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Different Strokes – Sing a Simple Song

May 2, 2008


So who is this anyway??

Listen – Different Strokes – Sing a Simple Song – MP3″

Greetings all.

This post ought to serve as a signal that I’ve survived yet another week of indentured servitude, slaving over a steaming keyboard for “the man” (whoever he is…).
I leave you this week with a record that is pretty much a complete mystery.
My man Haim – making yet another appearance – had this hot little biscuit on his sale list a while back, and me, a sucker for almost any version of ‘Sing a Simple Song’, I listened to the soundfile and knew at once that I had to have it.
Good thing too because when it fell through the mail slot and onto the turntable I knew that I had in fact made a wise investment.
Once I started looking for information I hit the proverbial brick wall, cold, hard and unforgiving. Aside from the fact that this record came out in 1969, adjacent in the Okeh discography to sides by Little Richard and Major Harris, I have been able to discover nothing about Different Strokes.

Zippity – freakin’-doo-dah….

The group name, obviously meant to meant to emphasize the already obvious Sly & the Family Stone vibe, suggests to me that this was merely an attempt to cash in on their fame. Good cash-in, though.
That said, the music contained within the grooves is a delight, with the group – whoever they may be, and my suspicion in these cases is always to assume that a group like this is a conglomeration of studio heads – taking a slightly slower, somewhat laid back (yet not unfunky) approach to the Sly classic.
As the beret wearing cats of yore were wont to say, I dig it the most.
I hope you do too.
Have a most excellent weekend and I’ll be back on Monday to whip a hot little funk mix on y’all.

PS Someone ought to sample this bad boy….

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