Funky16Corners Radio v.27 – Soul Organs Vol. 1


Funky16Corners Radio v.27 – Soul Organs Vol1

1. Chicago Cubs Clark St Band – Slide (Cadet)
2. TKOs feat Hank Jacobs – The Charge (Ten Star)
3. East Bay Soul Brass – The Panther (Rampart)
4. Hindal Butts – In The Pocket (MS)
5. Ordells – Big Dom (Dionn)
6. Philly Four – The Elephant Pt1 (Cobblestone)
7. Mr D & the Highlights – Nose Full of White (Jas)
8. Jimmy Brown – Soul Man (Abet)
9. Beverly Pitts – Just Some Soul (Soul Shot)
10. Hank Marr – White House Party (Wingate)
11. Soul Set – Flunky Flunky (BB)
12. Toussaint McCall – Toussaint Shuffle (Ronn)
13. Soul Toranodoes – Go For Yourself (Burt)
14. Truman Thomas – Cold Sweat (Veep)
15. Lonell Dantzler – Bo Ghana (Met)
16. Deacons – Sock It To Me (Shama)
17. LaBert Ellis – Dancing In the Street (A&M)

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Greetings all.
I hope everyone had a great weekend, soaking up sun, suds and soul.
My man DJ Prestige hepped me to the fact that there was a record swap happening over at the World Famous Asbury Lanes this morning, so the entire Funky16Corners fam strapped themselves into the soulful mini-van and rolled on up.
I wasn’t expecting much, but I found some cool stuff – LPs and 45s – some of which will of course be appearing in this very space sometime in the future.
I also picked up a couple of real stinkers, but that’s nobody’s fault but mine brothers and sisters. You leave the crib without the portable, you takes your chances and in every sack of gold ye will find a lump of coal or two (or three….).
That all said, I have been working on some podcasts for the upcoming months – including a huge, multi-part Beatles covers project which got bigger right after I sat down to record the vinyl (“Look! Yet another version of ‘Hey Jude’!) – and, beginning with today’s edition of Funky16Corners Radio, a grip of Hammond mixes.
The Funky16Corners Radio decks have previously brought you Hammond funk, International Hammond and Old School Hammond, and in an effort to split the atom (or slice the baloney) yet again, I bring you the first installment of SOUL Hammond. This is – like everything around here – a subjective judgement based on my crates (literal and figurative) and my own personal genre dividing lines. In the end no one need respect these borders, which should of course be viewed only as suggested guidelines.
Just a note: longtime followers of the Funky16Corners web zine might recognize some of these tracks, which appeared on an early fundraising CD mix I did.
Now that we have that out of the way, on to the music.
The first track in the mix is an old fave round these parts, ‘Slide’ by the mysterious Chicago Cubs Clark Street Band. This instro originally appeared as the flip side to a recording of the 1969 Chicago Cubs singing a reworked version of Little Willie John’s ‘Fever’ (I shit you not), called ‘Pennant Fever’. The only clue to the origins of this track is the presence of the name Richard Rome on the label. Rome was a longtime Philly composer, performer, producer, and his name in the credits suggests to me that the tune originated not in Chi-town but the City of Brotherly Love. Either way, copies of this one turn up frequently so go find yourself one.
The TKOs recorded a number of hard charging instros on the Ten Star label, but ‘The Charge’ is the only one that features legendary soul jazz keyboardist Hank Jacobs (‘Monkey Hips & Rice’) n organ. Thanks to Hank, it ends up being their finest.
The East Bay Soul Brass are another mystery group, but their appearance on the East LA label Rampart (also home to the Village Callers and Cannibal & the Headhunters) suggests to me that they hail from that area. ‘The Panther’ is a stormer filled with crazed cat sound effects.
Hindal Butts ‘In the Pocket’ is a big fave amongst Hammond 45 hunters, which is ironic since Butts wasn’t an organist (he’s the drummer). A Detroit based artist, Butts made a number of 45s for a variety of Motor City labels. Anyone know who the organist is? If so, drop me a line.
The Ordell’s ‘Big Dom’ was something of an accidental find years ago. Back in the day when I was picking up everything I could on Philly labels (like Dionn) I grabbed the Ordells 45 and dug the wonderful soul ballad ‘Sippin’ a Cup of Coffee’. Then I flipped it over and BANG ZOOM, discovered a completely incongruous organ instro. I have no idea who’s playing here, but my guess is a studio group filling extra space.
Staying in Philly for while, we have the Philly Four. A one off out of the Harthon stable, I always suspected that this might have been Luther Randolph & Johnny Styles, but I can’t say for sure.
I’ve never been able to track down any info on Mr. D & the Highlights. I dig the tune though, and the cool title.
Jimmy Brown recorded an LP and a number of 45s for the Abet label (the 45s being MUCH easier to score than the LP). His take on Sam & Dave’s ‘Soul Man’ has a nice gritty edge to it.
Beverly Pitts (he or she?? I dunno….) ‘Just Some Soul’ is just that, a very nice slow grooving shuffle that wouldn’t be out of place in a smoky barroom. The flip of this one is nice too.
Next up is one of my all-time faves (another one my man Haim turned me on to years ago), and an odd sort of commemoration for the passing of Lady Bird Johnson, Hank Marr’s ‘White House Party’ (which is filled with references to the Johnson years). It’s one of the swinging-est bits of mod jazz ever, and one of the best sides ever to come out on Detroit’s Wingate imprint.
‘Flunky Flunky’ by the Soul Set is (I believe) a Philly record, with no connection to the Central Jersey Soul Set that recorded for Johnson Records. The tune has a great, chunky organ sound and some heavy drums. The flip is a reworking of the Miracles ‘Mickey’s Monkey’.
Toussaint McCall  is justly worshipped by Hammond fans the world over for his monumental ‘Shimmy’, which is in my opinion one of the greatest 45s EVER, by ANYONE, on ANY INSTRUMENT (how’s that for hyperbole??). ‘Toussaint Shuffle’ is one of the two other organ instrumentals he recorded for Ronn (the third being ‘The Title Escapes Me’). He wouldn’t record Hammond instros again until his sides for Dore a few years later (which are all funky and well worth searching for). It’s not as heavy as ‘Shimmy’ (but really, what is???), but it swings nicely, and should be easy to find.
Folks that caught Funky16Corners Radio v.25, the Jerry-O mix might recognize the melody of the Soul Toranodoes (I always assumed that it was supposed to be Tornados, but I go by the label) ‘Go For Yourself’, which is an “adaptation” of Jerry-O’s ‘Soul Sister’. The flip of this one, ‘Funky Thang’ is also cool.
You can read more about Truman Thomas over at the Funky16Corners web zine, but I’ll summarize here by telling you that Thomas, who went on to work for a number of soul artists (including Aretha Franklin) recorded an LP and some excellent 45s (a couple featuring non-LP tracks) for the Veep label, and they’re all groovy. His take on the Godfather’s ‘Cold Sweat’ takes a somewhat lighter tack than the original.
Lonell Danztler’s ‘Bo Ghana’ is a really jazzy swinger with some nice banging drums. Dantzler went on to record with the Chicago soul group Weapons of Peace.
Speaking of Chicago (and borrowed tunes) we present the Deacons’ ‘Sock It To Me’ which doubled as the instrumental track for a certain record by Mr. Syl Johnson. I love the groove on this one – especially the handclaps.
This edition of Funky16Corners Radio closes out with a longtime fave of mine – and sure to be one of yours – ‘Dancing In the Street’ by LaBert Ellis. When I grabbed this out of a box of 99 cent 45 years ago, I had no idea how much I’d dig it, or how long I’d search for info on it. There’s something of a mystery here, in that it appears that the A&M catalog number on the Ellis 45 appears to have been assigned to another release, and this disc may never have made it past the promo stage. Ellis was an LA-based organist who, aside from this one 45 never released anything on vinyl again. There was a CD out there of an unreleased early 70’s session he did (which includes a smoking version of ‘Cissy Strut’, but that’s about it.
Either way, pop this on the Pod and groove in the sand.

