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Greetings all.

The end of the week is nigh, and as usual, I hope all is well on your end.
I also hope all is well on my end, since by the time you read this I ought to be up on an operating table looking like and extra in ‘Fantastic Voyage’, as my trusted urologist travels into my lone kidney to laser some stones.
That’s right, laser, like Star Wars, except with kidneys.
This is the proverbial “routine procedure”, but like any such enterprise, routine barely enters into it. I suspect that I’ll be back to my old self in no time, but one never knows. I originally promised a new mix for Monday, but if I am indisposed that may in fact be postponed.
Just in case I’m not in posting form on Monday, I figured I’d close out the week with something extra greasy.
When we last met I promised you some Hammond, and I will not disappoint.
If you combine the web zine and both iterations of the Funky16Corners blog, I’ve been at this for almost a decade, and I’ve posted what the worlds greatest scientific minds would describe as a “buttload” of records. So many, and so obscure, that often when I set sail upon the interwebs in search of information about an artist, I often find myself confronted with….um…myself.
Such is the case with today’s selection by Leon Ferguson and the Groove Tones.
I whipped the band name into the Google-fi-cator, and the very first result was a 2005 blog post about the flipside of the very single, a little burner entitled ‘Stokin’. You can hit that post for what little background there is, but I assure you, as far as the internet is concerned, nothing new has popped up in the interim.
That said, the tune I bring you today, ‘Miss Dolores Funk’ is a slow burner, but make no mistake. Like several lethal creatures of the veldt, ‘Miss Dolores Funk’ may approach slowly, but once she has you in her jaws, it’s lights out brother.
The tune quite literally grinds up to speed, led by repeated organ and sax-o-mo-phone riffs, before a sax solo fall by. This is prime stuff, the kind of tune they might have played while an ecdysiast shed her plumage through a haze of cigarette smoke, but when the organ catches fire, look out! The volume seems to double, and while the rest of the band keeps their cool, Leon (I’m assuming it’s Leon on the organ) takes the opportunity to go – at least momentarily – buck wild.
‘Miss Dolores Funk’ – actually both sides of this killer – are prime examples of the kind of thing a Hammond nut like myself digs through dusty, decaying cardboard boxes (or the dusty corners of the interwebs) looking for.
I hope you dig it.
I’ll be back on Monday with something.



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5 Responses to “Leon Ferguson & the Groove Tones – Miss Dolores Funk”

  1. Tony C Says:

    Top notch Larry,
    Good luck with the Op,Hope Darf Vader is wielding the Laser!!!!!

  2. Tony C Says:

    Sorry that was meant to read Is’nt wielding the Laser.

  3. david b spinifex Says:

    dig it

    larry i hope you have a quick recovery

  4. Chris A Says:

    may the force be with you – and may you recover quickly

  5. alejandro Says:

    Good luck with your “routine” procedure. Hope you get better soon.
    Great writing!

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