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Inez & Charlie Foxx


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Greetings all.

This will be a short one tonight (the writing, not the song, which isn’t particularly long either, just a song).
It’s already turning out to be a tough week, with the littlest Funky16Corner heading off to day care for the first time, which is turning out to be a challenge emotionally and logistically. Nobody’s happy about having to drop the little guy off in the morning (though he seemed thoroughly nonplussed this AM), and finding enough time to get everyone lunched and otherwise packed and out of the house in time for me and the Mrs to still arrive at work in a timely fashion is currently a huge pain in the ass.
I’m sure that once we all get the routine down (I feel like Porky Pig when he’s trying to run the baby prep/delivery service for the stork) things will get to be somewhat smoother, but right now I feel like I might at any minute crash face down on the keyboard.
It’s just one of those situations (that come with fatherhood/adulthood) where I find myself attempting to stuff 26 hours into a 24 hour day, and like all similar ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag equations, something always gets pushed aside.
Right now that something is sleep….
Back during my scorched earth tour of New England, I picked up a grip of tasty vinyl, much of which has already found its way onto the ole blog. Today’s selection is one of the juicier apples to be pulled from that particular bushel.
Anyone with a passing interest in soul and R&B surely knows the name Inez Foxx (as in “and Charlie”) via ‘Mockingbird’, a classic in the truest sense of the word that will remembered long after the hit cover by James Taylor (despoiler of old R&B) and Carly Simon is but a greasy stain on the 70’s. They recorded a bunch of great stuff during the early-to-mid 60’s for the Sue and Dynamo labels.
Following her musical partnership with brother Charlie, Inez signed with Volt records in 1971 and headed to Memphis to make herself a record.
Titled – oddly enough – ‘Inez Foxx at Memphis’ (unusual use of a preposition there), the disc is chock full of high quality early-70’s soul. In turns funky (today’s cut) and deep (her cover of Mitty Collier’s ‘I Had a Talk With My Man’), ‘…At Memphis’ is definitely worth tracking down.
My fave cut from the album (and today’s selection) is ‘You Don’t Want My Love (All You Want Is My Loving)’. The tune rolls along at a brisk tempo and displays as much Detroit (it sounds as if it could have been an Invictus/Hotwax release) as Memphis. There’s a great vocal by Foxx as well as a very nice string arrangement (stylish but not overpowering).
Grab the LP if you can. I wouldn’t say that original copies are plentiful, but I don’t believe it’s currently available in reissue, so tracking down the vinyl might be your best bet at the moment.
Until Friday….

PS Head on over to Iron Leg for a tune by Emitt Rhodes

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  1. fleamarketfunk Says:

    i’ve recently picked up a few inez records and can honestly say she has a smooth soulful voice. nice one larry!

  2. JavibiMongoose Says:

    only can say THANKS THANKS THANKS… for educate us with all these gold recordings!!!

    keep keeping the funk alive!!

    greetings from Spain,
    Javibi Mongoose Guitar
    La Mongoose Band

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