7 Responses to “Funky16Corners Radio v.27 – Soul Organs Vol. 1”

  1. trifocal Says:

    I just wanted to thank you for putting so much effort forth and getting all of this great music and info about it out.

  2. Groovin' Dan Says:

    Yup, I’ve got that Chicago Cubs single, too. The flip is indeed WAY more listenable than the A-side — especially if you’re a Cubs fan who remembers what actually happened in the ’69 pennant race!

  3. kuhdo Says:

    Really great work. It’s evident that a considerable ammount of time and effort went into this project. Just wanted to let you know your efforts are appreciated.

  4. frankai Says:

    thank you very much for sharing these hammond sounds , turns me on to look for some tracks i did not knew before .
    (for some reasons i like these sounds drivin my car)
    …and this forced me doin my own “modern retro hammond funk jazz mix” incl. james taylor ,big boss man ,leslie overdrive ,sugarman three ,phat fred ,the clique ,the soul investigators ,sam paglia ,and others.
    thank you ,have fun

  5. Stephan Says:

    Shi* that’s GREAT !!!!

    Thanks a lot, Stephan

  6. Pat. James Longo a.k.a. Primitive Sound System Says:

    Thanks for the afternoon listen. “7. Mr D & the Highlights – Nose Full of White (Jas)” almost made the cut for The Vital Organs. If it was up to me it would have been a double. Oh well. Great mix. Thanks.

  7. Dr. George Says:

    Thanks for this wonderful posting. I’ve been searching for a good quality Nose Full Of White for ages! (the song i mean. Not an actual nose full of white. And i’m not just saying that because my dad might read this.)



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