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Billy Davis – Stanky (Get Funky)

November 30, 2008


Billy Davis


Listen – Billy Davis – Stanky (Get Funky)- MP3″

Greetings all.

I hope all is well on your end, and that you had time last week to enjoy your Thanksgiving (assuming you celebrate said holiday), and to dig into the latest Funky16Corners Radio mix. If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out the Funky16Corners Radio Show over at Viva Radio, please do so. The last two weeks shows are archived for your listening pleasure, and there will be a new show this Thursday at 9PM.
In related news, I’m working on a guest mix for the cats over at Hook and Sling, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that one (it’s a KILLER!).
Here on my end, things are still chaotic, but we have achieved a token level of stability, so onward and upward as they say.
The tune I bring you today is something I unearthed many years ago in one of my favorite Philly area record holes, a place so stanky (how apropos…) with cee-gar smoke that all 45s had to be bathed and resleeved once they arrived back at the crib.
Billy Davis’ ‘Stanky (Get Funky)’ is one of those records that has instant ‘label appeal’ – what self respecting crate digger would pass up a title like that?? – and as soon as you pull down the ones and zeros, I think you’ll agree that it has audio staying power as well.
Oddly enough, as I mentioned before, I’ve had this 45 for years, and have hardly ever crossed paths with anyone else that knew it. So, I sit down to do a little research on this one and discover quickly that at some point it gained a certain level of popularity in the soul clubs of the UK, where my two-dollar record now seems to be changing hands for well North of the one-hundred-clam mark.
This of course warms the cockles of my heart. Even though I have no intention of selling it, I still dig it when I see a record I picked up for a mere bag of shells rocketing in price. It’s the kind of statistic I can refer to whenever my lovely wife starts to wonder why I’m buying all this wax…
Anyway…’Stanky (Get Funky)’ is a slamming but of funky soul, with a bluesy edge. I’ve never been able to track down any solid information on Billy Davis, other than I’m pretty sure he’s not the Billy Davis who was a groundbreaking A&R man at Chess records in the 60s. Though I can’t be sure (I tried to check) I think that the man who laid down this little bit of soulful dynamite is in fact the man at the other end of this link. If I find out for sure, I’ll let you know.
The record itself is one of those sure-fire floor fillers (probably why the UK soulies love it so) with a rock solid bass/drums combo that sounds absolutely beautiful pouring out of a big, loud sound system. The sentimental tale of the love of a man for his gee-tar, the tune was cowritten by Davis and Burnetta ‘Bunny’ Jones. Jones, show got her start as a NY area hairdressing entrepreneur, went on to be a pioneer in the recording industry, eventually becoming the first woman to own and operate a 24 track recording studio. She was also a songwriter, with the gay anthem ‘I Was Born This Way’ among her many credits.
If anyone has any details on Billy Davis, or the Davis/Jones connection, please drop me a line.
Until then, get up outcha seat and groove to this one.


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