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Greetings all.

I hope all is well on your end.
If you were watching closely, you might have noticed that I just got the very first “take-down” notice (however polite) in the three year history of the Funky16Corners blog. It was in regard to the Ernie K. Doe track ‘Here Come the Girls’, and came from the good people at Soul Jazz Records in the UK. Though the ‘New Orleans Funk’ CD appears to be out of print, Soul Jazz is apparently offering downloads of the material on their site. If you hadn’t already grabbed the track here, it’s definitely worth your while to head on over there and pick up the ones and zeros.
It also behooves me to remind you all that the next installment of the legendary Asbury Park 45 Sessions is close at hand, happening Friday 11/23 at the World Famous Asbury Lanes.
The usual crew of resident selectors will be on hand (with a few special guests), and I don’t think I have to remind you (though I will anyway) that heat will most certainly be delivered by all hands. If you’ve never been to one of the 45 Sessions, you need only search the archives of this blog to check out a few sample playlists. You can even hear my set from the last 45 Sessions, and I expect that once again all sets will be streamed live – and then archived – over at JamNow.
That I mention the AP45 Sessions is fortuitous, because today’s selection was procured by me, from a certain DJ Bluewater, at the last edition thereof. Had never heard Kenny Smith’s ‘Go For Yourself’ before, but a few seconds after I dropped the needle on the record I knew that I needed to give it a home in my crates.
Kenny Smith was a Cincinnati, Ohio based singer/songwriter/producer who recorded (for Chess, Fraternity and a number of local labels) a number of soul and funk sides during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, including 1971’s ‘Lord What Happened To Your People’. Originally released on Smith’s own Goldspot label, and picked up by General American Records for national distribution, the record was largely forgotten until it became a major favorite on the Northern Soul scene at the Blackpool Mecca (it was eventually bootlegged for the Northern market).
Smith apparently went on to work in several capacities for General American, including acting as host for a TV show called ‘Soul Street’ (anyone know if there’s any surviving video?).
Today’s selection, ‘Go For Yourself’ was recorded in 1969 and released on Flo-Roe, before it was picked up for national distribution by RCA.
‘Go For Yourself’ is a really unusual side, combining funky soul with just a taste of late-60’s au-go-go pop. The track starts off with a slow piano line that brings to mind the Marathons ‘Peanut Butter’, but quickly morphs into something much more interesting. Smith’s excellent lead vocal combines with a great horn chart, a gutbucket sax solo and a short but brilliant Albert Collinsesque guitar break that takes the record to another level entirely.
Kenny Smiths best material has been reissued by Shake It Records in Ohio, and you should take a minute to fall by their web site which features a wealth of material about Smith, including label scans, and several photos from his time hosting ‘Soul Street’, including a great shot of Smith with Little Royal.

11 Responses to “Kenny Smith – Go For Yourself”

  1. mike Says:

    hi there larry… soul jazz are some funny people… they ask you to take down a song while there first releases were all bootlegs… none of the tracks for their black jazz album were cleared… i think their strata east album was also a bootleg… thats ridiculous… anyway keep up the good work… mike

  2. funky16corners Says:

    Yeah, that does seem kind of odd doesn’t it?
    I always expected I’d hear from some huge conglomerate first.
    Go figure…

  3. fleamarketfunk Says:

    next thing you know paul winley will come calling. nice work on the kenny smith. sweet lou always has some goodies. i might make a box for the sessions myself, we’ll see.

  4. polk Says:

    yo larry, is this the same version/track that is on the Cold Heat funk comp? if so that is one dope tune. very funky.

    hey love the blog. thanks for sharing the love…

  5. JXR Says:

    Here Come The Girls is currently being used for a cosmetic commercial over here in the UK and presumably is being liscenced via SoulJazz who have also started their own download site so just join the dots.

    Great blog. Stay funky.

  6. funky16corners Says:

    I don’t know if it’s the same exact version. I don’t have the comp, and a couple of the track lists I was able to track down list the track as an “edit”, so someone who has the comp may have to chime in and let us know.

  7. polk Says:

    funky16 postscript: larry after listening to the kenny smith track i realize it is a totally different version than the one on the Cold Heat: Heavy Funk Rarities 1968-1974, Vol. 1 comp! (This baby is SUPER HIGHLY recommended to all of your readers, and beyond)

    Cold Heat has the track listed as (you were right on) ‘Go For Yourself (edit)’ by Kenny Smith and the Loveliters. This take is a sped-up, highly charged, rollicking version compared to this RCA version. Both are worth their weight in soul, to be sure.

  8. rustler Says:

    The later version is on the Flo-Roe label and tough to find..

  9. Davie Gordon Says:

    Larry, the RCA version is from June ’66. RCA 8848 was Jefferson Airplane’s
    “Come Up The Years”

    The Kenny Smith and The Loveliters version (Flo-Roe 1112) is a remake
    “Go For Yourself – pt.1” / “Go For Yourself – Pt.2 ) – from 1969.
    I haven’t heard that Cold Heat comp. but maybe “edit” means they
    just used Pt. 1 and not the full thing.

    I’m only 7 months late seeing this but figured better late than never
    – can’t remember what I was looking for to end up on this page 🙂


  10. funky16corners Says:

    Thanks again Davie!

  11. Iceburg Says:

    The edit on Cold Heat is thus named because it’s parts one and two of the 45 edited into one long track!

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