Oh Hell YES WE DID!!!


You Can Call Him Mister President!!!

Listen – We Got a Brand New Funky President!!!! – – MP3″

NBC Calls it for Obama!!!!!


I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes, reeling with a mixture of delight and disbelief.

It’s a new day.

I’ll post the anniversary mix in the morning.

I need to SAVOR this!


Head on over to the Devil’s Music for the full version of the Chambers Brothers classic that says it all.

21 Responses to “Oh Hell YES WE DID!!!”

  1. Todd Lucas Says:

    Wow, you didn’t waste any time getting this up. Probably could have done it though the minute they called Ohio for Obama. After that, it was a mere formality.

  2. funky16corners Says:

    I’ve been sitting here all night waiting to push the button!!

  3. devil dick Says:

    OH HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. majorpepper Says:

    amazing!! hope you’re dippin into the good stuff!

  5. Falling Sky Says:

    Waking Up To An American Dream…

    By 4am I couldn’t sleep. I’d already been up twice during the night to check the results on BBC News, and at 3:30am I was lying in bed willing myself to sleep but at the same time imagining the results……

  6. Simon666 Says:

    fantastic news, i need a drink!

  7. Dinesh Allirajah Says:

    Falling Sky, I was sort of the other way round. I’d tried to stay up at least until Ohio was called, must have drifted off before then, but when I woke up McCain was conceding and that was me wide awake until 5.30. Got up an hour ago, turned on my iPod, first song on the shuffle was Mavis Staples’ I’m On My Way – who said this stuff was random?

    Larry, as I’m sure you know, there are millions of us elsewhere in the world with an odd bipolar relationship with the US – we find infinite and intimate connections with the art and culture but have so often been alienated from the nation’s governing principles. It’s amazing to think there’s now a chance that these polarities might be brought together like never before, and I can think of no better expression of this than to learn in a couple of months’ time that they’ve booked a Funky 16 Corners set to handle the DJing duties at the inauguration. Mr President Elect, I’m sure you’re reading this – don’t just grab your download and surf off – get Larry on the bus!

  8. Vincent the Soul Chef Says:

    hehehe… thank GOD that it’s all over; now we can all breathe a sigh of relief… what’s better is Leslie and I don’t have to leave the country, because if McSame had won, we were outta here!

    Happy anniversary F16C! I’ll be back for the big show later.

    Peace and blessings.

  9. Boom Star Pee Says:

    Dinesh Allirajah, your words are so true. We need Larry with a huge stack of 45’s and his two decks on that stage in DC come January! Today Asbury Lanes, tomorrow Capitol Hill (and the afterparty on the White House lawn). Congratulations, Larry, congratulations, Barack Obama, congratulations, America.

  10. Funky President at bluesinthenorthwest.com Says:

    […] This tune was posted on the Funky16Corners site. […]

  11. Ken Says:

    I’m exhausted, but exhilarated this morning. What a historic moment in this country’s history. I wish I could have been in Grant Park last night. Maybe it’s time for some Chicago music today.

  12. Guy Magic Says:

    Hey Larry,

    I think that I may have that “odd bipolar relationship with the US” as suggested by Dinesh Allirajah above.

    At any rate, when I snapped on CNN at 6:00 am Central European Time (12:00 midnight EST) to see how it went, I said something out loud (standing there in my underwear to nobody) that I realize that I haven’t said in long time. I said: “Damn, it’s good to be an American!”


  13. Ray Says:

    We had tears watching Chicago last night.
    Go Barack!

  14. Valter Says:

    Even though I am a non-American, Obama’s acceptance speech moved me to tears.

    Now the world can turn a page on the terrible Bush era and find inspiration in a beautiful new president.

  15. david barsanti Says:

    yes we can!

  16. GG Says:

    Yes you did! : D

    Damn if today isn’t a good day! Glad to see a good chunk of people stayed up for the count. Have to say i couldn’t afford to last past half 2. Jury service all this week would you believe. Although as someone mentioned earlier, once Al Jazz said he won Ohio and THEN New Mexico and then McCain was struggling to retain his homestate Arizona, I calmly wiped the perspiration from my brow and laughed my way to a pleasant zzzzlumber.

  17. Groovin' Dan Says:

    Yeah, baby! We’re rolling on…

  18. Davide Says:

    Larry, i’m writing from Italy, and i can assure you that many, many of us here have spent last night crying in front of our tv’s , and i’m especially moved today! Thank God he’s done it!! Peace, davide

  19. W Says:

    What a day! And a great mix to fill our belly’s after all the campaigning. Thanks.

  20. baldomero Says:

    Bravo l’amérique ! 🙂



  21. Deacon Soul Says:

    Mister President shut down guantanamo bay, talk about Change. I really do pray for the man and his fam, for real.

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