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Greetings all.

This is just a note to let you know that the Funky16Corners Radio Show on Viva internet radio returns tonight – Thurs 02/5 at 9PM . The show will play at 9PM, and will be archived thereafter at the Funky16Corners Radio Show Page (where you can still hear many old shows if you haven’t checked it out yet).


In an exciting development, my man DJ Prestige and yours truly Larry Grogan of Funky16Corners will be hitting the road for an all 45 assault on the mid-Atlantic region on the first weekend of March. Friday night March 6th we’ll be spinning at Moneytown at Dahlak in Washington DC. The following night we’ll be rolling into Richmond VA to spin at Mercy at Cous Cous. If you’re in either of those areas fall by and say hello.

Last but not least, if you’re on Facebook, stop by and join the Funky16Corners group.



7 Responses to “Various and Sundry News Items…”

  1. Matt from Nitro Retro Says:

    Hey Larry –
    That’s so cool you’re coming to Richmond on Mar. 7 to spin 45’s at Cous Cous!!
    It’s on my calendar. Looking forward to meeting you. Should be alot of fun!
    Matt from Nitro-Retro.

  2. funky16corners Says:

    That’ll be cool Matt!

  3. Matt Brown Says:

    Hey Larry – I just discovered we have a mutual friend in the one and only Johnny Bluesman. I met him in 92 in nyc. We actually jammed a few times and tried to get a garage band together.

  4. Boom Star Pee Says:

    Ahhh…any chance of extending this tour to Amsterdam, Holland??? Probably not. Wish I could meet the two of you in Richmond or DC in March! Good luck with the tour and many happy spins! And by the way, thanks to this picture I can prove to my friends that these spinning VW busses are not a myth! Gotta have one…

  5. funky16corners Says:

    Johnny Blues is my brother from a different mother. One of my best friends, and the guitarist in my 80s band the Phantom Five. I’ll be mentioning him in one of next weeks posts.

    I wish we were coming over to spin in the EU. Someday!

  6. Matt from Nitro Retro Says:

    Small World.

  7. Steven Says:

    Hey Larry – first, thanks for maintaining my favorite blog. I’ve got all your podcasts on my iPod and look often for what’s next.

    Second, and since you’ll be nearby, have you considered doing a post-Phish late-night in Hampton, VA the weekend of 3/6? I know a whole buncha funky brothers & sisters who’ll be looking to let off some steam after the shows. All we need is a dance floor & some funky tunes and we’ll be fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

    And if your travels ever bring you to the LA area, we’re there. Peace.

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