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We got to get over before we go under.

Tell ’em Godfather.
The history of this blog (almost four years now) has seen little in the way of politics. It is after all a music blog. Not to mention that the few times I’ve let rip in that direction I’ve gotten some unpleasant comments.
However, sometimes you have to speak up, and this one of those times.
So, alert the media because Funky16Corners endorses Barack Obama for (funky) President.
Not like anyone gives a crap, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to put the idea out there again, to paraphrase the great George Carlin, I’m putting on my beret and going down to the rally

Another Raisin for Peace”.

Casting my good will into the Tao, making another small ripple in the great pond – AND – you get to listen to James Brown dropping science (though he was heralding the post-Nixonian arrival of Gerald Ford, hardly funky, even as Presidents go).
So, dig the tune, if you reside in one of the states where there’s still a primary coming get out there and vote Obama.
See you on Monday.


PSS Head over to Iron Leg for some UK Psyche.


17 Responses to “James Brown – Funky President”

  1. Raymurt Says:

    ’bout time we had a Soulful President, good call Larry.

  2. Paul Says:

    First Taye Diggs, then Hulk Hogan, now Funky 16 Corners! Hillary & McCain have no chance!

  3. fleamarketfunk Says:

    i was fired up and ready to go from day one with the man. we need a change, and help is on the way. Vote Obama.

  4. djack Says:

    Right there with you.

    Completely unrelated; our 16 year-old cat was diagnosed w/ diabetes 15 months ago. We were able to get her off the insulin in a year and she is now undiabetic. Don’t listen to the typical vet, who is happy to give you prescriptions and have you shoot up the cat indefinitely as long as nothing unusual happens and they get blamed. Much like most MDs.

    Check out this web site, (http://felinediabetes.com/) get the PZI insulin if you can, and test that blood glucose like crazy. Also, never give the cat dry food again, even the diabetic prescription stuff.

    Good luck and yes we can can !

  5. funky16corners Says:

    Our vet is actually pretty cool about getting the cat into remission and off the insulin. I have to bring her in for sugar testing tomorrow morning and see if the dose (already low) should be adjusted.
    I’ll check out that web site.

  6. djack Says:

    Don’t be afraid to do the blood testing yourself. You’ll save a lot of money and it’s really the only way to do it often enough to really stay on top of it. Kind of nerve-wracking at first, but the vet should be encouraging you to do it.

    Anyway, enough about cats already. Happy Friday everyone, get on the good foot.

  7. polk Says:

    as always larry, excellent posts and fine, fine music. just grabbed the guest mix @ right side of funky – looks tite.

    thx again brotha.

  8. Jaas Says:

    word up to the funky President.. this should be his official campaign song

  9. ajkellyonthebass Says:

    What we need is Soul Power from our Funky President. Got to have it. Are you out there CC?

  10. Vincent the Soul Chef Says:

    Leslie and I smell what Barack is cooking (bad play on words I know, but know that we definitely want change too)…

  11. J.D. Benavidez Says:

    Here’s to Obama not selling us out like all the other politicians! I’m behind the man, I’m just hoping he actually IS different (though, having a president who can play basketball is a step in the right direction).

    I went to a Michelle Obama rally-thing in New Mexico before “Super Tuesday” and she seemed real cool.

    Anyway, good blog!

  12. RBishop Says:

    Amen to the above (the political comments, that is, not the cat diabetes ones, got no cat, couldn’t comment!) and I hope you all get what you’re wishing for . . . but I can’t help remembering how over here (UK) in 1997 a lot of people thought the same kind of way about the up-and-coming general election of that year . . . and we got Blair.

    Thanks for the site, a great read and a great download site, one I keep coming back to. God bless.

  13. french funkyman Says:

    want to exchange funk music with a french man??

  14. tee cardaci Says:

    yeah! my sentiments exactly! i’m doing an Obama fundraiser tonight in San Francisco with the name, “Funky President” and i decided to google it and so else was making the connection. happy to see 16 corners in the mix, one of my favorite funky music blogs!
    here’s the flyer:

  15. tee cardaci Says:

    Funky President Flyer:

  16. funky16corners Says:

    Very cool!

  17. Adamoda Says:

    Oh boy, Barry would/will be the least funky president ever.
    For further proof watch him bowl.

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