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Greetings all.
If you follow the goings on here at Funky16Corners you’ve heard me mention (and post songs by) the Peddlers a lot over the past year or so.
The most interesting thing (of many) about the Peddlers, is that during their decade long career, they were really several different bands, i.e. a beat group, jazzy organ trio, sophisticated pop group and toward the end of their career ambitious groove makers (see the ‘Suite London’ LP). They really are the kind of band that I could post on Funky16Corners one day, Iron Leg the next and back here again to close out the week.
It took me a good long time to track down their records (there aren’t many I haven’t found), but despite the cost and difficulty, they were all worth it.
The track I bring you today comes from the later part of their time together (1972), and as you can see by the pic on the sleeve above, by this time they were a much funkier bunch – dig the Fu Manchu moustaches and the shaggy hair – in all respects.
Though the vocal a-side ‘Back Alley Jane’ is pretty cool, the tune we gather here to discuss is located on the flip, and is entitled ‘Nothing Sacred’.
Here we get Mr. Roy Phillips working a funky groove on the organ (and some kind of synthesizer as well), Trevor Morais (he of the stunning afro) laying down a solid beat on the drums and bassist Tab Martin with the throbbing undercarriage (oh my..).
They guy that was selling this record had it billed as porno-funk, and though I wouldn’t say that it gets down quite that far, there is a satisfying, laid back feel to the tune.
The groovy thing is, if you dig the tune (a 45-only cut) you should pick up the CD reissue of the monumental, aforementioned ‘Suite London’, which in addition to that whole album, gathers some of the bands rarer late 45s.
I hope you dig the tune, and I’ll be back on Friday with some serious Hammond funk from the Midwest of the USA.


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  1. wallofsound Says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the midWest finds

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