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Greetings all.
I hope all is well on your end and you found the weekend to be both restorative and fun-filled (not always the same thing, y’know).
I figured I get the week started with something lively, raw and soulful.
The tune I bring you today is one of the last 45s recorded by Mr. Henry Lumpkin.
Lumpkin was one of the early lights of Motown, recording two 45s for the label in 1962. One of those 45s happened to be the original version of the R&B/soul standard ‘Mojo Hannah’ later covered by Larry Williams, Betty Harris and Tammi Lynn among others.
Lumpkin’s time at Motown was over almost as soon as it got started, but it was there that he made an important connection, that being songwriter and producer Robert Bateman.
Five years after his stint with Motown he hooked up again with Bateman, and the man who was by then Bateman’s partner – and a big favorite here at Castle Funky16Corners – Mr. Lou “Hot Butter’n’All” Courtney.
It was with Bateman and Courtney (as co-composers and producers) that Lumpkin made what is perhaps the greatest record of his career, 1967s ‘Soul Is Takin’ Over’.
If you’ve been sitting around, wasting away, wondering when your next dose of soul clapping was going to arrive, I’m here to let you know that Dr. Soul is about to fall by with your prescription.
‘Soul is Takin’ Over’ is a dance-floor pounder from the git go, with the aforementioned soul clapping, throbbing bass, guitar, piano and drums, all dragged around the studio by Lumpkin’s razor sharp delivery of the anthemic chorus. If ever a soul 45 was seeming engineered specifically for use as a drunken sing/dance-along, ‘Soul Is Takin’ Over’ is it.
Unfortunately, no matter how good the record is – and it is, good that is – it’s yet another example of a fantastic 45 that got lost in the shuffle, ultimately doing nothing to advance its singer’s career.
Lumpkin would make one more 45 for Buddah, and the promptly fell off the face of the earth.
No matter.
Make sure you pull down the ones and zeros, and the next time you have the gang over for a rug-cutting session, get’em lit and throw this one on, open the windows and piss off your neighbors.
I hope you dig it.


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6 Responses to “Henry Lumpkin – Soul Is Takin’ Over”

  1. Ray Says:

    Good one Larry, thanks

  2. Keith Says:

    Cool stuff. Thanks for posting it. Have a great week.

  3. maxwell Says:

    Hot tune! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Derek See Says:

    This is a great one that’s not known by many. I lucked into a copy a few years back in a collection I purchased and it sat at the bottom of the stack for a LONG time. When I finally got to listen, I was COMPLETELY bowled over! The intro is so amazing and, yes, this record cooks from start to finish.

  5. Anthony Hawkins Says:

    Man! Henry Lumpkin……I could’nt remember who made mojo hannah at first, but when I heard that name, everything came rushing back in total recall. I’m from detroit and my head was at the radio day and night. Henry Lumpkin was one of those artists that bring back some of my best memories with songs like “WHAT’S A MAN” and “MO JO HANNAH” I was inspired to become a musician because of people like him and all of Motown’s artists. I played on many songs coming out of the city – most from GOLDEN WORLD RECORDS. I was on the road with Edwin Starr for years, and Henry Lumpkin music was always part of our conversations. Thinks for bringing back such good memories. AH

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    […] Bateman) to write for Mary Wells, Lorraine Ellison, Gloria Gaynor, Dee Dee Warwick, the Webs** and Henry Lumpkin. Though he clearly spent a lot of time working for other artists, he was (at least in my opinion) […]

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