Eddie Bo 1930-2009: Eddie Bo and the Chain Gang – Disco Party Pts 1&2


Bo on the 88’s


Listen – Eddie Bo and the Chain Gang – Disco Party Pt1 – MP3″

Listen – Eddie Bo and the Chain Gang – Disco Party Pt2 – MP3″

Greetings all.

I’m sad to say that it’s time to bring our week of tributes to the mighty Eddie Bo to a close.
The Funky16Corners blog has been around for almost five years, and though I’ve made it a regular practice to mark the passing of great musicians, this is the first time that an entire weeks posting has been so directed.
I’m sure there are some among you who might question a decision like that, with what our French brethren saying Chacun à son gout and all, but this has been a special (and especially sad) occasion.
The whole Funky16Corners bag has always been set up around the idea that the world is full of great music and a lot of it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. The catalog of Eddie Bo is an especially egregious example of this problem.
Bo was making records for well over 50 years, as a sideman, vocalist, composer, arranger and producer, and much of it was incredible, some of it, notably the records in his funk period, were game changing, laying down ideas and grooves that still have the power to make you take a step back almost 40 years down the line.
Yet today, very few outside of the collector world know who Bo was.
That’s never been a problem here, and as long as I’m still turning up Eddie Bo records, it will continue.
I’ve read that there’s going to be a tribute/gathering at the Rock’n’Bowl in New Orleans on April 1st, and it’s a certainty that at the Jazz Fest, and at the Poderosa Stomp his name will be called from many a stage. I only wish I could be there to hear it in person.
That all said, the passing of Bo leaves a huge space in the great river of sound (to borrow a phrase) that won’t soon be filled. According to Eddie’s official site, there will be no traditional funeral service, so any images of a New Orleans jazz funeral, with a strutting second line will have to be conjured up in your own mind as you listen to his music.
I’d like to close out the week with a record of Bo’s that doesn’t get much shine. Whether it’s because it carries in it’s grooves one of the more relaxed vibes in his catalog, or because it carries the word “disco” in it’s title, or more likely because like so many of his records it’s only known to the dedicated few doesn’t really matter, If you haven’t heard ‘Disco Party Pts 1&2’ before, you will have done so after pulling down the ones and zeros.
‘Disco Party’ – as far as I can tell the only record credited to Eddie Bo and the Chain Gang – has long been a fave of mine. I’ve carried it in my DJ box for a while, whipping it out when the mood hits, always to appreciative nods. I’m not sure of the release date, but I’d guess sometime in the mid-70s. It’s the second to last Bo Sound 45 (‘When Your Finger’s On the Funk’ being the last), and though I wish I had a cleaner copy to digi-ma-tize, I hope you dig it anyway.
Keep Eddie Bo and his family in your hearts and on your minds, and I’ll be back on Monday.



NOTE: I just saw this over at the B-Side:

A bank account for the Eddie Bo Memorial Fund to help cover funeral costs has been set up. Those who wish to help can send contributions to:

Eddie Bo Memorial Fund
P. O. Box 57175
New Orleans, Louisiana 70157-7175

8 Responses to “Eddie Bo 1930-2009: Eddie Bo and the Chain Gang – Disco Party Pts 1&2”

  1. djack Says:

    Well done Mr. Larry.

    “Check Your Bucket” and “Hook & Sling” are such essential singles to me, out of my whole world of listening, beyond funk and soul. They are so of their time, which to me, ’68-’72, was and will always be the funkiest of times. And so uniquely New Orleans.

    And they bring me back to another time. From ’89-’91 I was a New England transplant in N.O. doing a solitary, self-guided exploration of the city. I knew about Eddie Bo, but had actually only heard “Check Your Bucket” through the Duke & The Drivers version. Picked up Eddie Bo’s version, and “Hook & Sling” in short order on scratchy vinyl and they became, more than all the brass band, zydeco, world music, Nevilles & friends, etc. that I was consuming on a daily basis, the soundtrack to my time in the city.

    That music makes me think of simple things that you only do in New Orleans, or that just feel different in New Orleans.

    Leaving the apartment on an impossibly hot night and walking to the gas station for a quart of Budweiser and doing a slow walk back drinking it, passing guys on the stoops or the corner. Up here two guys pass and one says “how you doing?” and the other says “how you doing?” and neither answers the question. Down there one guy says “all right,” and the other replies “all right.” No question, answer affirmative.

    Going into the St. Roch Market, past live snapping turtles waiting to be taken home for soup, and getting a soft shell crab po-boy.

    Anyway, came back here, left the inhibitions down there somewhere, started hosting funky dance parties, started a band. It all goes back to that time and that Eddie Bo sound.

    Wish I could be at the Rock n Bowl. Thanks for the tunes.

  2. funky16corners Says:

    Thanks for taking me there man!

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  4. Ben Says:

    Thanks for all of these Larry!

    If I make it to the Memorial service I will be sure to take some pics.

  5. funky16corners Says:

    That would be very cool.

  6. Will Says:

    Man, I just found out today about his death! All of these posts have been a godsend, as I’m a younger listener that got into the vinyl game a little too late to hit any goldmines. His music means so much to me, and I’m sad that I never got to see him play live.

    Also, has anyone ever noticed how some versions of Check Your Bucket Part One cut out Eddie’s wonderful vocal at the fade-out?

    Thanks for the tribute!

  7. ana_b Says:

    hat’s off to you for posting about the memorial fund…i’ve actually got the info on my clipboard and had the intention of posting it….

    i’m a def at the Rock n’ Bowl tomorrow at 2…

    thanks for the download of Disco Party, i’ve never heard it before…

    something else to look for…

  8. jerome green Says:

    Hi Larry,

    Thank you for posting all of these beautiful sounds. Eddie Bo was truly amazing and inspiring. At least we can have comfort in knowing Heaven finally has a real Pocket that we can groove in when we arrive.

    Peace, Jerome

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