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The Precisions


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Greetings all.

I come to you in mid week with a very tasty, very gritty and altogether typical slice of mid-60s Detroit soul.
Those that know me will tell you that I have big ears, literally as well as figuratively. I’m open to all kinds of sounds and I am always listening, whether to movie soundtracks, the radio, TV, the interwebs and most especially when I go to hear a DJ with deep and flavorful crates.
The tune I bring you today flew past my ears and into my fevered brain one night when I was out scounting the web looking for audio samples from which to extract drops for one of the Funky16Corners Radio mixes. I was bouncing around YouTube, and I happened to plug in the term ‘northern soul’. After picking my way through countless videos of rare 45s spinning on turntables, I found a short piece about Northern Soul.
It was during this piece that I heard a very cool song, and if memory serves, all the data I was able to extract was the repeated phrase “Soon be gone”.
I whipped out a little Google-Fu, plugged in that phrase and ‘Northern Soul’ into the old search engine and before long I deduced that what I had heard was ‘You’ll Soon Be Gone’ by the Precisions.
I started searching immediately, and before long I had secured a copy, which I promptly digi-ma-tized, and then spun at the July Asbury Park 45 Sessions.
Why has it taken so long to be featured here? I can’t honestly say. It’s probably a mixture of I’m waiting for the right vibe b/w I keep finding new stuff all the time and sometimes the ‘pick a song for the blog’ part of my brain resembles the big barrel of pingpong balls that they use to pick bingo numbers.
Either way, once you pull down the ones and zeros you’ll agree that it was worth the wait.
The Precisions were a Detoit group that recorded for D-Town, Drew and Atco in the mid-to-late 60s. Their Drew 45s are the very definition of unfuckwithable, including the impossibly rare ‘Sugar Ain’t Sweet’, ‘Such Misery’, and the flip side of this very record ‘If This is Love’.
This is heavy, high quality Detroit magic, the sweet mixed with the heavy, the smooth with the raw and all built on a very solid Funk Brothers style musical foundation (it is after all produced, arranged and co-written by Mike Terry).
‘You’ll Soon Be Gone’ has a much darker sound than much of their other sides, with a vibe not too far removed from some of the later Revilot sides by the Parliaments. I especially dig the slightly fuzzed out guitar that bridges the end of the chorus and the beginning of the verses.
It’s a very heavy record, and I hope you all dig it.



In related news, this Thursday at 9:00PM I’ll be trying something new, with an on-line show at Viva Internet Radio. It’ll be a weekly thing, with new episodes every Thursday, and lots of the kind of stuff you’re familiar with the ye olde blogge, except with the added “benefit” of spoken commentary from yours truly. The shows will be archived after each premiere, so if you aren’t around when it drops, you can fall by the Viva site and give it a listen (I really dig their player/interface too).
I hope you get a chance to check it out.

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  1. j epstein Says:

    big ups for the Big L on this one! Love the intro lick too.

  2. Paul M Says:

    Great track Larry…a prescient posting as Mike Terry has just passed away…see

    Keep exploring Northern Soul….great to see more people getting into both thefunkier and Northern sides of soul…often separate worlds for afficionados….not to mention the connections to Garage

  3. The Precisions – You’ll Soon Be Gone / If This Is Love (Drew) | HiCal45s Says:

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