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Bobby Moore & the Rhythm Aces


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Greetings all.This is to be the closing post in a truly strange week.
I got the sick baby blues.
The littlest Corner has been down with an ear infection all week, and I’ve been home trying to nurse him through it.
A week away from work would seem like a veritable dreamscape of vinyl digitization, but when a sorrowful little dude is asleep on your lap, trying to shake a nasty fever, there’s not much time for anything else.
I am catching up on my reading (the outstanding biography of Walt Disney by Neal Gabler, which if you’re interested in the early years of animation is must read), but I’m mostly just feeling sorry for the little guy and hoping that he’s soon back to his normal, happy self.
Today’s selection is a 45 that I kind of had on my third-tier want list for a long time, after hearing it a while back. At the last Asbury Lanes swap meet I managed to pick up a bunch of cool stuff, and this 45 was in that pile.
Bobby Moore & the Rhythm Aces was an Alabama based outfit that were together for a number of years, living out the stereotypical showband life of countless gigs and occasional backing slots for national touring acts.
They were signed to Checker in 1966 (between 1966 and 1970 they would record one LP and a handful of 45s for the label), and had their only hit – ‘Searching for my Love’, a great ballad with just a taste of Billy Stewart – the a-side of today’s selection. Though that cut is a winner, it was the b-side that I was looking for and which we feature today.
‘Hey Mr. DJ’ has a vibe that suggests that it probably originated a few years before its 1966 recording. Nominally an instrumental feature for Moore’s sax, the tune stops every now and again for a group shout of ‘Hey Mr. DJ!’. The tune has a great old-school roadhouse/titty-bar grind that also makes for great late night driving music (I love the cheesy organ running underneath everything). The record was the first (of many) Chess production recorded at the Fame studio in Muscle Shoals.
That said, I will be starting off next week with a new mix, so have a most excellent weekend, stay groovy and I’ll see you on the interwebs.



9 Responses to “Bobby Moore & the Rhythm Aces – Hey Mr. DJ”

  1. Vincent Says:

    Great 45. I scored one from Rob a couple of years back…

    Here’s hoping the little one gets better soon. I still get those dreadful earaches once in a while so I can truly sympathise.

    I’m looking forward to meeting you once and for all next week.

    Peace and blessings.

  2. funky16corners Says:

    Me too!
    It’s coming up fast.

  3. Dan E Says:

    Yeah, I always thought “Hey Mr DJ” sounded oddly out-of-date in comparison to the A-side; I definitely prefer the mid-60s Chess sound and vibe to the late 50s/early 60s stuff, but that organ alone makes it worth a listen…

    Hope your little dude feels better soon.

  4. whiteray Says:

    Hey, great stuff! Thanks for this and your hard work week after week — as much fun as blogging is, I know that it’s a commitment. Hope your sprout perks up soon!

  5. Roger Says:

    Yet another great track that’s new to me. I hope your kid gets better soon.

  6. ephraim Says:

    Great tune! Is this the Robert Moore who was involved in the Miami scene?

  7. The Doorkeeper Says:

    I was up in the attic the other day, and there were some tapes I’d made as a teenager, and I put one in the player up there, and a Little Richard tune came up, and as it finished I swear I recognised the dust in the runout groove …

    True Love.

    Nice track. I personally get a bit excited when you post some a little earlier than usual, and this is a hit!

  8. lynda marshall Says:

    searchin for my love was bobby moore’s biggest hit but my favorite is the follow up TRY MY LOVE AGAIN

  9. victor vick Says:

    Hey Larry,
    Just looking in to say hi, remember the days back when. I am still playing and recording…last hit was with OutKast “The Way You Move.” Drop me a line, I’ll drop over to Montgomery next time I come down to Skegee.


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