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Greetings all.

I hope everyone has been digging the most recent installment of Funky16Corners Radio, and that you’re all ready for the weekend.
Today’s selection is yet another piece of funky fruit that I picked during a recent digging expedition. I was just about ready to wrap things up for the day (having met, and exceeded my quota – recordwise and financially – for the day), when I decided to hit one last table. I grabbed five or six records (almost all of which I returned to the box) but there was one in particular (today’s selection in fact, what a coinicidence!) that I decided had to make the trip home with me.
That record was ‘Fug’ by Cymande.
Normally, the only Cymande 45s I see in the field are ‘Bra’ and ‘The Message’ the two early-70s hits from their first LP. ‘Fug’, which appeared on the LP “Second Time Around” is less common.
I already dropped the facts (as I know them) on Cymande in a previous post, but allow me to reiterate why I dig them so much.
Cymande were the musical equivalent of Ralph Kramden’s ‘Chef of the Future’. Where a kitchen tool might slice, dice, julienne and grate, Cymande could funk, reggae, jazz and dub, all with equal facility.
‘Fug’ is one of the funkiest sides in their catalog, with a thick, syrupy bass line, rolling percussion, a bright horn chart and a wailing vocal. I can’t imagine slapping this one on the decks without someone in the crowd being compelled to dance.
It’s a groover.
See you on Monday.


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8 Responses to “Cymande – Fug”

  1. Jimbalaya Says:

    oh damn!

    Nice share, thank you

  2. King Megatrip Says:


  3. task Says:

    my gawd, this is funky!!

  4. cabello Says:


  5. Planet Mondo Says:

    Grooves along lovely – what a fine piece o funkyness

  6. djack Says:

    Supposedly, all the members were self-taught musicians.

    Hard to believe; so tight, diverse and effortless.

  7. rickdog Says:

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  8. soulbrotha Says:

    Damn, is it just me or does that look like Tupac standing in the front in that picture?

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