Joe Cuba Sextet – Psychedelic Baby (You’re Psychin’ Up My Mind)



The always stylish Joe Cuba Sextet


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Greetings all.

I hope the middle of the week finds you well, and that you all found Monday’s selection as groovy as I did.
The tune I bring you today comes to you courtesy of the purveyors of a couple of the all-time great Latin soul/boogaloo cuts. The group: The Joe Cuba Sextet, the tunes; ‘El Pito’ and ‘Bang Bang’.
Today’s selection is a cut from the JC6’s 1967 ‘My Man Speedy’ LP, and is a cool little window into the outer reaches of the boogaloo landscape where the overall reach for popular crossover – for what is boogaloo is not one of the great crossover movements of the 60s?- is amplified lyrically, in this case (as in many cuts on the competing Cotique label) using the term ‘psychedelic’, employed largely out of context, yet not without charm. I make that particular point not to damn the JC6, but to point out that in a era where every record company suit with a fat stogie in his mouth was stapling the word ‘psychedelic’ to everything on wax, the JC6’s use of the term, in that context, can hardly be considered offensive.
The tune in question, ‘Pyschedelic Baby (You’re Psychin’ Up My Mind)’ was written by Bobby Marin, who also wrote the oft sampled ‘I’ll Be a Happy Man’ for the Latin Blues Band. The cut has a pop edge with a nice repeated piano/vibes riff. There’s also a nice little timbale breakdown (with some echoey vocal effects) in the middle of the tune as well, followed by a nice vibes solo by Joe.
I hope you dig it and I’ll be back on Friday with something very nice.



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5 Responses to “Joe Cuba Sextet – Psychedelic Baby (You’re Psychin’ Up My Mind)”

  1. crispi Says:

    I’ve always had the vague impression that “sock it to me” had strong sexual connotations. But since I’m not a native English speaker and that phrase is seldom used today, no one could give me a straight answer.
    But hearing the song you posted today: “Sock me on my head, do it to me, come on…” – I mean, could it get any more obvious than that? I guess I have my answer right there.
    Thanks, crispi

  2. Charles Says:

    If I had one “weak spot” in my life, it would be for Latin Music between the years 1965-1975. “My Man Speedy” (1968) and the Sextet’s “Estamos Haciendo Algo Bien/We Must Be Doing Something Right” (1965, and where the picture of the Joe Cuba Sextet is from), along with “Bang Bang, Push, Push Push” (1967) were (and still are today) mainstays on my record player/iPod. The “hits” from the “Speedy album were the title tune, “I’m Insane,” “Hey Joe, Hey Joe,” “Talk About Luv,” and “It’s Love.”
    The group (as pictured above): the late Tommy Berrios (vibes), Nick Jiminez (piano), Cheo Feliciano (vocals), Jimmy Sabater (timbales/vocals), Julio “Slim” Amadeo (bass), and Joe Cuba (seated, conga).

  3. Charles Says:

    I don’t know why there’s a “smiley face” where the year 1968 (the release year for “My Man Speedy”) should appear.

  4. The Wolfmen Says:

    Love this track – belter

  5. ana_b Says:

    please, bring it on!…i want more!


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