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Woody Guenther & Cheaters – Bang Dangin’ Time

June 8, 2008


Another dead end…

Listen – Woody Guenther & Cheaters – Bang Dangin’ Time – MP3″

Greetings all.

I hope everyone had themselves a nice weekend, during which, if you live in the Northeast you remained either comfortably ensconced in your air conditioning or found yourselves a nice spot at the beach.
I come to you this fine day with a record about which I have been able to discover precious little information.
Who was Woody Guenther, who were his “Cheaters” and what happened to them after they recorded ‘Bang Dangin’ Time’?
I picked this record up a while back while trolling Ebay for funk 45s. I’d never heard, or heard of this record, but the group name, the song title, the label and the low, low price conspired to remove a few dollars from my wallet, and so it was purchased.
Good thing too, because after my trusty letter carrier delivered it to my door and I had the opportunity to whip it on the turntable the grooved on the record (in concert with the stylus) released a tasty bit of early soul/funk.
After perusing the label, the only name that rang a bell was that of ‘James Shaw’, the real name of the artist otherwise known as the Mighty Hannibal.
“Well there” I thought. “This must be an Atlanta, GA band. I’ll just drop a line to my pal Brian Poust over at Georgia Soul to get some more info.
My friends, it was there that my clue turned out to be but another red herring, as Brian informed me that this was likely not Hannibal, but another James Shaw who happened to be a musician/songwriter/producer who worked out of New York City (more on Mr. Shaw at Red Kelly’s B-Side).
Other than that tenuous connection I have been able to unearth NOTHING on Woody Guenther.
You know how bad it is? I Google his name and two of the top three listings are things I posted on the interwebs (both DJ night set lists where I played the record).
That all said, it is a very cool record, especially the bright piano lines snaking in and out of the tune. On first listen I got a bit of a white soul band vibe, but it was only a hunch (there’s a certain Mitch Ryder-ish vibe, but it might just be the Animals style opening chords) with nothing solid to back it up. It seems that it was released in 1968, in between sides by my man Jerry-O and Erma Franklin.
If anyone has any additional info on the band I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.
I hope you dig the tune, and I’ll see you all soon.

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