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San Remo Golden Strings – I’m Satisfied

April 16, 2008


Listen – I’m Satisfied – MP3″

Greetings all.

I’m going to make this one especially brief because right now I have a blazing headache (THE POLLEN?!?!?) and the littlest of the Funky16Corners crew has to go in the (very early) AM for a surgical procedure, so everyone has to get their asses in their bunks early tonight.
Today’s selection is one of those records I picked up very cheaply some time ago, and waited a long time before I gave it a serious listen. I first heard of the San Remo Golden Strings at about the same time I encountered the world of Northern Soul.
The “group” (I will refer you to a series of San Remo-related posts by the esteemed Red Kelly at his B-Side blog for an in depth approach to the story, make sure to follow the “continued” links at the end of the posts), was basically an imaginary construct (created under the aegis of Detroit label owner Ed Wingate) that included in it’s ranks various and sundry moonlighting Funk Brothers, thus that pure, soulful Detroit sound coming out of the grooves.
There were a series of 45’s and an LP on Ric-Tic, a reissue of the Ric-Tic LP on Motown (the label that Wingate sold his entire operation to in 1967) and a second LP on that label as well.
Don’t let the name fool you, as ‘I’m Satisfied’ isn’t any more ‘string-y’ than your run of the mill, high class Northern Soul 45, and it packs a solid beat, memorable melody and is enough of a mover for the dancers in the crowd.
It’s a great record, which if you’re anything like me you’ll find yourself giving repeat plays.
I hope you dig it, and if all is well I’ll be back on Friday.

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