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Greetings all.
I come to you midweek with another one of those records that is very solid, very funky, and very, very mysterious.
I had never heard of John Paul, or ‘I’m a Bad Son of a Gun’ before someone mentioned it over at Soulstrut some months ago in a thread (if memory serves) about unknown/underrated records. Naturally my interest was piqued, so I strapped myself into the Google and found myself a very cheap copy in short order.
I’d never heard the song, but since the folks over at the Strut tend to have exceptional taste – and the deepest crates – I took a chance, rolled the dice and chucked a fiver at the interwebs.
Good thing too, because when the record arrived at the Funky16Corners compound, was released from its cardboard prison and placed under the stylus, its charms were immediately revealed.
‘I’m a Bad Son of a Gun’ opens up with some dirty chanky (dare I say Hendrix-esque) guitar, and then drops into a very tasty drum break. John Paul comes in with a soulful vocal, dropping references to the ‘Popcorn’ (which suggests to me that the record is of a 1969/1970 vintage).
That’s pretty much where the information train jumps the rails and drops off into oblivion. I can’t find any trace of John Paul (and I wonder if that’s his real/full name) recording anything else (he definitely didn’t record anything else for Philips). The record was produced by legendary Virginia (on to Chitown) musician and producer Gene ‘Daddy G’ Barge, but none of the other names on the label produce much info. ‘I’m a Bad Son of a Gun’ is just another excellent, relatively unknown 45. It’s a cool song, and with a break like that you’d think every wet behind the ears crate digger would be wrestling with their competition to get their hands on a copy.
As it is, I didn’t have to wrestle with anyone (except myself, to remove my wallet from my trousers).
I hope you dig the record, and if you have any additional info, please let me know.

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6 Responses to “John Paul – I’m a Bad Son of a Gun”

  1. Todd Lucas Says:

    Once again, a virtually unknown record on a major label. Amazing how these things seem to pop up all the time. That’s one of the biggest charms of collecting 45’s. There’s literally no end to the amount of great records just waiting for you to discover them.

  2. devil dick Says:

    You know i dig this one. Played it at the 2nd to last 45 sessions.
    Choice cut indeed!

  3. funky16corners Says:

    I know. Remember I had it with me and had to ‘re-box’ it?

  4. W Says:

    Philips 40637 – I’m A Bad Son Of A Gun / Dodn’t We – 1969, according to Great record, thanks!

  5. devil dick Says:

    I know. Remember I had it with me and had to ‘re-box’ it?

    yeah, i think we may have to have a pre-45 gathering to insure no more re-boxing!?!??!?!??

    i’m just gonna play old school hip hop & rap from now on anyway…

  6. bandit Says:


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