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Beau Williams aka ‘Bobo Mr. Soul’


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Greetings all.

I hope the middle of the week finds you well, and fully satisfied by this Monday’s edition of Funky16Corners Radio.
This will very likely be the last post this week (maybe until next Tuesday), as the fam and I are heading out on the road for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. It’s been a little while since our last getaway so we’re good and ready to do a little touring. Of course I expect that I may – intentionally or not – find my way into a record shop of some kind (and I always do, don’t I??), so hopefully in addition to letting off some steam I’ll also be harvesting some new sounds for inclusion in this space.
Today’s selection is another in a long tradition of what we in the record collecting world (and elsewhere I’m sure) know as an “answer record”.
In the case of Bobo Mr. Soul’s ‘Answer to the Want Ads’, it earns that designation both literally and figuratively.
Bobo Mr. Soul – whose real name is Beau Williams – was a Houston, TX based singer who recorded two 45s for the storied Ovide label (also home to the TSU Tornadoes) in the early 70s. ‘Answer to the Want Ads’ was his first, released in 1971 as an answer to – wait for it, here it comes – ‘Want Ads’ by the Honey Cone, which was a Top 10 hit in the spring of that year.
The Bobo Mr. Soul 45 – The flipside of which, ‘H.L.I.C.’ was featured a while back in a mix over at Fleamarket Funk – unlike some “answer” records, uses almost the exact same melody as the original, setting it up almost as a second chapter of the Honey Cone’s saga.
Williams second 45 for Ovide, ‘Hitchhike To Heartbreak Road’ was issued a second time, on the Hi label in 1972. That tune, written by Phillip Mitchell and originally recorded by Curtis Wiggins was redone (with the same backing track) by Williams. Though it didn’t have any success on the charts, that record has gone on to be a fave with soul fans in the know.
Williams soon dropped the ‘Bobo Mr. Soul’ pseudonym and became a star in the world of gospel under his own name.
I hope you dig it, and that you all have a great weekend.
I’ll see you next week.


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PSS It’s just a little over a week until the return of the Asbury Park 45 Sessions. This time out the resident selectors will be joined by Dan of the Budos Band. It’s gonna be hot!!



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  1. paolo Says:

    That’s great. A really sweet vocal. Thanks for posting it.

  2. koozie Says:

    cool vocal

    thank you

  3. yannis Says:

    Just discovered your blog through an article in a french newspaper Vibration sounds

    It is a pleasure to read your article.

    You can also check out my blog if you want to see jazz musicians in concert in paris. Articles are written in french unfortunately …

  4. Dr. Diggins Says:

    Thankx for another gem. Your daily selection always saves my day.

  5. Martin Says:

    Great post. I’ve linked to it. Thanks!


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