Scatman Crothers – Golly Zonk! (It’s Scatman)


Golly Zonk! (It’s Scatman)


Listen – Scatman Crothers – Golly Zonk! (It’s Scatman)- MP3″

Greetings all.

I wasn’t originally planning on posting something to end the week, but I was suddenly overcome with the need to offer up something thunderous and slightly ragged in an attempt to offset the black cloud that’s been following me around.
The little atom bomb I’m about to whip on you comes from an unlikely source (the garbage man from ‘Chico & the Man’, caretaker from ‘The Shining’ and last but not least the voice of Hong Kong Phooey), Mr. Scatman Crothers.
Back in 1966 the Scatman (originally a musical performer, thus the ‘Scatman’ nickname) whipped out a 45 for the legendary and legendarily diverse HBR label (also home to the Unrelated Segments, Guilloteens, and for a brief time the 13th Floor Elevators), and despite what you might have thought, it is a boneshaking, hip-swivelling, proto-headbanging slice of hardcore R&B cum soul that seems as if it were recorded during a crank/Viagra bender. I may be going out on a limbe here, but I’d be willing to say that ‘Golly Zonk! (It’s Scatman)’ reaches levels of intensity not unlike tunes like ‘Shimmy’ by Toussaint McCall. I’d love to know who it is wailing away on the organ.

If you don’t believe me, pull down the ones and zeros and prepare for cerebral demolition. This is the kind of record you put on at the exact moment you realize that your party has gotten out of hand, and that you couldn’t actually give a shit.
Solid stuff.

I’ll see you all on Monday with some Christmas action.



PS I’m pretty sure that ‘Golly Zonk!’ was the B-side here, as the flip was a tune Scatman did for a 1966 animated musical version of ‘Alice In Wonderland’, in which the Cheshire Cat was played by Sammy Davis Jr. (and NO, I’m not making that up)

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7 Responses to “Scatman Crothers – Golly Zonk! (It’s Scatman)”

  1. planet mondo Says:

    Larry you truly are ‘King Of The Crate Diggers’ , ‘The High Priest Of Plundering’, ‘The Indiana Jones of jive’

    Interstellar work – keep those winners coming in 2008 my funky friend

  2. Franklin Mint Says:

    For more Scatman check here…

  3. Nick Rossi Says:

    Now that is COOL! Thanks Larry.

  4. whiteray Says:

    And you’re not going to give us the tune from “Alice”? (Grin!)

  5. niallo Says:

    another great mix Larry-Thank you so,so much-christmas is sorted partywise here in Waterford-so happy holidays to you and yours-all our love from Ireland

  6. thedinolounge Says:

    So cool! Thanks for sharing that with us.

  7. Peter Piper Says:

    Dear Larry!
    I love that A(lice)-side, Scatman is doing the Monkey and the Jerk in the middle!!!
    Thanks for all your great posts!

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