Friday 8/31 Lucky Cat/Budos Recap/Set List


Set List

Manu Dibango – Weya (Atlantic LP Edit)
Joe Bataan – Shaft (Fania 45)
Lou Courtney – You Can Give Your Love To Me (Verve)
War – Me and Baby Brother (UA)
Tony Newman – Soul Thing (Parrot)
Soulful Strings – Burning Spear (Cadet)
Eal King – Street Parade Pt1 (Kansu)
Chris Clark – Love’s Gone Bad (Motown LP)
Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson – Soulshake (SSS Intl)
Joe Cuba Sextet – El Pito (Hit/Tico)
John Philip Soul & His Stone Marching Band – That Memphis Thing (Pepper)
Geraldo Pino – Heavy Heavy Heavy (Suzumi)
Roy Lee Johnson – Boogaloo #3 (Josie)
Shadows of Knight – Shake (Team)
Louis Chachere – The Hen Pt1 (Paula)
Andre Brasseur – The Duck (Palette)
Lou Courtney – Hot Butter’n’All (Hurdy Gurdy)
Roger & the Gypsies – Pass the Hatchet Pt1 (Seven B)
Lyn Collins – Think (About It) (People)
Village Callers – Hector (Rampart)
Chuck Carbo – Can I Be Your Squeeze (Canyon)
King Coleman – The Boo Boo Song Pt1 (King)
Lou Courtney – Hey Joyce (Popside)
Mickey & the Soul Generation – Iron Leg (Maxwell)
The Impressions – We’re a Winner (ABC)
Brother Jack McDuff – Hunk of Funk (Blue Note)
Hugh Masekela – Grazing In the Grass (Uni)
Manu Dibango – New Bell (Atlantic LP edit)
Manu Dibango – Soul Makossa (Atlantic)
Fela Ransome Kuti – Shakara (EMI)
Eddie Bo – Hook & Sling Pt1 (Scram)
BT Express – Do It (‘Til You’re Satisfied) (Scepter)
Fatback Band – Goin’ To See My Baby (Perception)
Don (Soul Train) Campbell – Campbell Lock (Stanson)
Just Brothers – Sliced Tomatoes (MM)
James K Nine – Live It Up (Federal)
Marva Whitney – It’s My Thing (King)
Mongo Santamaria – Lady Marmalade (Vaya)
Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers – I Gotta Go Now (Up On the Floor) (Like)
Jeanne & the Darlings – Soul Girl (Volt)
James Brown – Get Up I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine Pt1 (King)
Hank Ballard – Butter Your Popcorn (King)
Roy Thompson – Sookie Sookie (Okeh)
Mohawks – Champ (Philips)
Syl Johnson – Dresses To Short (Twinight)
Roy Ward – Horse With a Freeze Pt1 (Seven B)
Johnny Otis Show – Watts Breakaway (Epic)

Greetings all.
I can barely believe that I’m sitting here at 8:30 in the AM writing this, but when your 3 ½ year old decides it’s time to get out of bed, it’s time.
Last night at the Lucky Cat was a blast.

First off, fuck a Mapquest.
I hadn’t been in Williamsburg in over two years, and if I hadn’t had some memory of the neighborhood, my Mapquest “directions” would have had me and my records bobbing in Long Island Sound.
I did finally make my way over to Grand Street, and as you can see by the length of my set list – the awwww sheeeit maybe I shoulda brought the flight case with the 200 45s in it set list – I started early and the Budos came on late.
This of course was OK with me, but I have to tell you, after the first 45 minutes, when the Lucky Cat filled to capacity, the temperature went from about 80 degrees to a brisk, fresh, Springtimey 110, and I started to melt.
I mean, it’s summertime after all, and I know it’s supposed to be hot, but (and maybe the equatorial climate is something the badass Budos bring with them everywhere they go) it was motherfunkin, drippily sweat-tastic. If it weren’t for an uninterrupted flow of club soda from the bar, I would have passed out behind the decks (and I’m only half kidding…).
Second, I have to give big ups to Lilah and  Sascha at the Lucky Cat, for running one of the grooviest clubs in this part of the known universe.
Third, thanks to all of the cool people who came up to say hi and give props to the Funky16Corners blog.
Fourth, I will come back and spin for a crowd like this any ole time. Folks were feeling the funk, and dancing (‘Hook and Sling’ prompted a particularly vigorous bit of ass-wiggling getdown right in front of the turntables, Helloooooo ladies!). Special props go out to the folks between the decks and the stage who were really cutting a rug.
If these cats are playing within 100 miles of your crib ad you do not hit the club you will be sorry my friends because when the Budos put an erupting volcano on the cover of their first LP they WERE NOT KIDDING. I would spin before this band at any time. I highly suggest that if you have not purchased their albums yet, you do so posthaste as they are both essential.
That all said, I am going to try (try being the operative word) to catch up on a good deal of lost sleep over the next few days. I’m working on something cool for Tuesday, so hang tight, get your end of summer party on, and I’ll see you then.


4 Responses to “Friday 8/31 Lucky Cat/Budos Recap/Set List”

  1. rina & rena Says:

    Hi Larry,
    We were two of those ladies at the show last night. We were there early, near the decks the whole time, eventually dancing (and sweating!) our asses off: without a doubt the perfect sendoff to the summer. Anyway, we found out about the show and the band–as with many other fine bands–through your blog. So thanks, and hope to see you at another great show.

    Rina (from La.) & Rena (who asked about your T-shirt)

  2. Sport Casual Says:

    What’s up Larry, yeah it was a great night and your tunes really added to the vibe. Um, what can I say, the heat is good for the acoustics 🙂 Credit where it’s due: Lilah is the one who runs that venue, that Sascha fool is just the DJ/Soundguy/Carpenter. He’s alright though 😉

  3. fleamarketfunk Says:

    I think Sasha needs to double book us on some Funk and Soul shit. I believe the night plus the DJs plus the band would be unstoppable. Unfortunately I had great directions dude from the last time I spun, I should have given them to you. Doh! Cheers. Talk to you this weekend.

  4. funky16corners Says:

    Rina & Rena
    Thanks for coming out and saying hi! It’s always cool to meet folks that read the blog, and especially so when they’re digging the sounds.

    Tell Lilah I said hi and thanks!

    If we doubled up I think the place would catch fire!


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