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Jimmy Bo Horne


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Greetings all.

I hope you all had an excellent weekend.
I won’t like to you and tell you that I come to you well rested, but I did get a lot done, especially in the blog-o-mazation department. I put the next chapter in the Funky16Corners Radio saga to bed (coming next Monday), as well as digimatizing the raw material for the one following that, as well as various and sundry single tracks for the time in between.
With every passing day it seems more and more that the passage of time has turned me into, if not a workaholic, certainly a blog-o-holic. I made a comment to someone a few weeks ago along the lines of, if my 15 year old self could see my 46 year old self his head would explode. I get more done in a day now, than I was likely to accomplish in a week back then. Part of that has to do with a renewed sense of direction, especially in creative pursuits, which – along with a body that bears the marks of the physical equivalent of roughly two-million (rough) highway miles, and of course the presence of two small children – finds me unwilling to partake in the kind of “recreation” I used to love so much. That, and the fact that in the face of a seemingly permanently shortened sleep cycle, when the house gets quiet early (like tonight, it’s around 10PM as I write this), I fire up the laptop instead of taking to my bed for a few, precious hours of extra sleep.
That said, the track I bring you today first arrived in my ears on one of those rare nights where I’m out after midnight, i.e. one of the Asbury Park 45 Sessions. Aside from the opportunity to spin pretty much whatever I want, and to hang with some very cool people, the AP45 thang is – as I mentioned just last week – a trainspotters paradise. The folks I spin with – regular selectors and guests – are veritable 45 gunslingers. Not a Session goes by that I don’t walk away shaking my head in disbelief in my newly lengthened want list.
It was just such a night, sometime last year, when DJ Prime took to the wheels of steel, and in the midst of a typically shit-hot set dropped the needle on something that was at once familiar and utterly new to me. It took me a second to figure out why I thought I knew it, and when I did I had to get up on the riser to check out the label.
The tune he was spinning – and that I bring to you today – was ‘Let Me Be Your Lover’ by Jimmy Bo Horne. If the title isn’t familiar, pull down the ones and zeros and give the song a spin. It ought to be almost immediately apparent that ‘Let Me Be Your Lover’ was the sample source for the Stereo MCs ‘Connected’, a song that I was previously unaware had used a sample.
Horne was a Florida based artist who had been recording since the mid-60s for Henry Stone’s Alston label (where he recorded the “answer” to Betty Wright’s ‘Clean Up Woman’, entitled – not surprisingly – ‘Clean Up Man’ in 1972). He laid down ‘Let Me Be Your Lover’ in 1978 during the heart of the disco era. Fortunately for us, the tune was written and produced by Harry Casey and Richard Finch, two gentlemen who wrote and recorded some of the funkiest disco records with KC & the Sunshine Band (Casey being “KC”), as well as tunes for George McRae (‘Rock Your Baby’) and Betty Wright among others.
‘Let Me Be Your Lover’ is positively swimming in bass, with a punchy horn section trading off with Casey’s electric piano. There’s a very subtle layer of strings, but they hardly make a dent in the record which seems engineered to take full advantage of the woofers in any club’s sound system. There’s a great section about one minute and forty seconds into the tune where the horns drop out and the keyboards (sounds like both an electric piano and a clavinet) are used to accent the vocal. I’m not sure if there’s a 12” mix of this tune (there would just about have to be, wouldn’t there??), but I’m betting it’d be killer.
So, I hope you dig the tune (props to DJ Prime), and I’ll be back on Wednesday with some more soulful excellence.


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13 Responses to “Jimmy Bo Horne – Let Me Be Your Lover”

  1. Ed Says:


    Have you heard Jimmy Bo Horne’s, “I Can’t Speak”. A personal fav of mine and although low on funk it’s still a great track.

  2. Jasper Says:

    Hey, Larry, I don’t know about any 12′ remixes but this one is really cool: a mashup of this tune with Jimi hendrix’ Foxy Lady and some eric B and Rakim in the middle. Wonderfully mixed.
    (i downloaded this mix a while ago and I cannot stop listening to it..)

  3. Double K Says:

    I think the best part of the 45 is the cover. Where do I get a jacket like that?

  4. planet mondo Says:

    Belter alwayd loved this tune – but never seen the cover.

    Big fan of ‘Dance Across The Floor’ too

  5. funky16corners Says:

    Actually guys, that’s the cover for the ‘Spank’ 45. It was the best picture of JBH that I could find.

  6. Jason Says:

    I agree with Double K, I love that picture.

  7. prime-mundo Says:

    great tune! I always like the stereo mc’s track when it came out back in the day. Wouldn’t you know it the best part I liked about it, I can thank Mr. Horne for. Keep up the good work!!!

  8. Clint Says:

    There is no 12 inch, but the album version (from the ‘Dance Across The Floor’ LP) is 1 minute longer and contains more horns, and spends more time building the groove.

  9. funky16corners Says:

    Thanks Clint! I’ll have to look for that.

  10. Kool-S Says:

    Great record – nicely recorded as usual – that bass is bangin’ my speakers as I write! Cheers

  11. kayokid Says:

    Great tune, always in heavy rotation on my iPod. Do you know about the 1998 compilation of Jimmy’s hits called “Gimme Some: The Best of the TK Years, 1975-85”? I love your blog! I wish music could be like this again.

  12. har van de bekker Says:

    Does anybody know who plays the bass on ‘Let me be your lover’?

  13. petiguru Says:

    Johnny “Guitar” Watson plays the bass! Cheers!

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