Funky16Corners Is Sick!

Greetings all.

It pains me (literally and figuratively) that I am dictating this post from a hospital bed, one kidney ailing, the other having handed in its resignation. 

I’ll probably be out of here before Christmas, but I doubt I will be posting anything new this week on any blog. 

Enjoy your holidays, spend some time mining the archives, and with any luck, I will see you all next week.


PS: Ray – thanks for the card!


71 Responses to “Funky16Corners Is Sick!”

  1. Ron1 Says:

    your a trooper just for posting.
    get better and happy holidays.

    and appreciate the tunes…

  2. j epstein Says:


    hang in there, single-kidney-guy! We’re pulling for you!


  3. Dave in Guelph Says:

    Get well soon Larry!

    And thanks for sharing all that fine music with us this year.

    God Bless!


  4. Pop Says:

    Hospital posting: heroic indeed, and as techie as it gets. Talk about keeping in touch!

    Like the people say, get well, then get weller yet!

    Love from one loyal fan.

    ‘The Old Guy’

  5. Chuck Says:

    Sorry to hear the news.
    Get well soon.
    The world needs you back digging up gems to share!

    Chuck T
    Cosmic Slop podcast

  6. Javejavor Says:

    get well soon! thanks for all the music!

  7. Javibi Says:

    get well larry!!! we need you!!
    greetings and all my best wishes for you in 2009

    JavibiGuitar (funk band) (reggae band)

  8. Harry Says:

    Get well soon!

  9. Vincent the Soul Chef Says:

    Leslie and I send our love and get well wishes…

    Peace and blessings.

  10. chima Says:

    get well soon!

  11. Mr Double Down Says:

    Get well soon Larry!

    Mr DD

  12. Paul van Buuren Says:

    Get well, Larry! It must be hard to be hospitalized these days. Thank you for your love of music.
    All the best!

  13. grandpuba Says:

    Get well soon!
    Thanks for all the amazing posts that year.
    Peace out!

  14. Victor Says:

    Hang in there big guy
    Hope you are back with the family for Christmas


  15. alegion Says:

    WTF? Get better soon guy!

  16. jb Says:

    Blogging from the hospital . . . +1 to you, sir.

    Feel better soon, and best holiday wishes.

  17. The Stepfather of Soul! Says:

    I join one of the other commenters in applauding your attention to the blog to post from the hospital. Now, get off of that computer and get well soon! And Merry Christmas, to the extent you can do so!

  18. Mike Says:

    Sorry to hear your in the hospital. Get well soon!

  19. Andres Says:

    Hope you get well soon. Love the funk and soul my brother. You are a true funk soldier for blogging from the hospital. Also, remember Mr. Soul Brother Number 1 said “Santa Claus will come straight to the ghetto” and grant your funky wish this Christmas.

    Peace Love and Soul…

  20. Matt L Says:

    Take some time to rest. We’ll be here when you get back.

  21. Joenomics Says:

    Hang in there, dude!

  22. Guy Magic Says:

    Larry, please take care of yourself!

    Happy Holidays and the best to you.


  23. bama Says:

    get well soon! we’ll all be thinking of you.

  24. Todd Lucas Says:

    Take care of yourself and get better.

  25. Douglas Says:

    Please feel better soon! You don’t owe us anything; we’re just grateful for whatever you post here. Take care of yourself, and don’t push yourself to post until you’re up for it.

  26. Jeff Says:

    Oh, wow. What a crappy time to go through this. Good luck, and get well soon.

  27. T. Way Says:

    Get well soon – Love the blog.

  28. tojarrett Says:

    Get well soon! It will be a less funky Christmas without you.

  29. ebp Says:

    Heal up quick, you hear? all the best for a speedy recovery.

  30. Tony C Says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Larry,

  31. alejandro Says:

    Forget about the blog for a bit and have much needed rest. We can all wait ! We can all be busy going back to the archives for years to come. I wish you a speedy recovery and will keep you in our prayers this christmas.

  32. Max Frost Says:

    Take care of yourself, Larry. Get out of there soon, and relax and enjoy some family time. Give the blog a rest for awhile–we’ll still be here when you’re ready. God Bless.

  33. freeformradio Says:

    Wishing you the best. Get well soon.

  34. Bodega John Says:

    Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery Larry. Please know how many peoples lives you make better and a difference in by your commitment and devotion to the music we all love. Hope you’re back “on the good foot” soon.


  35. Tony Says:

    Get well and stay well. We’ll be here waiting for when you get back.
    Happy Holidays

  36. Nick Rossi Says:

    My god Larry. Get well soon. I hope you have a quick recovery. It might sound trite but Merry Christmas.

  37. dirtymartini Says:

    take lots of time to relax and get well xxx

  38. Eugene Evon Says:

    Get better quick Larry! I hear that sporting a pool-shaped kidney is one of the funkiest fashion-forward ideas for 2009 . . .

