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Who was the mysterious Little Lover?

Listen – Little Lover – Ditty Wa Ditty – MP3″

Greetings all.

I have returned from the hinterlands of New England, if not well rested, at least well fed. No matter how many of the region’s storied lobster shacks are still shuttered for the season, a dedicated fan of the wily (and delicious) crustacean will find his or her reward with a minimal amount of work.
In a development that should come as not surprise whatsoever to anyone who stops by here on the reg, I also managed to get some digging in (hitting a couple of newly discovered spots), reeling in a couple of piles of vinyl to fill the storehouses at both Funky16Corners and Iron Leg. There weren’t many 45s to speak of (a couple of psych things and one nice one I’ll feature here as soon as I get to digi-ma-tizing), but I scored a grip of jazz, pop and psych LPs.
The weather was fantastic, and despite a last minute change of plans we all had a great time.
The tune I bring you today is something that (quite literally) came to me a few months ago. A friend of my wife’s was getting rid of some records that had belonged to her late husband, and asked if I’d be interested.
Naturally I responded in the affirmative.
I never expect much from these situations, but sometimes, even if the haul isn’t chock full o’raer, you get a couple of nice surprises. Most of the good stuff in this batch was older rock stuff that I didn’t have copies of. However, there was also a box of 45s (mostly unsleeved…urrgghh) that produced some unusual stuff, including today’s selection.
It caught my eye immediately (the pink and blue label was hard to miss), mainly because the info on the label suggested a soul 45, and the label itself, Vest was one I’d never seen before.
The artist – Little Lover – remains something of a mystery. The singer sounds like a big Sam Cooke fan, and the tune is a nice bit of upbeat, 1964 New York City soul. The only familiar name on the label was producer Gene Redd.
The song, ‘Ditty Wa Ditty’ (not the famed growler laid down by Bo Diddley and Captain Beefheart among many others) was written by a couple of cats named Naverro Artis and Ronald G Mosely. I wasn’t able to turn up anything on Artis, but a BMI search revealed that Mosely wrote a fair amount of material (often with Robert Bateman who also collaborated with Lou Courtney) including Anna King’s “answer record” ‘Mama’s Got a Bag of Her Own’.
The label itself was one of the lesser subsidiary’s in the R&B empire of Bobby and Danny Robinson (Fire, Fury, Enjoy, Everlast, Red Robin), and a discography I found didn’t yield too many familiar names (aside from a 1965 Wilbert Harrison cover of ‘Poison Ivy’).
If anyone has any info on the identity of ‘Little Lover’, please drop me a line and let me know.
I hope you dig the tune and I’ll be back in mid-week with a slice of deep southern soul.



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9 Responses to “Little Lover – Ditty Wa Ditty”

  1. Ken Says:

    Larry, next time you’re in New England, if you’re nearby, check out Joe’s Moldy Oldies in Woonsocket, RI. It’s around the corner from my girlfriend’s house, and I visit Joe every time I visit her. It’s totally unorganized and requires blind digging, but he’s got some amazing stuff, and lots of it.

  2. euclidcreek Says:

    I heard this album when it came out. Are you sure you weren’t there? Down in the basement, rolling ’em and listening to this.

  3. funky16corners Says:


  4. Adam Says:

    Top tune, cheers for this. I can’t shed any light on who Little Lover is but the ideas behind ‘Ditty Wa Ditty’ are the similar to those of Bo and Beefheart’s ‘Diddy Wah Diddy’, which are based on Blind Blake’s ‘Diddie Wa Diddie’. Diddy Wah Diddy is a mythical place in Negro folklore that’s hard to find but when you get there everything is free and easy. More can be read about it here: . Ditty Wa Ditty sure sounds like a nice place to get away from the world and sip lemonade with your favourite girl.

  5. ana_b Says:

    I’ve absolutely nothing on Little Lover, but i thought i’d mention that Poison Ivy by Wilbert Harrison isn’t a cover, at least not of the Leiber and Stoller song [which is what i presume you meant, perhaps i’m wrong?]…it’s a different song..

  6. tubegeek Says:

    I went to school with Ron Moseley’s son, I will ask him if he knows anything about this.


  7. funky16corners Says:

    Thanks for the info. I’ll have to look for that one.

  8. norbert Says:

    thanx larry for all that brilliant smokin’ & soulful stuff – irresistable stuff like MISS DOLORES FUNK!!! GREAT!!!
    all the best for you and the doctor, who wants to laser out your stones into space!
    PEACE, norbert

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