Chuck Bernard – Indian Giver


Chuck Bernard (and some lovely ladies) on ‘The Beat!!!’ in 1966


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Greetings all.

I hope all is well on your end, and that the middle of the week sees you in a mindest conducive to the ingestion of a solid slice of Northern-style Chicago soul.

I don’t recall exactly where I picked up Chuck Bernard’s ‘Indian Giver’, but I have a vague recollection I grabbed it on the strength of the Satellite label. I wouldn’t describe myself as an expert on Chicago soul, but I am a devotee and grab it when and wherever I find it.

Satellite had a relatively brief discography – just over a dozen 45s – but counted among its artists the Ideals, Monk Higgins, the Vontastics and today’s artist Chuck Bernard.

Bernard, who got his start in his native St. Louis, relocated to Chicago and went to work with Monk Higgins as an A&R man, producer and artist for the Satellite label.

Bernard went on to record for several Chicago labels. Including St. Lawrence, Zodiac and Brunswick between 1965 and 1975. ‘Indian Giver’ was released on Satellite in 1965, and again (possibly an alternative mix) on Maverick in 1969.

The tune opens with ringing piano chords before Bernard comes in with a raw, soulful vocal. Despite the politically incorrect title, the tune is a killer and should have been a hit. Unfortunately, as is the case in Detroit, Philadelphia and New Orleans, so much great music was coming out of Chicago in 1965 that ‘Indian Giver’ probably just got lost in the shuffle.

I dig it and I hope you do to.



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5 Responses to “Chuck Bernard – Indian Giver”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Oh, yeah. We dig. Thanks for keeping the Midwest sound alive.

  2. W Says:

    Great tune. I’m not familiar with Chuck Bernard, but I’d like to hear more! Thanks. W.

  3. Nicole Nash Says:

    Hello, my name is Nicole Nash and I am the graddaughter of Chuck Bernard. I have never met him and would appreciate any contact or general information about him. I would love to just talk to him or find other relatives.

    Nicole Nash

  4. Natalie Says:

    I am doing some research on Chuck Bernard. I hear that he recorded on an album with Monk Higgins. Do you have any information about him (where he is from etc)? Or contact information? Or mp3?

    Natalie Ramm
    the Oxford American magazine

  5. Nicole Nash Says:

    Hey Natalie,

    If you find out anything could you send me an email. I really just want to know if he is living and if so where.

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