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Greetings all.

Today’s selection is something of a Funky16Corners/Iron Leg collabo-thingy, in that part of today’s IL post is an earlier, stylistically different 45 by Woody Carr (as well as another 45 tangentially related to that one). You should head on over there and check it out when you get a sec.
That out of the way, the tune I bring you today – in this space – is a very groovy, very moody and somewhat funky side from 1968, entitled ‘Peace Dance’.
Woody Carr is a longtime Pacific Northwest singer, who recorded with his band the Entertainers and as a solo in the mid-to-late 60s for the Jerden and Picadilly labels. Though the 45 with the Entertainers is pretty conventional 1966 rock/pop, ‘Peace Dance’ (from 1968) is something else entirely.
First off, how some enterprising soul hasn’t gotten their hands on this 45, and chopped and looped it into something with the hip to the hop to the wikki wikki, I do not know. All I know is that the drum and bass breakdown in this tune is shweeet (not to mention the ill horn stabs) , and then Woody comes in with the soulful vocals, and THEN, about halfway through the song he takes a minute to drop a little topical 1968-osity into the mix – with the Abraham Lincoln “sample” and all of a sudden the whole deal gets a little far out.
And I dig it.
The cool thing, is that this is record that the crate diggeur-ati would refer to as “slept on”, which means not a whole lot of people know about it, and as a happy result it should be gettable at a reasonable price (which of course you ought to do post haste, so that it might be whipped on the crowd at your next potato chip and ripple party).

Stay well and I’ll be back on Monday.




PSS Don’t forget to head over to Iron Leg for some more Woody Carr as well as a very, VERY tasty bit of garage folk

PSSS Check out Paperback Rider as well.

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    Woody I forget about the record it was fun to hear it again, how are you?

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