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James Brown – Funky President

May 16, 2008


The Man

Listen – James Brown – Funky President – MP3″

We got to get over before we go under.

Tell ’em Godfather.
The history of this blog (almost four years now) has seen little in the way of politics. It is after all a music blog. Not to mention that the few times I’ve let rip in that direction I’ve gotten some unpleasant comments.
However, sometimes you have to speak up, and this one of those times.
So, alert the media because Funky16Corners endorses Barack Obama for (funky) President.
Not like anyone gives a crap, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to put the idea out there again, to paraphrase the great George Carlin, I’m putting on my beret and going down to the rally

Another Raisin for Peace”.

Casting my good will into the Tao, making another small ripple in the great pond – AND – you get to listen to James Brown dropping science (though he was heralding the post-Nixonian arrival of Gerald Ford, hardly funky, even as Presidents go).
So, dig the tune, if you reside in one of the states where there’s still a primary coming get out there and vote Obama.
See you on Monday.


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