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Listen – Otis Redding – White Christmas – MP3″

Listen – Otis Redding – Merry Christmas Baby – MP3″

Greetings all.

Like the hero of some lame TV movie, I have been sprung from my hospital bed just in time for Christmas.
This’ll be quick, since I’m pretty tired, but the deal is this….
I was feeling sick for a couple of weeks after passing a positively titanic kidney stone (the latest in a long line of the same spread out over the last ten years or so). By late Saturday night, things came to a head and a I figured that as soon as Sunday morning arrived, I’d make a trip to the local Emergency Room.
Good thing I did, because after a few tests it was apparent that my kidneys were not functioning correctly, and after a CT scan it was revealed that one of my kidneys was not functioning at all and probably hadn’t been for quite some time (I believe the experts refer to it as acute renal failure).
The doctor said that if I’d waited a little bit longer I would have ended up on dialysis. As is, I spent four days in the hospital, getting probed, tested and drained, and as a result my one “good” kidney appears to be up and running again (though I will have to go back in to have another rather large stone removed in a few weeks).
Like I said before, I’ve been dealing with kidney stones for a long time, and had come to the point where I kind of figured it was my lot to suffer through them as they appeared, and move on with my life.
If you are unfortunate enough to experience kidney stones, get thee to a urologist post haste and find out why (they are occurring). If I’d done that, I might still have two kidneys to work with, instead of one, which I will now have to handle with kid gloves for the rest of my life.
No matter though, because although I’m tired, I’m not really in any pain and nothing is more satisfying than being home to spend Christmas Eve with my wife and sons, and Christmas with the rest of my family.
That said…I only return to you this evening because I had already digi-ma-tized and uploaded these selections specifically for Christmas, and they ought not go to waste.
I’d like to thank everyone that stopped by in the previous thread to send your good wishes. It really warmed my heart (which as far as I can tell is still healthy) to see those sentiments (read via my cell phone*) while I was trapped in a hospital bed, watching stupid reality TV and eating lame hospital grub.
The tunes I bring you today are of course by the man that I consider to be the greatest soul singer of all time, Otis Redding. These two amazing performances – one melancholy, one upbeat – both happed to have appeared on opposite sides of one very good 45.
I hope you dig the tunes, and (though I’ll be running from doctor to doctor next week) I’ll probably be posting something for New Years.

Peace, Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!


*I didn’t actually make that last post from the hospital. I dictated it to my lovely wife and walked her through posting it over the phone.
PS I’m not sure if the Christmas show I did for Viva Internet Radio is going to be on tomorrow night. It wasn’t completed when I went into the hospital, and I may have missed the deadline…

21 Responses to “Home For Christmas…”

  1. B Says:

    Welcome back home, Larry! Good to hear it. Thanks for the Otis tunes.
    Take good care!

  2. fiveoclockrock Says:

    Welcome home! Speedy recovery!

  3. jb Says:

    The thought of you typing away on a laptop while hospitalized to get up your last post made me think you deserve to be named King of the Bloggers. Now that you’ve admitted dictating it to your wife and having her put it up, I think you should probably be promoted to God of the Bloggers. That’s some devotion to the cause.

    Thanks for the Otis, and best to all . . .

  4. Dan E Says:

    So glad to hear you made it out of the hospital in one piece, and in time to celebrate Christmas at home witchyer family. Reminds me of when my appendix went bad two years ago, coincidentally while I was down in nearby Ocean Grove, NJ – and as with you, it was a REALLY GOOD THING I finally gave up on trying to endure my “stomach ache” and actually went to see a doctor.

    Thanks again for all the great music and good reads; but really, man, get some rest 😉

    Peace, Love & Soul in ’09,

  5. joe Says:

    Hey – get well soon. I’m sure we could power a large industrial complex with your enthusiasm for this blog. If only we could bottle this energy! – joe

  6. Todd Lucas Says:

    Glad you made it home for Christmas. Just make sure to take care of yourself.

  7. Jen Says:

    Dude. Get better. And thanks.

  8. Tony C Says:

    Hurrah!!! Great news that you got home for christmas.I,as I’m sure like many others dont know you personaly,but through your postings over the years it does feel like I know you. So it was pretty upsetting to here of your problems
    Take it easy Larry and a very happy christmas and peaceful New year to you and your family.
    Best wishes Tony.

  9. chuffinghog Says:

    Hi Larry,
    I’m really sorry to hear that you have been in hospital and I am delighted that you made it home to spend Christmas with your family. No-one would have blamed you for not posting at this time, but thanks a million for sharing not only your thoughts, but also your music.
    As Tony C says, we’ve never met and probably won’t in the foreseeable future as I’m in England, but you are an important part of my life and the lives of so many other people.
    I raise a late night glass to you and to your speedy recovery.
    Best Wishes
    Dave (ChuffingHog)

  10. Ray Says:

    Welcome home!
    I’m sure you had a great Christmas with your family
    Take care

  11. ana_b Says:

    “i feel mighty fine, i got music on my radio”…

    i really love that song…thanks..

    so glad you’re out of the hospital…get well soon..


  12. Michael Cover Says:

    Thanks for making 2008 that little bit more enjoyable …. get well soon

  13. Mark Plott Says:

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. Makes my head cold seem a little insignificant in comparison. Can’t believe you kept posting through it all. Thanks for all the great music. Here’s wishing you a healthy and happy new year…

  14. Tom G Says:

    Dictating a post from a hospital bed?!? Wow. Yeah, I’d say you were a trooper. Best of luck, and, really, thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty. Now you go get well…

  15. niall Says:

    get well soon-lots of love to you and yours-i will have a toast and a little prayer for you-take care

  16. Boom Star Pee Says:

    All the best for two zero zero nine and I hope you will recover very soon. I truly admire your persistence.

  17. FangPi Says:

    Hi there! I only just discovered your website and I must say I’m amazed with the stuff u put online.. Man, u sure delivered me an outta this world christmas. Thanks a million. And, I understand u just got out of hospital. Good for you, man. Hope u can enjoy the holidays as much as I’m doing thanks to you! Cheers.

  18. Record Brother Says:

    Hey Larry
    Feel best swiftly and thankfully you got to the hospital in time All Good Things for 2009 and thanks for all the fish!

  19. Nagl Says:

    OUCH. That sounds absolutely ghastly, glad to hear that you’re back home with family and funk. All the best for 2009.

  20. Michael Says:

    Jesus Larry..I’m gone for a few days and this happens! Hope you are feeling better man, Take really good care of yourself from here on out! Glad to hear you made it home! Happy Holidays!

  21. W Says:

    My thoughts are with you. After my wife recently gave birth, the anaesthesiologist said that on a pain scale of 0 to 5, giving birth and kidney stones were both 5s. Get well soon. W.

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