REPOST: Funky16Corners Radio 23.5 – Old School Hammond


The Gene Ludwig Trio

To hear this mix, head on over to the Funky16Corners Radio Podcast Archive

NOTE: A day ago I was notified by the great Gene Ludwig that two tracks in the zip file for this mix were misidentified. I assured him that I would make the correction and repost the zip.

Famous last words…

I got home tonight, sat down to relable the two tracks and soon discovered that EVERY TRACK IN THE ZIP FILE was mislabeled.

Well…I went through, track by track and retagged all the MP3s, made a new zip and uploaded it. I feel really bad because the Funky16Corners Radio Zip files get downloaded by a two-to-one ratio over the mixed MP3s (I wish it was the other way around, but whatever….). This means that several hundred trusting souls have been bopping around grooving to a grip of mistakenly identified Hammond tracks.

Please accept my apologies for:

a. Handing you what Bob & Ray used to refer to as ‘the old rubber peach’

b. wasting your time/bandwidth

 I generally only drop the mixes onto my Ipod, but I’ll checking the zip files from now on.

The new zip remedies the situation (I’m reposting the mixed MP3, but that was correct the first time around).

Happy 4th of July…



Leo Valentine Trio – Behind the Out House (Camelia)
Jon Thomas – Hot Tip (Mercury)
The Three Souls – Chittlins Con Carne (Argo)
RD Stokes – My Sandras Jump (II Bro’s)
Dave Baby Cortez – Getting to the Point (Chess)
The Mark III – Jaw Breaker (Night Owl)
The Lloyd Price Band feat. James Booker – Ooh-Pee-Day (Double L)
Dave Davani Four – The Jupe (Capitol)
Brother Jack McDuff – Grease Monkey (Prestige)
Gene Ludwig – The Vamp (Travis)
Big Bubbles & the Soul Brothers – Ginger Snap Pt1 (Raldo)
Luther Randolph & Johnny Stiles – Talkin’ Bout You Pt1 (Harthon)
Leo’s Five – Hold It (L-G)
Freddy Robinson & Paul Hankins- The Hawk (Queen)
Terrell Prude – Frog Eyes (TRC)
Sonny Knight Quartette – Let’s Get It On Pt1 (Aura)
Rhoda Scott Trio – Hey Hey Hey (Tru-Sound)
Charles Kynard – Here Now! (World Pacific)



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  1. 12345678 Says:

    hey there, this is unrealted to your post –
    but would you happen to have the confidentials “does he really love you?”
    or any other mod-art stuff? thanks.

  2. Pat. Says:

    Great selection of swinging organ. Made for a nice listen while working. Thanks.

    – pat.

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