Funky16Corners Guests at Souled On b/w Change of Plans…

Heidy ho kids….

I hope everyone if groovy, and digging the Billy Paul and Tom Jones tracks from earlier in the week.

As I said in my last post, I was working on a guest mix for another blog, and I’m happy to say that the mix is up over at the most excellent Souled On blog, so I now point you in that direction. Go for the mix, stick around for the rest of the blog, in which my man Scholar does some great work.

To hear this mix, head on over to the Funky16Corners Guest Mix Archive


I was honored when he asked me to do a guest spot, as the co-pilot slot has previously been filled by some very heavy cats, including my main man DJ Prestige, the Stepfather of Soul, Colin Dilnot of In Dangerous Rhythm, and Vincent the Soul Chef of Fufu Stew.

That said, I’ve decided to keep the new Funky16Corners Radio mix on hold until Monday so that you might head over to Souled On, dig the Beneath the Planet of Funky16Corners mix, Scholar’s posts and the other guest mixes.

If this doesn’t satisfy your craving for new sounds, trek over to Iron Leg for some Dutch 60’s punk.

That said, have a great weekend (I know I will. I have a digging expedition planned), and I’ll be back on Monday.



6 Responses to “Funky16Corners Guests at Souled On b/w Change of Plans…”

  1. Planet Mondo Says:

    That is a smooth, smoky, mellow medley of underground funk – Keep ’em comin F16

  2. DJ King Oz Says:

    Another extraordinary mix. Quite a few cuts on there I’ve never heard.

    I also appreciate being pointed in the direction of Souled On Music. I came across some excellent mixes and the like over there as well.

    Happy weekend to ya.


  3. DE LA [bonne] SOUL « I’M A SELECTOR FOR YOU. Says:

    […] Enregistré dans : musique — Fabien cleenewerck @ 8:59 Ici via l’excellent blog FUNKY16CORNERS. […]

  4. Vincent the Soul Chef Says:

    …this mix is quite the batch of psychedelics. It almost makes me want to drop a tab or two… 😉

  5. Michael Says:

    brilliant mix, brilliant blog, as always.

  6. jack Says:

    Hi! Nice site!

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