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The Master

Listen – Jimmy McGriff – A Thing To Come By Pts 1&2 – MP3″

NOTE: I was just informed that I had the incorrect file linked above. I’ll try to fix it tonight.



Listen – Jimmy McGriff – Fat Cakes – MP3″

Greetings all.

I wasn’t planning a post tonight, but after spending an absolutely lovely Memorial Day hanging with my brother and his family, I came home, logged on and found out that one of the last remaining greats of the Hammond, Jimmy McGriff had passed away at the age of 72.
McGriff, a former police officer was one of the founding fathers of the Philly school of Hammond (a group which included Jimmy Smith, Groove Holmes, Shirley Scott, and later Charles Earland) who first hit it big in 1962 with his cover of Ray Charles’ ‘I Got a Woman’, and shortly after that with the blinding swing of ‘All About My Girl’.
McGriff – in a career that spanned more than 50 years – recorded for Sue, Solid State, Capitol, Blue Note, Groove Merchant and Milestone, recording his final album a few years ago.
McGriff, unlike some of his contemporaries, was able to play hard charging R&B, soul jazz and funk with equal facility, leaving behind classics in all of those styles.
The two tracks I’m posting this evening appeared over the last few years in a couple of Hammond-centric episodes of the Funky16Corners Radio podcast.
‘A Thing To Come By Pts 1&2’ appeared on the 1969 LP of the same name for Solid State.
‘Fat Cakes’ is ripped from a Capitol 45 and originally appeared on his 1971 ‘Soul Sugar’ LP.
They are both prime examples of McGriff’s funky mid-period work, and stand as a testament to why Hammond fiends like me hold him in such high esteem.
He was truly one of the greatest, and will be missed.

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13 Responses to “Jimmy McGriff 1936 – 2008”

  1. Dinesh Allirajah Says:

    No better tribute than to keep the music playing – thanks Larry.

    I saw Jimmy McGriff 20 years ago at the Hardman House in Liverpool, a weird hotel ballroom that spent a good few years as quite a leftfield gig and club venue. Needless to say, the heat from that stage was like bathing in desert sand. RIP.

  2. Brian Marshall Says:

    I believe McGriff also recorded for Jell, because I have two 45s by him on that label. One of them, “Chip!! Chip!!,” is a smoker.

    RIP Jimmy McGriff

  3. funky16corners Says:

    You are correct. ‘I Got a Woman’ was originally released on Jell and picked up for national distribution by Sue.

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  6. gabriel lv Says:

    anyone knows who’s on the drums in ·a thing to come by·?


    just uploaded some cisco kid tracks, one of which is an eric burdon & war’s cover by another hammond monster: reuben wilson. obviously, we stole it from funky16.


  7. funky16corners Says:

    The drummer was Jesse Kilpatrick.

  8. soulsizzle Says:

    Dirty shame. Jimmy was mean on the hammond. One of the first cats I go into when I first started diggin.

  9. JJ Money Says:

    God bless JM.

  10. alejandro Says:

    The Bird has always been a favorite of mine. we’ll miss ya Jimmy.

  11. Steven Kallay Says:

    Hi Mr. Funky Sixteen,

    I have to say:

    For the sake of accuracy though, check the MP3 for “A Thing To Come By Pts 1&2 – MP3″. (When I click the link, I hear the song “The Natural Thing” by Brother Jack McDuff.)

    In groove we trust . . .

    Mr. Guy Magic
    Hammond & keys

    P.S.: Can I e-mail you about something on the side? Send me quick one at the address I’ve provided, thanks again.

  12. funky16corners Says:

    Mr. Magic
    Thanks for the heads up. I uploaded an old file (which must have been tagged incorrectly) from an old mix. I’ll try to fix it tonight.

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