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Greetings all.

I wasn’t planning a post for this evening, but I just found out via Soulstrut (via the With Comb & Razor blog) that Afro funk legend Geraldo Pino passed away late in 2008. I figured that it was only appropriate to repost this gem from August of 2007.

I hope you dig it, raise a glass to the memory of a very funky man, and have a great weekend.


I hope y’all are ready to groove, because the tune that I am about to whip on you today is, quite literally, figuratively and in title, Heavy Heavy Heavy.
That I had some Afro funk ready to go when this opportunity rolled along is pure, happy coincidence.
When you talk about Afro funk (beat, rock, whatever) the name that first comes to mind is of course that of Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Unless you have a more than passing acquaintance with sounds African, you may not have heard the name Geraldo Pino. Rest assured, though, that in the earliest days of his funkiness, Fela knew Pino – a native of Sierra Leone who was very popular in Nigeria – and his band the Heartbeats as perhaps the funkiest band in all of Africa.
Pino – born Gerald Pine – started out as a devotee of Latin sounds, moving on into American influenced soul and funk via the influence of James Brown. In the words of Fela himself:

“They were great, I must be frank with you. They copied James Brown throughin, throughout every note, every style. And they had the equipment…Before they came into my country, bands only used one microphone, at the time a whole band. But they came in with five microphones, and the sound, it’s deep you know, so nobody wanted to hear anyone but the Heartbeats…they drove everyone out of the market.”

After seeing this Pino I knew I had to get myself together, quick!”*

When you hear today’s selection, ‘Heavy Heavy Heavy’, which was recorded in the late 60’s and released clear on the other side of the continent in Kenya on the Suzumi label, it’s immediately obvious why Fela dug these sounds so much.
There are clear parallels to the sounds of Fela – especially to the ’69 sessions with Koola Lobitos – but Pino’s sound is even more Westernized, compacting the funk into smaller, harder portions. A record like ‘Heavy Heavy Heavy’ is like Fela concentrate, taking the epic scope of an Africa 70 sidelong opus, running it through a Sex Machine and coming out the other end ready to set the dance floor on fire.
‘Heavy Heavy Heavy’ has a groove that’s positively unfuckwithable, with Pino jiving over a seriously propulsive organ line and some pounding drums. If you aren’t shaking your ass halfway through this burner, you need to check for a pulse.
So, download the ones and zeros.


*Quote taken from the excellent book, Fela: The Life of an African Musical Icon

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4 Responses to “Geraldo Pino RIP”

  1. andujar Says:

    geraldo pino is one of my all time favorites! RIP

  2. Stu Says:

    Have loved this tune for years.

    Proper heavy African funk.

    Shame to hear that the man responsible is no longer with us.

  3. spinifex ... david barsanti Says:

    Larry thanks for letting us know about Pino’s passing.

    I have been spinning tunes from the cd since i read your original post on Pino. Lot of great tracks on that disc. People love to dance to them…

    I’ve been trying to get some of his vinyl but I’ve only seen one lp on ebay which went for way to much…

    Thanks again for posting such great music and info…



  4. brandorius Says:

    from italy
    geraldo pino vive!

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