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Listen – Lulu – Dirty Old Man – MP3″

Listen – Lulu – Feelin’ Alright – MP3″

Greetings all.

Welcome to another week here at the Corners Sixteen, wherein the grooves just keep on coming.
The tunes I bring you today come to you via an artist that many of you (aside from those with Mod/R&Beat credentials) might find puzzling. The singer, a much bigger star in the UK than she was over here (save for ‘To Sir With Love’) is the one, the only – or as Alexei Sayle referred to her in the ‘Young Ones’ – “the Lulu”.
Though she is best known for the song mentioned in the previous sentence, those that are hep to her work before (and after that) will be aware that Lulu always had a strong vein of R&B running through her catalog (her first hit in the UK was a version of ‘Shout’).
The finest example of this is the album she recorded in Muscle Shoals in 1970, ‘New Routes’. Backed by the mighty Muscle Shoals house band, and a young fella by the name of Duane Allman, Lulu laid down a hot, soulful album with a grip of excellent performances of some familiar songs and a couple of tunes by Eddie Hinton (who also played on the session).
Funk 45 heads might very well be familiar with the first song here, via another cover by Irene Reid on the Old Town label. Written by Delaney Bramlett (and as far as I know first performed by Delaney and Bonnie), ‘Dirty Old Man’ may not have the edge of the Reid version, but Lulu does and excellent job, and the backing by the Stompers – especially Barry Beckett on the electric piano – is as always, superb.
‘Feelin’ Alright’ is as close as the late 60s rock era has to a ‘standard’, having been recorded countless times by a very wide variety of performers, including Grand Funk, Gladys Knight, Joe Cocker, Lou Rawls and David Ruffin (and of course the OG by Traffic, featuring it’s composer Dave Mason). The Lulu version leans heavily on the horns, with a very solid foundation of Alabama grit underneath the vocalist’s Glaswegian soul.
I hope you dig the tunes, and I’ll be back midweek with something funky.



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7 Responses to “Lulu – Dirty Old Man / Feelin’ Alright”

  1. planet mondo Says:

    Love these cut’s. I used Feeling Alright in a mix over at Vince’s place last year….Have you checked out Lulu’s cover of Bowie’s The Man Who Sold The World (produced by Bo’ too) from 74 well worth digging out – s’on my blog if you fancy a blast…

    She also does a mighty version of Day Tripper…

  2. Bill Luther Says:

    Ace! I always wondered what the source of her version of “Feelin’ Alright” came from, now I know cool!

  3. whiteray Says:

    “New Routes” is still one of my favorite albums from those days . . . Nice post!

  4. Duncan Walls Says:

    Oh, LArry! New Routes is one of my all time favorite LPs…but WHy, why, why didn’t you choose ‘Where’s Eddie” or “Oh Me Oh My”…I love those songs. This Lp is every bit as good as Dusty’s two from Memphis…well at LEAST equal to Dusty7’s first there and definitely better than the second mistake. Oh please post more!

  5. Alaimo Says:

    Lulu is a gem, often overlooked outside of her big movie theme. She appeared on a recent PBS-TV “golden oldies” show and both looked and sounded quite amazing! Wonderful to see her in your spotlight… and good to learn the roots of this album which I will investigate further.

  6. g Says:

    Have only just discovered Funky 16 Corners and Iron Leg – they are brilliant! I think I’m going to lose days of my life checking out all the info and tunes and spending a fortune tracking a load of music down!

    I was inspired by the Lulu piece to do a short blog post on the Northern Soul credentials of Tom Jones. Maybe there’s some sort of Celtic connection?! (Jones is Welsh, Lulu Scottish)

    Great work.

    Glasgow, Scotland

  7. Lulu on Funky16Corners at Says:

    […] « Gig: Eddie Gartry – The Academy, Buckley – 22 May 2009 […]

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