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Greetings all.

The middle of the week is here, the day of hump and all that and what better way to roll the rock to the top (and unlike Sisyphus, get it on over) that a solid shot of raving, funky Phildelphia soul.
Back in the day, when I was experiencing the first signs of a serious Philly soul fixation I was scouring the crates and grabbing pretty much everything I could find on Philly (and Philly associated) labels.
Crimson was neither the greatest, nor the most prolific of the local companies, but their short discography is packed with high quality (sides by Lee Andrews and the Hearts, and one of my fave Philly 45s by the Common Pleas), and at least one huge hit, ‘Expressway to Your Heart’ by the Soul Survivors.
One of the first post-Soul Survivors Crimson 45s I grabbed was ‘Boogaloo (Soul) Party’ by the Brothers Two. I picked this up blind (deaf) in the pre-portable days, but honest to god, how could I miss with a title like that. It was as if Brothers Two and the folks at Crimson looked into the future, saw goofballs like myself browsing through piles of old 45s and gave the song a name so obviously soulful, that only the densest rube would pass it by.
Good thing too because when I got it home and let the needle hit the wax I discovered a high energy soul duo working it out on one of those patented 60s soul namecheck-o-rama’s (like ‘We Got More Soul’ or ‘Sweet Soul Music’) in which the Brothers Two (James Tindal and Eddie Smalls) pay tribute to Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Sam and Dave (natch), Jackie Wilson, and Wilson Pickett, all the while wailing away against some solid drums and a tight horn section.
When I was researching this post I discovered that there were in fact three 45s by the Brothers Two, two of which I do not own and will now have to make it my business to track down.
As it is, I hope you dig the one I did find, and I’ll be back on Friday with something extra cool.



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8 Responses to “Brothers Two – Boogaloo (Soul) Party”

  1. oldschoolfunker Says:

    i love this blog, please check out mine, i hope you can add me to your blogroll,you are on mine.

  2. funky16corners Says:

    What’s the URL of your blog?

  3. Brian Marshall Says:

    This is a great record! I found my own copy several years ago and it has been one of my favorites gracing my turntable on many an occasion. I applaud you on your (always) good taste.

  4. oldschoolfunker Says:

    thanks 🙂

  5. l m smith Says:

    Tindal died recently, ms lucille, his mother, their was a check from
    someone paying royalties to mr tindal. His mother would like to
    correspond with whom ever that is, to find out if she is intitled to
    his royalties, or maybe his child, but just who? And also, if they
    even continure beyond his death???

    l m smith

  6. Chris Hatton Says:

    Great Track, I have a copy of “Here I am in Love Again” b/w “I’m Tired Of You Baby” on UK label Action ACT4513 which was Crimson 1017 (I am from the uk). I have a label scan and mp3 if you would like me to send please provide email addr.
    I have been looking for a pic of “The brothers Two” for awhile (i’m trying to get a pic of all the artists that I have vinyl single), does anyone have a pic

  7. Richard Short Says:

    Hi Larry, such a delight to come across this blog whilst searching for info on The Brothers Two. Don’t know this track but my eyes lit up when I saw it was on Crimson. Like Chris Hatton I have “Here I am in love again” on UK Action which I bought on release when played by one Mike Raven here on radio. Came out around the same time as a similar sounding track by Dee Dee Sharp Gamble on the Action label ” What kind of lady”.
    Have not seen “Here I am” released on CD and don’t know anyone else who has ever heard of this great track or even The Brothers Two, so good to come across you.
    Will keep looking! Richard

  8. funky16corners Says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re digging the blog. I still have to track down that Action 45.

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