WCBS FM Is Back On The Air!


Bob Shannon back on the mic!


It was a little more than two years ago – in the original Funky16Corners Blog – that I lamented the passing of one of the last great radio stations in the New York area, WCBS-FM (read my original post here).

WCBS – FM was a major part of my musical education growing up. The first years of the station – with the best ‘oldies’ format I ever heard – coincided with the my own early years of listening to the radio, and for the next 30+ years was a major part of my listening time (and a serious learning experience).

In 2005 WCBS’s parent company decided (in their infinite wisdom) that they should take an original (profitable) station, unlike any other in its market, and make it just like 500 others all over the country (with the execrable ‘Jack’ format). I, and countless other loyal listeners were crestfallen.

In the time since, I have been lucky enough to get to know one of the cornerstones of the WCBS-FM sound, the legendary Bob Shannon. Bob is a righteous individual, and he KNOWS music.

Well my friends, I’m happy to say that this week, with none other than Bob Shannon on the mic, WCBS-FM has returned!

The format as announced with cover the 60’s through the 80’s (pretty much what it was when they went ‘Jack’), with detours back into the 50’s now and again. I haven’t seen a schedule yet to see who – if anyone – from the old crew will be returning (Cousin Brucie has been working with Sirius Satellite Radio), but as long as Mr. Shannon is there, you can bet that the heat (as we say ’round here) will be brought, along with tons of knowledge and one of the great modern radio voices.

Welcome back Bob!



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  1. ally Says:

    it’s desperately important to have good radio. here we’ve been saved by resonance fm (you should be able to listen online) and robert elms lunchtime show on bbc london. authoratative, entertaining and always a hidden gem or five you’ve never heard before.

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