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Miss Sugar Pie DeSanto


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Greetings all.

The tune I bring you today is the very definition of ‘hard as fuck’.
I’ll start out by admitting that I slept on the recordings of Sugar Pie Desanto for a long time, knowing her name but not the sounds that she put on wax.
Desanto – born Umpeylia Balinton – is one of the great journeywoman R&B singers, with a career that has lasted more than half a century.
Though she was born in Brooklyn, she grew up in San Francisco and got her start as part of the Johnny Otis Show, eventually moving on to a stint with James Brown. She had her first chart hit in 1960 with ‘I Want To Know’. She recorded a string of dynamite soul sides (and a 1961 LP) for Checker between 1961 and 1966, including her burning collaboration with Etta James ‘In the Basement’.
The tune I bring you today was the a-side of her final 45 for Checker, and is another entry into the shit-hot records used for TV ads in the UK list*.
Desanto was a hard edged soul shouter, and ‘Go Go Power’ may be the best thing she ever did.
I’d been looking for a copy of this 45 for a while, and recently found it (along with a couple of other long time wantlist items) in a box of – how do they say – premium priced 45s at a record show. Fortunately for all concerned it was early in the day, and I had a pile of green burning a hole in my pocket, so I took it out and let it burn a hole in the record box, and Sugar Pie came home with Daddy.
‘Go Go Power’ sees Sugar Pie wailing over a heavy bass/drums/organ foundation, aided and abetted by a rock solid horn chart. It’s a dance floor burner guarantee to get the wallflowers up and moving.
Following her tenure with Checker, Desanto continued to record through the 70’s for San Francisco’s Jasman label. Since the early 90’s she has recorded a number of bluesy LPs and continues to perform today.
I hope you dig the tune.


*In this case, for Nivea. The list also includes Ernie K. Doe’s ‘Here Come the Girls’

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9 Responses to “Sugar Pie DeSanto – Go Go Power”

  1. j epstein Says:

    I don’t know which hurts better, the photo or the song. Damn.

  2. Neil Says:

    crackin’ toon – still can’t find one on vinyl!- how bad does it get when a red blooded chap isn’t looking at the totty on the Nivea advert, cos he’s too busy listening to Sugar Pie wailing!!!

    Hey Larry – we’re leaving good old blighty in early October for a holiday in New York – followed by a trip to friends in Michigan. What plans have you for sessions over the weekend of 4/5 October? Any steers on places to dig for vinyl whilst the good lady does the clothes shopping thing??

  3. funky16corners Says:

    The next Asbury 45 Sessions is scheduled for 10/3! It’d be great of you could make it. If you e-mail me funky16cornersATgmailDOTcom and let me know where you’ll be I can hip you to some record spots.

  4. rodger Says:

    thanks larry…but “good timing” is the one to find…& post…

  5. rodger Says:

    it’s on the flip….can you please upload it larry…i’m on my kness, begging..!!

  6. rodger Says:

    um, that should be knees…i’m on my knees, begging..

  7. funky16corners Says:

    Next time I do some digi-ma-tizing I’ll make sure to record it.

  8. paul Says:

    man i been looking for this for ages!!!!!!
    you rock!!!!!!!!

  9. "dab Says:

    hey man

    just found a copy this weekend sweet and mint
    and bloody expensive offcourse but
    bloody well worth it

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