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Greetings all.

I’m back, but not all the way, and I’m a little bit out of it. Head’s a little foggy, body’s a little weak, bits and pieces of pain here and there, but that could really be anything…
That said, I was planning on a mix, which although it has been completed, the associated write up hasn’t even been started, and there was just no way in hell it was going to get done tonight. So, I’m aiming for mid-week on that one, and in the meanwhile I bring you a request of sorts (not the specific song, but the artist), for which I already have a whole “thing” written up back at the Funky16Corners webzine, so I don’t have to really apply my tired, still semi-anaesthetized brain to the task, and you all get something groovy to wrap your ears around to get the week started.
The artist in question is the mighty Alvin Robinson, one of the greatest singers to come out of New Orleans. Though his discography is brief, it is no less than mighty, with a couple of all time classics therein (a la ‘Down Home Girl’).
The tune I bring you today is Robinson’s lively cover of Marvin Gaye’s 1964 hit ‘Baby Don’t You Do It’, also covered ably over the years by the likes of the Small Faces and the Band. Since the production/arranging listed on the label is by Arif Mardin and Tom Dowd I’ll go ahead and assume (you’ll let me know if I’m wrong, won’t you?) that this was recorded when Robinson was in New York.
It’s a burner of the first order, with some tasty electric piano, guitar (probably Robinson) and horns, and of course Robinson’s wild soul shout.
I pretty much swear by anything and everything this man recorded, so if you come across his stuff in the field, purchase it with confidence.
I’ll try to get my shit together on that mix, and as always, I hope you dig the tune.



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10 Responses to “Alvin Robinson – Baby Don’t You Do It”

  1. tubegeek Says:

    More “Shine” makes me all sparkly – THANKS!

  2. W. Kiernan Says:

    So you survived the Laser of Doom, eh?

    “Do you expect me to funk?”

    “No. Mr. Sizteen Corners, I expect you to die!

    But ha! the good guy got away again!

  3. d.cook Says:

    thanks–an awesome track! i had d-home girl but the cd’s shot, so i need to track that down again.

    hope you’re full-bore asap–good health!


  4. HeavySoulBrutha Dave B. Says:

    So COOL! I’ve been vibing on The Band’s cover of this lately so it’s great to hear a version I haven’t heard before. LOVE the hand-claps!!

    Peace and SOUL,

  5. ana_b Says:

    ah yes…i love this version, definitely need to pick a copy..

    i did buy a copy of Robinson’s, Searchin/Something You Got, on the Tiger label last week… made me think of your post of the Coasters doing, Down Home Girl, what with it’s connection to Leiber Stoller..


  6. brian harris Says:

    Yes, tasty stuff! I think I might just pull that one out to play this weekend.

  7. funky16corners Says:

    I would love to interview Lieber and Stoller about the work they did with Alvin Robinson. He recorded for their custom labels, and I beleive at one point they recorded him on his home turf in New Orleans.
    He was a fairly obscure singer and guitarist, so I’d love to know how they met up.

  8. grun nalfast Says:

    Real Nice. I’m a sucker for clap beats when not done gratuitously.

  9. Jason Says:

    sign me up.

  10. red kelly Says:

    Larry –

    I think that maybe, judging from the time frame, and the fact that the Dynamic Duo of Mardin and Dowd had been dispatched down there by Jerry Wexler on a regular basis to work with King Curtis, etc., that this awesome 45 may have just been cut at American Sound in Memphis… especially considering that the B Side, “Let Me Down Easy” was actually written by one Curtis Ousley aka da King himself.

    Very cool indeed!

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