube clips etc etc), and then paring said sound sample down into usable form. The ease of use of this program has allowed me to create drops for the Funky16Corners Radio mixes VERY quickly and easily. Without belaboring the point, what used to take a long-assed time now takes but a few minutes, making it much easier for me to include interesting elements in the mixes.
This is not to say that recording the records has become any easier (when will someone come up with a vinyl digitizer that will allow me to feed 45s into a slot – Jetsons style – with MP3s and WAV files dropping out the other end), but that creating something a little more interesting and stylish for the podcasts, has. I hope you’ll dig it.
Today’s selection is by yet another one of those journeyman soul artists that spent the 60’s recording quality sides for whatever label would have them. I’ve been collecting 45s by Benny Gordon & the Soul Brothers for years, and have never been able to find out much about them, until my man Red Kelly over at the amazing Soul Detective (a wholly owned subsidiary of the B-Side/A-Side organization) actually got in touch with Benny Gordon (see the story here, scroll wayyyy down the page to the J Hines post, and then keep scrolling). Read the piece that Red wrote, but I have to mention that until I read it, I had no idea that Sammy Gordon (of the ‘Upstairs on Boston Road’ Hiphuggers) was not only Benny’s brother, but also a member of the Soul Brothers.
That said, Benny Gordon & the Soul Brothers recorded 45s for Enrica, RCA, NewMiss, Capitol, Estill, and even Phil L.A. of Soul. The 4 or 5 45s that I’ve been able to track down are of a consistently high quality, including a couple of unusual covers (J.D. Bryant’s ‘Get It’ and Jimmy Ruffin’s ‘I’m Gonna Give Her All the Love I Got”). A couple of their mid-60’s 45s have that great funk-on-the-horizon vibe, and a rough Southern feel (they recorded many of their 45s in NYC but hailed from South Carolina).
Today’s selection, a cover of the Wicked Pickett’s ‘In the Midnight Hour’ is taken at a slightly slower, slightly heavier pace with the “jerk” rhythm stretched out to fine effect.
It’s a very solid record, and ought to fortify you against all manner of mid-week travails, holding you until we all get together again on Friday.


10 Responses to “Benny Gordon & the Soul Brothers – In the Midnight Hour”

  1. Eduardo (Brazil) Says:

    Swing, Swing, Swing …

  2. fleamarketfunk Says:

    nice part of my “Breezin” 45 mystery is all coming together. how addicting is audacity?

  3. taco Says:

    wow, this beat is quite monstous.

    nice one again

  4. Stu Says:

    Superb Funky 16 skank. You ain’t lost your touch.


  5. Simon Thibault Says:

    I was digging through my old records and came across a copy of the album, “Tighten Up” by Benny Gordon and the soul brothers on Hot biscuit disc company. Strange midrange label, I guess. Know anything about it?

  6. funky16corners Says:

    Hot Bisuit was a NYC based label (I have a 45 by Tender Joe Richardson on the label), that was distributed by a larger label (that I can’t remember off the top of my head).
    How’s that LP?

  7. Gooby Says:

    I knew, the Legendary, Mr. Benny Gordon personally, I grew up with, his youngest daughter Tammy. We were neighbors in Allendale, S.C. and I was just with his wife and daughters today. I had a nice time, with them, out here in Brookyln, N.Y. (Rest In Peace) Benny, I can hear, you now running, my friends and I, off your brick fence. You will be miss, sitting, on your front porch.

    • Tammy Says:

      Thanks to my friend Gooby who shared a lot of websites with me to let me know that my father was famous and popular. He’s right, my dad “Benny Gordon” had to run them off of the brick fence “so his baby girl” could get some rest. Be blessed.

  8. tammy gordon Says:

    I am Benny’s baby girl and I am in awe of the information I have found out about my dad and his music along with my God father Sammy Gordon (Sammy Gordon and the Hip Huggers). I guess he was always DADDY (MY GENTLE GIANT) to me and my family. I also thank Mr. Red Kelly for coming to SC to sit and talk with my dad and boost his ego one more time. I pray that nothing but good things will come out of all of this recognition.

  9. Claudia Says:

    Hey, I have a 45 record of “Benny Gordon and the Soul Brothers”, RCA Victor is the label, songs are “I Can’t Turn You Loose” and “What is Soul”…….It is also stamped DJ Copy Not For Sale….any idea how much this is worth?

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