Funky Movement 2009 Wrap Up




James Brown and Eddie Bo Perfect Together

Greetings all.

My man DJ Prestige and I have returned from our mini-sweep of the mid-Atlantic soul/funk continuum and I have to say that no matter how wiped I am, no matter how depleted and in need of restorative sleep, I could not take to my bed without dropping a few words to let you know how it all went down.
Pres and I hit the road Friday morning and thanks to some immaculate timing managed to dodge the traffic and hit DC by mid afternoon. We hooked up with my old friend Chris (himself a well respected DC area DJ) who squired us around DC for some smoking West Indian chow (jerk chicken, mmmmmmm…) and thrift digging.


Chilling at Marvin on Ave U in DC
DJ Birdman, Funky16Corners, and Birdman’s DJ partner Marshall

We headed into town for Chris’ extra-chill rare groove night at Marvin on Ave U (very nice place), then on to the amazing (and artery abusing) Ben’s Chili Bowl for some half-smokes and chili cheese fries before moving on to our sets at Moneytown.


DJ Prestige and DJ Birdman dig in at Ben’s Chili Bowl


DJ Nitekrawler at Moneytown



The crowd at Moneytown


DJ Prestige cues up another winner

Moneytown – run by DJ Nitekrawler – is held at Dahlak in the Adams Morgan neighborhood. Nitekrawler has built himself a very nice night with Moneytown, drawing a large and enthusiastic crowd who proved that there’s no shortage of excellent dancers (who dig moving to some excellent records) in DC. Thanks go out to the Washington Post for a very nice write-up prior to the gig.


Digging in DC

The next morning we moved on to some very fruitful digging (whatup to Mike and Marshall at Memory Lane) before moving on to Richmond as the sun was going down.


DJ Troy of the Scorpio Brothers Sound System at Mercy!


Funky16Corners mixing Johnny Otis and Eddie Bo


The party people at Mercy!


If it’s good to you, It’s good for you – DJ Prestige

The Richmond gig – Mercy! run by DJ Troy Hurt of the Scorpio Brothers Sound System – was also killer, with a slamming venue (Cous Cous, excellent food and great people) and another large and excited crowd.
In both locations we met up with a large number of interwebs acquaintances (hey to all blog readers and Soulstrutters, especially Matt in Richmond) and the response was enough to give yours truly a swelled head.
Biggest thanks of all to the Knott’s of DC for the stellar hospitality and accommodations and Troy in Richmond for the same, as well as to everyone that fell by and made both nights a party.
Unfortunately, thanks to a lack of computer time and general disorganization I don’t have set lists written up, but suffice to say there were lots of old faves, some freshly dug acquisitions (hitting the turntables mere hours after being unearthed) and lots and lots of dancing.


LP (above) and 45 (below) digs…


With any luck Pres and I will be able to do this again (maybe with some more stops along the way) later in the year. If you’re running a funk/soul night somewhere withing driving distance of NJ, and want to have us out, drop me a line and say the word.
Hopefully by mid-week I’ll have some of my new finds digi-ma-tized and ready for posting.
Make sure to stop by Fleamarket Funk for some more pics.




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11 Responses to “Funky Movement 2009 Wrap Up”

  1. boom star pee Says:

    Well, it looks (and reads) exactly like I imagined this to be: two great gigs in a row. Wish I had been there! Just too bad that Amsterdam is not within driving distance from NJ…
    Peace, Ingmar (Boom Star Pee)

  2. funky16corners Says:

    Someday Ingmar…someday…

  3. Margaret Summers Says:

    Sounds like an interesting trip. Just a couple of things, though, since I live in D.C. It’s U Street, as opposed to “Avenue U.” U Street was D.C.’s “Black Broadway” from the 1920s till 1968 when it became a casualty of the uprising following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday were among the artists who performed in U Street clubs. In the last few years it’s experienced a comeback with new clubs, shops, etc. The old Lincoln Theatre was restored (sort of like the Apollo in Harlem) and has featured plays and musical performances. Ben’s Chilli Bowl was one of the few Black-owned businesses that wasn’t burned down during the uprising, because it had a history in the community, was highly respected, and as noted in your post, is still thriving. Lots of celebrities stop through, including Bill Cosby and President Obama, and now, Funky 16 Corners!

    Marvin’s is a restaurant named for Marvin Gaye. Relatively new on U Street, its cuisine features soul food and Belgium dishes, a reference to the fact that Marvin Gaye lived in Belgium for a time while recovering from drug addiction.

    Thanks for the play-by-play on your travels!

    P.S., Where’s Memory Lane in D.C.?

  4. funky16corners Says:

    Thanks for the clarification on the U Street area. It’s one of my fave places in DC, lots of clubs, record stores and food. I criss crossed the street several times this past weekend and I should have noticed the name.
    We didn’t get to eat at Marvin but I heard the food is excellent, in addition to the fact that it’s a beautiful space. The upstairs lounge was very relaxing (though it got crowded fast!).
    I thought Memory Lane was in DC, but it technically has a MD address, 2809 Walters Lane, District Heights, MD 20747

  5. devil dick Says:

    kick ass man!
    next time i’m coming along just for the food, digs and good times!!!

  6. funky16corners Says:

    We should pack everyone into a couple of cars and descend like a horde!

  7. Matt from Nitro Retro Says:

    Hey Larry –
    It was great meeting you last weekend. People are still talking about how fun that night was. I haven’t danced that much in years! Everything you played was SMOKIN!! Hope you can “SHIMMY” (T. McCall) down to RVA again soon!


  8. funky16corners Says:

    It was really cool to finally meet you too! You Richmond folks know how to party, and I’ll be back down there anytome Troy asks me back.

  9. Matt from Nitro Retro Says:

    Hey Troy – Hint Hint Hint…!!


  10. eyeeatmusic Says:

    Headed to RVA myself in a few days Super excited about digging & the food down there its my home away from home. So Glad it went over well for you guys.

  11. Matt from Nitro Retro Says:

    I hear Troy is moving to Buffalo!

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