ST-4 – Funky b/w Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys


Listen – ST-4 – Funky – MP3″

Listen – ST-4 – Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys – MP3″

Greetings all.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, especially those of you – like myself – that got to celebrate Father’s Day. I always enjoyed Father’s Day because I have a great father, but there’s nothing quite like experiencing it from the other side of the coin, i.e. as a father.
In other news, it’s still raining, so I’m thinking of rounding up tow of every record and pulling up the anchor, working the “ark” thing for all it’s worth, so send your doubles to Funky16Corners and I promise to take good care of them and to remember you once the waters have receded.
The record I bring to you today is a cover of one of the first seriously funky records I ever owned, ‘Funky’ by the Chambers Brothers. Known mostly for their greatest hit, the psychedelic epic ‘Time Has Come Today’, the Chambers Brothers (who got their start as a gospel group) laid down some soulful and funky stuff as well, with the self-explanatory (and wholly deserved) title of ‘Funky’ will attest.
Back in the early spring, when DJ Prestige and I were spinning down in DC and Virginia, we were out digging and I happened upon today’s selection, which – after a brief and satisfying preview on the store turntable – went directly into the ‘keeper’ pile.
Unfortunately, despite my best efforts since then, I haven’t been able to turn up any information about ST-4. Normally I’d write this off as the fault of the name, which thanks to its brevity, and interruption by a hyphen (and the fact that the song on the A-side has a common, one-word title) renders it all but un-Google-able. However, the flip side is a cover of the Equals’ ‘Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys’, so I figured that might turn up some info.

Snake-eyes once again…
This is of course a drag, since both sides of this record are, in the vernacular of the skreets, slamming. The cover of ‘Funky’ is, how do you say, funky. It lacks a little of the grit of the Chambers Brothers’ OG, but it has the added attraction of some brighter elements (a great repeated piano figure). The Equals cover is also quite good, with some fuzzed out guitar and hard hitting drums.
If I had to render an educated guess, based only on the facts and figure rattling around in my skull, applied against the sonic evidence in the grooves, I’d figure that ST-4 were some kind of Rare Earth-esque conglomeration, i.e. (mostly) white, rock oriented guys with a serious taste for the soulful. Unfortunately, aside from the fact that they released one more 45 in 1973 (with a version of the oft-covered Gerry Goffin song ‘It’s Not the Spotlight’) I can find no trace of ST-4.
If anyone out there has any info on the group, i.e. where they were from etc, please drop me a line and let me know.
I hope you dig the tunes, and I’ll be back on Wednesday with something nice.


Check out this Youtube history of the ST-4!!



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12 Responses to “ST-4 – Funky b/w Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys”

  1. steve feldman Says:

    larry…i remember this band from the late 60’s…i can’t say exactly where they were from, but they played locally (long island, ny) in many of the bars/clubs where you might have seen acts like the hassels w/ billy joel) or the vagrants w/ leslie west)…essentially, (as you said), a blue-eyed soul (predominately) cover band…there were many, but not many achieving the nationwide success and recognition of the young rascals…steve feldman

  2. funky16corners Says:

    Thanks for the info! I suspected they were East Coast because their producer had worked with some Boston bands, but it certainly helps to have that confirmed.

  3. Peter Risser Says:

    Being from the 80s, I was interested to discover that “Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys” was written by Eddy Grant. He’s been around a lot longer than I expected. Also, here’s some discog sites that list this as coming out in ’72, if that helps any.

  4. Brian Phillips Says:

    Nothing on the group, but I see that the producer, Eddie Jason, had several credits:
    EDDIE JASON: ascot 2233 —stay and love me all summer/last night
    He also produced the Ashley Brothers on Capitol in 1968.

    Further googling found this comment:

    “Anyone remember Zorns chicken? How about the Embasy diner on hempstead turnpike a bunch of us used to go there after following the ST4 band around. they appeared at the Tigers Tail ,Woodbury country club and Honka Monka in the late 60’s.”, which dovetails nicely with Steve Feldman’s comments. Also, from 1977-1981, there was a fellow named Steve Petruzzella who played with the band. Petruzzella mentions one Judy Dozier (born in Long Island), who played with Billy Idol, but I don’t know if Dozier and Petruzzella were ever bandmates.

  5. Brian Phillips Says:

    What a little back and forth on YouTube can do! It seems that Petruzella was indeed in ST-4 after the recording of the Scepter single. The band was called the ST-4, because they were originally called the Silvertones.

  6. funky16corners Says:

    Thanks for that Brian!

  7. MFS© Radio© – Happy Radio # 18 – ”May The Funk Be With You” « My Favourite Sound© 2.0 Says:

    […] ”ST4 – Funky” Courtesy of Funky 16 Corners […]

  8. Steve Petruzzella Says:

    Judi Dozier and I were indeed bandmates and friends. In the late 70’s, ST4 became ST4 & Company. That’s when I came on board to play percussion and vibes and later, guitar. We played mostly at the Bijou in Farmingdale. The club was owned by the band’s leader. There were occasionally ST4 reunions where original members joined ST4 & Company onstage.

  9. bob Says:

    If you’d like to find out all about the ST4
    Go to: you tube-harrryboy’s channel and click on ST4 anthology 1964-1977

  10. funky16corners Says:

    Thanks Bob! I just embedded the clip.

  11. bob Says:

    That ST4 video on, you tube-harrryboy’s channel is back up. click on ST$ band Anthology 1964-1977

  12. bob Says:

    That ST4 video on, you tube-harrryboy’s channel is back up. click on ST4 band Anthology 1964-1977

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