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The Great Jackie Wilson


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Greetings all.

I hope you all had a most excellent weekend, as did I.
In addition to the usual attempts to hold exhaustion at bay, errands, grocery shopping and (if I’m lucky) some time with the records, my wife and I took our four-year-old son to his first movie. I’m happy to say that it was a gas. Some of my fondest memories of childhood have to do with going to matinees on the weekend, and no matter how many movies I watch on my iPod, nothing, I repeat NOTHING can replace the experience of watching a movie on the big screen.
If you’ve got small kids, you know how hard it is to get to see any movies in a theater, so the opportunity to go out (even if it is a Veggie Tales film) and share that experience with our son was pretty cool. Though he’ll probably never know the wonder of a double feature of ‘The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes’ and ‘The Vanishing Prairie’, I think he’ll get by.
In a completely unplanned segue, today’s selection also carries with it (at least for me) a cinematic connotation.
A few years ago my wife and I were watching an Irish film called ‘The Closer You Get’, and toward the end of the film today’s selection – then completely unknown to me – came on and I was just blown away. Fortunately the music credits at the end of the film were legible ( a rare occurrence) and I discovered – much to my soul fans chagrin – that the tune was ‘I Get the Sweetest Feeling’ by the mighty Jackie Wilson.
I’m ashamed – yet momentarily humble enough – to admit to you that I slept on the music of Jackie Wilson for a long, long time. Though there’s no denying the power of a record like ‘Lonely Teardrops’ or ‘Higher and Higher’ (curse you Rita Coolidge), I was totally unfamiliar with much of Wilson’s catalog.
I looked for a longtime for a copy of this record (once even getting burned by a smalltime EBay lowlife), even going so far as to buy it on CD (Ohhh the indignity!!!) before this past Fall when I found a copy of the LP on my little digging interlude in Baltimore (thanks Vincent!).
Once the vinyl was in my hands, it was only a (brief) matter of time before I had to share it with you in this space.
As it turns out – and not a bit surprisingly – ‘I Get the Sweetest Feeling’ is a longtime Northern Soul fave, so much so that the Soulies pushed it back onto the UK charts in 1972 (Wilson originally recorded/released the tune in 1968, the same year as versions by Erma Franklin and one by the Platters, which I’d love to hear). The record is contains all manner of Northern Soulie bait, including a very nice four on the floor beat, classy vibraphone and harp accents, tasteful horns and an absolutely wonderful, hook-filled melody (courtesy of none other than Van McCoy).
During the time I’ve been typing this piece I’ve listened to the song no less than a dozen times, and could probably go on listening for a few dozen more.
I hope you dig it as much as I do.

PS I updated the Funky16Corners Radio Podcast Archive, and created a similar page for the Iron Leg Digital Trip Podcasts. Check them out when you get a week or two…

PSS Check out this article in the New York Times wherein Lenny Kravitz send a little love out to Sharon Jones  the Daop Kings and the mighty Budos Band!!


12 Responses to “Jackie Wilson – I Get the Sweetest Feeling”

  1. Tony C Says:

    Totaly agree,What an uplifting tune!!
    Picked up a copy of the Platters version a couple of weeks ago.It’s produced by Charlie Foxx and although a bit slower,it’s still a damn fine song.
    I will make it the first play on my show in a couple of weeks.So if you get a chance,perhaps you can catch it.

  2. Captain Wrong Says:

    This is a monster track. I love Jackie. I think he’s perhaps one of the most underrated artists of all time. He had such an amazing voice and managed to stay current.

  3. Dinesh Allirajah Says:

    Larry and anyone who’s still discovering Jackie, and I envy you for that, then (in addition to the tunes you mention) ‘Whispers Gettin Louder’, ‘Nothing But Blue Skies’ and the astonishing ‘Soul Galore’ have to be priorities. And then there’s a great set he did with the Count Basie orchestra – includes a fine version of Stevie’s ‘Uptight’.

  4. Julie Says:

    I don’t normally like this genre of music, but Jackie Wilson is an exception. Thanks for introducing me!

  5. JavibiMongooseGuitar Says:

    hi Larry!! thanks so much again for your great posts…
    i’ve read that you have contacted with GruyereDJ from Spain. I play in a funk-soul-jazz Band, and he’s our friend. Would you tell me please which is your myspace profile?

    thank you again, greetings from Madrid, Spain,
    Javibi Mongoose – La Mongoose Band

  6. Pete Reilly Says:

    Hi Larry, Trust you had a good weekend too!

    Great choice today, and one that (I’m showing my age here) I first bought as a re-issue in ’72. I loved the 45 version of “Higher and Higher” when reissued in the UK in 1969, and since that time have had a love for all his stuff, and what a legacy he left us.

    Dinesh referred to the Basie / Wilson version of “Uptight” and I also love their version of Sam Cooke’s “Chain Gang” from the same era, unusually released as a 45 in the UK.

    The Erma Franklin version is an interesting one – as you probably know it re-uses the same backing track as Jackie Wilson’s, a practice that Brunswick repeated often (Soulful Strut” and “Am I The Same Girl” being prime examples). Finally, a duet version of “I Get The Sweetest Feeling” emerged in the late 90’s in the UK featuring both Erma and Jackie, although I suspect this was a clever bit of DJ mixing, rather than an original studio recording.

    Good one! Cheers, Pete

  7. funky16corners Says:

    I have the Basie/Jackie 45 and will make sure to post it in the future.

    I’m FUNKY16CORNERS on MySpace


  8. Vincent the Soul Chef Says:

    …yet another one that lay dormant in my crates for many many years. I guess it’s time to revisit it, huh? BTW, has anyone ever heard Mr. Excitement cover Light My Fire? Another track that he shared with Erma Franklin. Killer stuff!!!

  9. Lyle Says:

    Nice track. I have this on an excellent compilation “The Best of Jackie Wilson” (Metro/Union Square 2002 UK, http://www.unionsquaremusic.co.uk). Over 68 minutes of music, focusing on his soulful songs rather than just the hits. Picked it up at Heathrow airport for £4.99.

  10. Pete Gloria Says:

    Van McCoy was the man. So good some of his tracks are almost too perfect. But only almost…
    As for Mr Wilson, I’ve got to get a plug in for my favourite song of all time, ‘Since You Showed Me (How To Be Happy)’, that one’s beyond words.

  11. funky16corners Says:

    On that note, I was pulling 45s for a mix the other night and took out Chris Bartley’s ‘The Sweetest Thing This Side of Heaven’ (another McCoy tune) for future use.

  12. The Platters - I Get The Sweetest Feeling « Funky16Corners Says:

    […] is a cover of a longtime fave that I only became aware of after I blogged the original version by Jackie Wilson. The Platters, one of the great R&B harmony groups of the 50’s are one of the few prominent […]

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