  39. b Says:

    Get well soon to keep it all funky!

  40. Brian Farrelly Says:

    I hope you get well soon man. You’ve made all of our lives a little funkier over the years, so best wishes to you and all of yours.

  41. Lloyd Says:

    Get well soon!

  42. Kang Says:

    Larry, take it easy and get well soon.

  43. Mike Zrobok Says:

    You and I have never met and yet when I read that you have fallen ill I am filled with an overwhelming sense of concern. You have single handedly introduced me to more good musicians than any radio station, top 40 presenter, music magazine, blog, venue or friend ever has and for that I am eternally grateful. Music (particularly soul, funk, afrobeat & reggae) is the perpetual soundtrack to my life and that means that each day you have contributed to my life being that much better. As a stranger who owes you a debt that is beyond value I am letting you know that I will say a prayer for your speedy recovery through this ordeal and hope you are back on your feet in no time. And in the wise words of some previous posters enough work get some rest we’ll all be here when you get back. All the best stranger.

  44. Ray Says:

    I thought it was odd when you missed your regular weekend post, which you deliver like clockwork..
    maybe your cold had caught up with you again, or you got caught up in the holidays..
    I still can’t figure out how you do it all
    Get well, we’ll be here to hear your story when you return
    Merry Christmas to you and your family Larry!

  45. Dinesh Allirajah Says:

    Larry, I don’t know how restful your condition is allowed to be, but whatever rest and recuperation you can get now is truly well-earned. Within your family a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.

  46. Dinesh Allirajah Says:

    And that’s Wishing, not Within, but the tune’s still the same!

  47. links for 2008-12-23 (Jarrett House North) Says:

    […] Funky16Corners Is Sick! (Funky16Corners) Larry, the funkmaster at Funky16Corners and Iron Leg, is sick with unspecified kidney problems. (tags: sad) […]

  48. ana_b Says:

    i second what Mike Zrobok wrote above…

    rest, come back to this when you’re feeling better…

    *kiss* [to help with the feeling better]…


  49. Ruth Says:

    My sister had kidney issues for years, and finally gave up on one of hers, too. It hurts so much when they don’t work right! I’m so sorry you’re dealing with that. In exchange for thinking so well about your readers and writing to us from the hospital, I hope you will accept all of our good healing vibes for a speedy recovery.

  50. Jon Says:

    Get well and have a happy holidays! We’ll survive (for a little while) without you…get some well needed rest!

  51. thierry Says:

    hello Larry,

    I hope you ‘re doing well very soon! thankx for the music , the infos you give us with passion.



  52. clismo Says:

    I hope you get well soon, Larry!

  53. jackOAT Says:

    Having spread all this joy around for another 12 months & for this to happen to you. Wishing you & your family all the best at this difficult time & hey, get well soon…….& that’s an order!

  54. W Says:

    Get well soon. Happy holidays and best wishes for ’09. W.

  55. GG Says:

    Get well soon man! Thanks makin a great year that much more enjoyable with all the choonage!

  56. Jasper Says:

    Hang on in there, Larry! Get well soon. Have yourself, despite it all, a merry little Xmas.
    Seasons greetings from Groningen, Netherlands.

  57. Keith Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that. Get well soon. Take care. Merry Christmas!

  58. devil dick Says:

    sending u the best brother!

  59. Brux Says:

    Looking forward to you to “Get on The Good Foot ” again brother Larry.


  60. Jeff Says:

    Have only recently discovered your wonderful blog. Please do get better, hate it when a friend is hospitalized. Hang in there.

  61. fiveoclockrock Says:

    Best wishes for a quick recovery and pain-free holidays. From just one of many loyal fans of your funk stewardship.

  62. Jimbo Says:

    Get well Larry,
    Hope you soon “Get up off of o’ that thang and dance till you feel better!”
    Merry Christmas!

  63. themusicologist Says:


    here’s hoping and wishing for a full recovery.


  64. JC Giusti Says:

    My best regards. I have learnes so much valuable information here thanks to you. Get well, and greetings from Puerto Rico bro…

  65. Steve Says:


    Hope you’re out of the nasty hospital & feeling better very soon! So sorry that you have to experience something like this.

    Best wishes for…well, everything! Thanks again for another year of your fantastic blog & the great music on it.


  66. andujar Says:

    hope you make it out of the hospital soon!!!
    thanks for yr amazing funky blog. keep it rolling!


  67. deepgreens Says:

    Get well soon!

    Thanks for the many funky jams!

  68. nekid1 Says:

    Take care and get well.

  69. Dave Says:

    Get Well Soon!!!!!…and I hope the New Year treats you well.

  70. Says:

    Man, I hope things are going well and you are starting to feel better.

    stay up

  71. TG Chicago Says:

    I just read about your troubles. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling bad, but I’m glad that at least you’re out of the hospital. Stay well!

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